Great laptop so far!4/26/2021 2:24:18 PM

Pros: In the light of GPU shortage, able to buy a laptop with this spec is a great news for gamers! Everything is as description said. 8 core i7, rtx 3070 at 140W and more! Definitely a beast of gaming laptop. Thermals are good but sacrificing the fan noise for sure. When its on beast mode and full power the fans are very loud but as a gamer wearing headset most the time. It doesnt bother me much. Battery life is not very long, which is totally normal for a gaming laptop. If you put it in office mode and battery saving, it should be able to get 5 hours of work. The note book itself its more on the stealthy side. I personally like it that way. The mouse pad came with is awesome, the mouse itself its okay, I would said probably worth $35-40(its honey comb design with nice cables.). Same with the headset, its passable but nothing crazy. The keyboard and track pad is just fine, nothing special. The screen is not HDR but the color accuracy on it is great! Look amazing in qhd. Overall Im loving this new laptop!

Cons: When gaming, fans ramp up and loud. (Normal for gaming laptop) Weird chrome glitch(screen froze. possible ram issue, but it fix itself for now) If anything else come up, I will be sure to update it!

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this to gamers who wants have a healthy balance choice of games. (Not just FPS competition focused(240hz screen would be better for that), but to also enjoy story games.) In the end this is a Laptop, its not gonna beat a desktop with 3070 in it but its the best option we have right now. And its great option for people who are on the go or in a small apartment/ dorm that doesnt have space for a whole setup. Someone who also want to make videos edit them and even school work. It is stealthy enough not draw all the attention at work or in classroom.

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