Seagate= poor quality2/16/2014 11:37:00 AM

Pros: Worked well and was responsive while it was alive.

Cons: Didnt last much more than a year. Inside this enclosure is a cheap Seagate Green drive. On some computers it worked well with usb 3.0 and on others, it was only recognized in 2.0. I should have known better when I bought a seagate... I have had horrible luck with them in the past and for some reason I thought this time would be different. If you want a serious external, get an enclosure and throw a Western Digital drive in there. They have premier drives for many applications. I personally and going to be running RAID 10 from now on with an external backup. I lost 600GB of vital data that wasnt updated in my other external. The weak 1-year warranty does nothing for me now. Almost all WD drives have 5-year warranties. For a reason. Go WD. Seagate is trash.

Overall Review: Will never buy another Seagate product again.

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Decent, but too expensive3/8/2012 8:54:55 PM

Pros: This is a pretty nice looking and low profile (very thin compared to other filters) filter. Easy to install.

Cons: Filter has poor "dust spot efficiency." In other words, the filter doesnt stop much dust from entering your computer. Kind of pointless to install alone; I recommend that you add another layer of filtration behind it... thats what I had to do.

Overall Review: I don't see how people who buy these filters can fill out the "tech knowledge" blank as "high." Anyone with a high tech knowledge level will most definitely be making their own filters and designing their own plastic enclosures to mount on the fan or case. I bought this little filter over a year ago as a spare for future builds. Little did I realize that $7-10 could buy me enough materials to build 4 or 5 filters with twice the performance. If you have a low tech level and want something simple to install that will remove a little dust, buy it; that's pretty much all its good for. But if you truly do have a high tech knowledge, you probably aren't reading the reviews of this product in the first place.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you very much for purchasing a SilverStone. The FF121's filter material is made out of finely weaved nylon with venting area greater than what is possible with purely plastic filters and still provide good filtering performance. It is currently the best balanced type of filter for airflow and dust prevention for PC use. Cotton or cloth based filters will provide better filtering, but they severely restricts airflow performance when used with relatively slow spinning PC fans. As a reference, below are airflow rate of various filter types: Cotton/cloth filter - 20% Plastic filter - 41% Nylon filter (FF121) - 65%
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Ring fell apart in seconds11/29/2011 6:31:42 PM

Pros: Ring looked nice and had a good review (so I thought).

Cons: Ring fell into 3 pieces within seconds of wearing it. Steel was cheap and thin and overall quality is terrible. Seriously, DO NOT BUY.

Overall Review: Im going to return it asap. Too bad, the ring really looked nice.

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Doesnt Exist9/10/2011 2:37:17 PM

Pros: Worked well when it wasnt dead.

Cons: Died in like 2 months. AMD RMA on their website does not let you return it. YOU CAN'T EVEN FIND IT ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!! (as you can tell I am a little upset)... AMD's whole website is ______ (bad word). Terribly designed and maintained, buggy and just frustrating. As a freelance, high performance PC builder, I guarantee my products. This has not only hurt me, but the client I am mediating for. Shame on you AMD!

Overall Review: I have bought AMD all my life and for ALL of my builds.. the cost benefit ratio is usually great. But this experience has opened my eyes to AMD's second rate-ness. On top of that, I have staph infection in my leg and I cant walk. Just Sayin...

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Great Scuba Mask!8/7/2011 9:54:54 AM

Pros: Great low-volume scuba mask for a great price. Crystal clear tempered glass and two-lens semi-widened view makes things incredibly clear underwater. If you have only ever used standard single-frame plastic lenses, this lens is going to change your view of underwater activity. Literally. Silicone-injected frame and strap is nice too. I think the fram construction is metal or something coated in rubber.... nice and solid! You know whats awesome? The glass is scratch resistant and if it get smudged or dirty, use a micro-fiber cloth to clean it and it looks as good as new. Purge valve is nice; you can put the goggles on underwater, slowly breath out and the water exits the mask and you can see. Wonderful! Bottom line: These goggles are rugged and elegant if you take care of these, they will last you a lifetime.

Cons: NONE! Seriously, none at all.`

Overall Review: Got on sale from $60 to $20. Would not have felt bad spending $60....

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sunglasses for child with shrunken head7/11/2011 12:28:32 PM

Pros: got on sale for $10

Cons: Tiny lenses and frame construction make these things a pain to wear. The lenses make you look like one of those blind mice from Shrek.

Overall Review: Maybe these glasses would fit and look nice on a child, but not on most adults.

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Good card5/28/2011 6:54:36 AM

Pros: Fast and quiet card with an aftermarket cooler. Factory overclocked at stable speeds, stays cool under load. Card's design looks great. Better than similarly priced radeon models (at the time) I bought this card in December '10. . . To give you an idea, at 1920x1080 this card never even hickuped while running Crysis 2 with settings MAXED.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Ive had the card for a long time and I have NO, 0, zilch. As far as the other guy saying he was limited to a 1600x1200, that is certainly not the case for me. Running this thing one a beautiful razor-thin LED monitor at 1920x1080, full HD. I bought this card after a poorly built XFX died out on me. No regrets. Nvidia is quality.

