It just works3/23/2017 4:43:11 AM

Pros: it's fast Many features. You get 2 camera licenses vs 1 in the previous year Synology boxes.

Cons: pricy but you get constant updates (especially security updates) from Synology. So it's not really a <cons> . You get what you pay for :)

Overall Review: It just works as a backup sinology to another sinology box. I installed it as RAID 1 and there are no problems Edit: 3/23/2017 Link Aggregation works fine with a Zyxel 1900GS-8HP switch (first set up the aggregation on the switch, and then on the Synology box) After 3 years of non-stop usage, the box works without any hitch. I don't think I've ever restarted the box. It restarts only when doing updates from Synology. Rock solid product.

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Good signal11/18/2013 5:38:30 AM

Pros: Easy breezy installation. Strong signal due to the small but powerful external antenna. Has an adapter / bracket for Small Case factor Antenna comes with a double face tape to "glue" it to the desk OR a nice small needle/pin type to push it into drywall and hang it in any position.

Cons: It's not free. Wish it would have 3 antennas but even with 2 works fine.

Overall Review: Great card for wireless desktop network card

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
good combo11/18/2013 5:15:41 AM

Pros: Bluetrack works on thick carpet or countertop and it is awesome. Spill proof keyboard. Nice key feeling and feedback. Not completely silent (both mouse and keyboard -I mean when you click or press keys) but also not noisy either. Wireless works well at 30 feet away from PC (clear path) Batteries last long (I have purchased this model about 2 years ago) If you have any problems , Microsoft customer service is easy to reach and the support is great (also USA based)

Cons: Not iluminated

Overall Review: Great wireless mouse + WIRELESS keyboard.

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Ok laptop11/18/2013 4:59:08 AM

Pros: 4th Gen Cpu, other than that...nothing stands out. DVD-RW is part of the laptop. Touch screen is nice. Touch pad works well Keyboard has decent feedback and works well. Seems well built as there are no bending material spots and the hinges feel solid. Time will tell if it will resist as Dell is advertising. Hdmi works well audio and video. Laptop is cooler that others (not come completely cold) because of the low speed CPU. Nice

Cons: The Webcam is NOT HD and is NOT a wide screen one. Monitor is not great (low resolution). No illuminated keyboard. It is a magnet for skin grease and fingerprints. No spill proof keyboard. 5400 rp

Overall Review: DELL included a nice backup and recovery disk creation utility but if you want the nice backup features you have to pay......buuuuuuuuu Pay attention !!!! When installing Windows 8.1 update make sure first you made your recovery disks and then install all (and I really mean all the updates that can be installed from Windows Update) + update all the drivers to the latest versions possible and only then install the 8.1 update. There are many horror stories on the internet from people that updated to 8.1 and had all kind of issues. Some people installed 8.1 immediately after opening the laptop/desktop and had all kind of errors. I'll follow up with an update in couple of mont

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OK case11/18/2013 4:19:31 AM

Pros: Great soft case and it covers well all corners. Very snug fit. The other person that I tall with can hear me very well.

Cons: It covers also the buttons making them very hard to press (you have to press really hard)

Overall Review: Ok case. Would have been great if the buttons would not be so hard to press.

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Superb3/5/2012 12:45:46 PM

Pros: Who should you buy this motherboard ? - Everybody who wants to do remote desktop without an OS !!!!!! VERY UNIQUE to this model DQ67EP is that it has a mini PCIe port (exactly for laptop wireless cards) Attention: the motherboard doesn't come with a wireless card or cables and antennas. I purchased separately a Intel WiFi 6205 wireless card along with an u.fl cable + antenna (the u.fl cable makes the connection between the antena and the card) so now I have wireless internet as well. Why bother with external antennas and u.fl connectors instead of getting a cheap aftermarket regular size PCI wirelesss card? Answer: Because it gives you wireless vPro KVM !!!!!! What is wireless vPRO KVM ? Answer: You can control and see the PC without any operating system installed. You can see and modify everything, even BIOS options, you can see and troubleshoot a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), install operating systems over the internet.

Cons: ... Continuation .... For that you need to port forward port 16992 and 16994 in the router. Why is so important ? If you have friends or family that bug you all the time to fix their PCs and you don't want to drive there tell them to purchase this motherboard or any other Q67 chipset motherboard and together with approved vPRO Intel CPU, you can have total control over that PC. Attention !!!!! Not all i5 or i7 Intel CPUs are vPRO compatible. Check on the Intel website for the list [...] Attention # 2 !!! Even Intel suggests to get a aftermarket cpu cooler and heat sink if you use a regular i5 or i7 CPU. If you use the low voltage ones or have a really good ventilated case then you are OK. Attention # 3 !!! For KVM vPRO to work you could use a software that helps do that. An example would be RealVNC Plus ($50)(Intel gives you a coupon inside the box for this program). Of course you can use any other program that supports Intel AMT vPRO :)

Overall Review: ...Continuation.... Also I purchased separately a display port to hdmi connector + spdif bracket so now I can watch movies on my LCD TV and huge surround sound system (using the optical output) Because this motherboard is for mostly business clients it gets bios and drivers updates for 1 year ! vs other boards who get none or max 1-2 updates. I use it together with a SSD and i5 2400 and the start up time is 20 sec (until I can use the PC properly) It is VERY VERY stable (because is for business) and my total system wattage is 20 W idle-ing, 2 W in standby and between 30-50 W when the system is doing some heavy tasks. It is an ideal motherboard for remote control and multimedia.

