Exactly What I needed to complete the look I wanted6/29/2020 10:46:57 AM

Overall Review: Exactly What I needed to complete the look I wanted. I recently purchased a set of Sleeved cable extensions, but they came with clear cable combs. I wanted black, so I bought these and they work and look great. Also came with more than I needed so I may be able to use these for a second build. 10/10 would recommend and buy again.

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Just what I needed6/29/2020 10:44:14 AM

Pros: Works great Easy Setup Instructions were easy to follow. Can user either magnet or double sided tape to connect to the case, both are included.

Cons: none found

Overall Review: This was a life saver, I recently bought a pack of RGB fans and did not realize that my Motherboard did not have the 5v header that the fan cables needed. I had to use the supplied Controller and any time I wanted to change the RGB lights I had to open the back panel of my case. This allows me to control the fans using MSI Mystic Light and sync it with my GPU and CPU fan lights as well. Awesome product, would purchase again!

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Great value!6/29/2020 10:38:24 AM

Pros: Works awesome Super fast compared to Disc drives Easy setup Great value

Cons: none

Overall Review: Easy to install and configure, gives me a lot more storage and is super fast on transfers.

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Awesome Product6/29/2020 10:07:22 AM

Pros: Look great and easy to work with

Cons: none

Overall Review: I bought these because I was tired of looking at the Ketchup and mustard of my basic power supply cables. Easy to work with and look amazing! 10/10

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