Keyboard is junk4/14/2007 4:52:47 PM

Pros: The keyboard and mouse both feel nice in your hands. Keyboard keys don't have any 'sticky' resistance to them and the mouse is very accurate. The speakers work. Dirt-cheap too.

Cons: Keyboard died within two weeks. Just stopped working out of nowhere. Who knows what the deal is, but it is now my Dvorak keyboard model so I guess I shouldn't complain. Got it cheap enough anyway.

Overall Review: Guess I could say that you get what you pay for as far as the keyboard goes, but the mouse is good.

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Great Case1/29/2007 8:36:25 PM

Pros: First and foremost, this case looks really sleek and is very sturdy from what I encountered constructing a PC using it. The screw-less design is very nice when it comes to the 5.5 inch bays. Made installation very quick and painless. Speaking of painless: No sharp edges. Included PSU was a bonus too. It works nice.

Cons: Only an elderly couple could bear to have the computer in their household, what with the horrendously loud fan. As well as that, the screwless mounts for the 3.5 inch bays didn't seem to fit the hard drive I was putting in. No big deal though. Just replace the fan and use the next slot down for the 3.5 inch device.

Overall Review: Heavy on the cons but overall, it is a very pleasant case, both to work on, and own. I like it more than the other Lian-Li that I have.

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Excellent8/16/2006 2:57:24 PM

Pros: Successfully burn correctly every time. The silver surface on the top is very refreshing. Also, may have gone unnoticed by a few people, but the "foil" used to store data is placed in between two pieces of plastic instead of on top of a single piece. Makes it very durable, even if a knife is run across the top of the disc.

Cons: There aren't enough in a pack.

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