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choppy HD3/14/2011 10:01:00 AM

Pros: optical out + hmdi out + wireless dongle in the package, small (compact) + detailed settings + plays MP3 +plays non HD content fine + subtitles work fine (.sub extension) + I liked the remote control

Cons: Doesn't play HD files properly regardless of what output I set (720 p 30 frames or 720p 60 frames or 1080p 30 frames and all the other combinations) I've upgraded to the latest firmware from the website. Doesn't sees all the folders (directories) from the shared drive (I have a Synology D110j NAS (gigabit) on a gigabit Linksys E2000 router. MKV playback is choppy. Any file extension in HD 720 or 1080 is choppy and a TONE of lag (I tried using a CAT6 network cable). I don't recommend the device at all for playing HD files !!!

Overall Review: fantastic hardware, very poor implementation of software + mkv or x.264 files in HD don't play properly. Too bad I have to stick with a PC near the TV just to listen to MP3 on my big stereo sistem.......

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, AVerLife ExtremeVision has been tested with .MKV files without any issues. The unit can HD video up to 1080p smoothly without any problems. If you are experience issues please contact us to help troubleshoot the problem. We will provide updates to check if the unit will be more stable. If we determine the issue is with that particular unit we can provide an RMA to get a replacement. Technical Support 877-774-4543 Live Chat is available at
Slow3/14/2011 9:45:17 AM

Pros: Great price + HDMI + big screen

Cons: Keyboard, slow CPU, slow HDD

Overall Review: Don't think you will play games. This is only a browsing/email/word/excel/powe point PC.

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Great for vPro5/26/2010 9:16:35 AM

Pros: vPro works perfectly after you provision the AMT from BIOS. I am using VNC Plus trial on the PC where I work and the VNC server on the computer with this MotherBoard (the vPro) Just make sure you provision the system with a static IP address !!!! Has AMT 6.0 !!!! :) - that means KVM and S0L/IDE-R (Serial over Lan / IDE redirection) which are fantastic for the Help Desk technicians ! It is fast and reliable. Works great with this memory Kingston 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 13 Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR1333D3K2/2GR The motherboard does NOT have a graphic chipset so you must use a Clarkdale CPU that has the video on the CPU as the Intel Core i5-650 Clarkdale or an external video card. ATTENTION: If you use an external video card you can't use the KVM capabilities of the vPro technology !!! (a lot of people are making this mistake)

Cons: For KVM to work you MUST have one of these CPUs from Intel i5 : 650, 660, 670, 680 - a little expensive but if you want to remotely control the PC from anywhere in the world without having an OS (Operating system) then you need these CPUs. I can see the BIOS over remote !!! and change the settings !!! :) KVM = Keyboard, Video, Mouse

Overall Review: Doesn't have a HDMI dedicated port but with a dongle (that is not included with the MB) from Disply port to HDMI the issue is resolved. This display port supports audio and video as well so using the dongle worked for me :) MB comes with ESET security software for 1 YEAR ! :) All the drivers are on the CD but I recommend to update all the drivers ASAP as Intel released new drivers already in April and May 2010 for all the components. Also update your BIOS to version 033 as it's addressing a lot of bugs. Overall, the system is uber stabil and extremely silent (because there is no video card fan + the Intel stock fan + ccooler are almost dead silent + I use an SSD)

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FANTASTIC card - runs on a 350 W Antec power supply12/7/2007 10:04:22 PM

Pros: Runs perfectly on a 350 W (Antec) !!! with 939 X2 4400 (2.2 GHz), 2GB RAM DDR, X-Fi dound card + add on card for X-Fi, DVD-RW, HDD 7200 rpm. NO overclocking and no aditional cooling and it runs superb ! Cooler is almost silent

Cons: Price, price, price. DX10 performance not as good as DX 9, still the visual differences are very hard to spot.

Overall Review: Play w/ maximum settings on Quake Wars Enemy Territory and COD4 at 1650x1050 without any problems !!! Crysis plays wonderfully in DX9 on High at 1280*1024 (wow, superb grafic on high settings). Don't know the frames but it's enough to play any shooter, including Crysis (I'm using the drivers supplied on the CD) 2) with the 7800GT I was able to play Crysis only on Low settings, now it's everything on high 3) Vista 32 bit 3D gaming index jumped from 5.8 on a 7800GT to a 5.9 on this card :) 4) Full game Quake Wars Enemy Territory is included in the box :)

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