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BEWARE OF THE STEAM3/1/2011 1:17:53 PM

Pros: well, i got the game for $4..

Cons: The game does not tell you in the given requirements that you need steam. Imagine my surprise when i put the game in to install it and that terrible white gear pops up. In my opinion STEAM is $%&*. Its clunky and annoying, starting up everytime you run the game. I can see the pros and cons in the idea, maybe if it were an optional feature i would be ok with it. But as one of the other reviewers mentioned, when he started up the game, steam came up and had to update of course, sometimes taking an annoyingly long time. If you like steam and want to put up with it go for this game. If you are one who hates steam and its oppressive characteristics, continue on to something better.

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Yup..12/1/2010 7:27:41 PM

Pros: B-E-A-U-tiful!! Silent as the grave too! I got this one for a black friday deal of only $100! This is very powerful and well-built. The craftsmanship is evident in ever part from the packaging to the physical aspects of the PSU itself.

Cons: Some ambiguity about which rails are what and so on... Antec did a nice job with the modular PSUs I bought, labeling which modular connectors correspond to what rail. This is unmarked and doesn't say in the manual.

Overall Review: If you get it on sale its a great buy. Otherwise look to some of the Corsair professional series at similar wattage. I am content.

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Works... (1 minute later) nope, nevermind.11/17/2010 7:46:24 AM

Pros: Big and professisonal looking, comes nicely packaged.

Cons: Card gets incredibly hot and sometimes cuts out in the bios! Runs Crysis well but all other games it glitches like mad on! left 4 dead and FC2 wont even run for more than 2 minutes. Terribly choppy and loud with fan speed turned up. I havent overclocked. This card looks good spec wise but sucks big time.

Overall Review: If you are going to buy radeon get an identical from HIS. They at least know how to build thier cards well and keep them cool. This is my first time trying XFX and I dont think i ever will again.

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EA65011/16/2010 6:30:22 PM

Pros: Solid Antec quality! This thing is handling a 1090t x6 processor, a 5830, 4gb of ddr3, five fans, and two drives. Most people complain about multiple rails but I think it can be nice, especially when you have 25 amps dedicated to pcie... sure its not a TON but for a single card its all you'll need for a while. Over voltage protection is nice and I guess its green :D

Cons: Not as dressed up as other power supplies. Not really a con but I figured I'd put it down. Corsair 650w came in a much fancier case with a cloth around it! But power supplies aren't babies, they're tanks! And Antec has built a fine one!

Overall Review: I bought mine about 1.5 years ago and I've seen the price jump around from 60 to 90 many times. Wait for a promotion like now (11/16/10) and jump on it!

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Asrock... not Asus, but I'm not complaining!11/16/2010 6:22:18 PM

Pros: Japanese capacitors, power and reset switch built into board for early testing. 333 technology completely rocks! Runs my 1090t no problem! usb 3.0 which I guess is becoming standard... but its nice. I also like the way the sata ports angle parallel to the board (otherwise my 5830 wouldnt fit).

Cons: None so far, board is very professional. Oh! yeah i wanted to complain about this: DIDN'T COME WITH A STICKER! But thats it...

Overall Review: This is my first Asrock board which I actually used first in a build for my neighbor. Once I put it together I had to have one for myself. It is at par with the next gen motherboard wolf-pack at a price that cannot be beat. I love Asus and went on a limb buying this. No regrets, Asrock has taken its place among my trusted companies.

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Vx-911/16/2010 6:14:26 PM

Pros: Lots of expandability, 2 spots on the top for 120mm fans and one on the front; comes with 200mm fan and a 120mm fan for a total of up to 5 fans. Decent construction for the price, not flimsy or cheap like many others in its range. Plastic look is nice and well built as well. Built in stands for motherboard. Fan controller (if it works...). Lots of drive bays too. Side 200mm fan is really cold and pushes air righ onto my 5830.

Cons: Fan controller died after first use. It still lights up but its kind of a bummer. The fans still work though so O cant complain too much. Also, the front panel audio keeps dying out. It is difficult to push the headphone jack in and windows keeps saying I plugged something into the front panel about 1000 times a minute. Usb works tho so thats good. Try AC'97 instead of hd audio and it might work ( haven't tried yet). Plastic really smears easily so get a micro fiber cloth to polish it.

Overall Review: All in all a good case. Got with an Antec BPplus 550 watt modular psu for a total of like $100 or so. This case lets you tinker with it unlike poorly designed cases from dell, hp, etc. Wait for a promotion from newegg or a combo and snatch it up. This thing is cooold.

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great features!3/29/2010 9:28:58 AM

Pros: This is a solid drive. It keeps cool with its design, which keeps it off surfaces. On and off switch is nice, and it supports esata (although I believe you need to buy the cable). Keeps quiet and cool while working like an ox.

Cons: none so far :)

Overall Review: I just thought I should make note of it. Some hard drives require you to format them before they can reach full potential. This hard drive let me transfer files but anything bigger than 5 or 6 gigs was considered "too big for the destination folder." After i performed a quick format (which took about 15 seconds) i was able to transfer anything.

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