not old to them9/23/2015 2:21:44 PM

Pros: friend's computer works much better than old single core.

Cons: none

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ridiculously fast2/2/2007 8:39:26 AM

Pros: works as adervertised.did take a minute to setup the fx-74's and 2 raptors in raid o.i believe the hardware is so far ahead of the software thatthis is an awesome investment, there is very little you can do to overstress 4 three ghz processors unless that is what your attempting to do. newegg was the first to have available and as usual they rock..

Cons: the raid setup was a little confusing but tat was becaue i failed to read the instructions in the micro print asus manual.the drivers for raid, internet adapter, first packet are found on the nvidia site package 9.73 also the drivers for the 8800's.was not complicated but prior use of asus boards eased the transition. the drivers have to be installed twice once at f6 then again after the drives are formatted. they require all three pieces to work properly.

Overall Review: good board, read the instructions only believe half of what you hear.for people whining about price,if if is too costly find a setup thats in your budget. amd has plenty of solutions to satify everyone and theres no telling when the price war will end putting this gear out of everyone's range. i would like to thank the reviewers that allowed me to buy 4 x 3ghz opterons for xxx$ guys rule too...

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