Great HD Replacement5/27/2020 6:57:15 PM

Pros: So far this drive has been very reliable, and I've used Crucial M4 drives for years in the past, all of which are still going strong after years of reliable service.

Cons: I would imagine by now this SSD isn't as fast as the latest generation, but I don't really notice. I usually run these drives in my older systems where SSD speed isn't too important. Anything is an improvement over those slow 5,400 RPM laptop hard drives they came with...

Overall Review: I have had many years of reliable service with Crucial drives, and these are no exception.

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Very Reliable5/27/2020 6:47:20 PM

Pros: I like how this switch is very quiet and passively cooled. I could theoretically keep it running unattended for years and not have to worry about fans getting worn out. The management interface is also nice to have when I needed it but I haven't experimented with it a lot. It just sits quietly in a corner blinking away. I also appreciate the front-facing reset (restart) and factory reset buttons, which I've had to use a few times while experimenting. Since this switch sits in a corner, not having to reach to the back for the reset button is nice.

Cons: It would be nice to see some kind of serial or management port, but this isn't really important for my application. I also had a bit of an issue getting the web interface to use SSL. I could also see the reset button being an issue if this switch sits out in the open. Someone could easily come by and push it, wiping all your settings. Then again I would have to wonder why you're not properly securing your equipment...

Overall Review: Overall a great switch for those needing something quiet and reliable. I would certainly buy it again if I needed to.

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Good Reliable Patch Cable5/27/2020 4:54:27 PM

Pros: These cables work well for runs through the house.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I've used StartTech cables for quite a while and they always work great.

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Works Well But Misleading5/27/2020 3:21:55 PM

Pros: This works great for extending MicroSD card slots that are in hard to reach areas, and I haven't seen any performance impact from it.

Cons: This product is a little misrepresented here. Despite what the title and description claims, this is actually MicroSD to FULL SIZE SD. Look carefully at the pictures they provide While it is technically true that one can use an adapter in the SD slot to fit the smaller MicroSD card, the pictures will have you believe it's MicroSD on both ends, and that is definitely not the case. I don't consider this a huge issue since I have plenty of adapters for my MicroSD cards, and it's not worth the trouble of returning it. But still, be aware of this before buying.

Overall Review: If you can look past the size issue, this works fine, which is why I still give it 4 eggs.

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Easy Setup and Very Reliable5/27/2020 3:14:25 PM

Pros: This is a great solution for those that want to get into water cooling but don't want to run and maintain a custom loop. I've had this installed going on 3 years of constant service and it has never failed me. The included fans are barely noticeable and move plenty of air through the radiator.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: This is one of the best all in one liquid cooling solutions.

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A Great Storage Solution5/27/2020 3:13:32 PM

Pros: SanDisk has proven its reliability many times, and this card is no exception. I have always used some type of SanDisk MicroSD cards for my Raspberry Pi fleet, and they work quite well for that application. I have had no issues at all.

Cons: None to report thus far.

Overall Review: This card is a great solution for those needing storage on their IoT applications, and perform quite well when used as a boot drive on a Raspberry Pi.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Great Fit5/27/2020 3:06:59 PM

Pros: This adapter works great for installing an SSD into a hard drive bay without much trouble. I have used several different types of adapters over the years, and this one has worked the best.

Cons: The paint is a little on the thin side. But also keep in mind that this adapter has been used in several systems over the years, so it probably got more wear than most will see.

Overall Review: A great, easy option for an SSD upgrade, and allows for a secure mounting solution.

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Plenty of Power to go around.5/27/2020 2:56:37 PM

Pros: With a combined total of 32 cores including hyperthreading, there's plenty to go around for demanding tasks. I personally use this for virtualization and gaming, and I have yet to max it out. I personally haven't tried overclocking, but honestly, wit this many cores all running at a reasonable speed, I don't really see a reason to.

Cons: I have noticed this CPU is a little power-hungry, and my complete system powered up and idle uses around 150 watts of power. But also keep in mind I'm running water cooling and an NVIDIA 1080ti. It also tends to run a little hot when stressed.

Overall Review: Overall I would definitely recommend this to someone that needs some horsepower for their workloads. Even though I bought this CPU going on 3 years ago, it still serves me well and doesn't slow me down.

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Top of the line12/14/2018 5:13:23 PM

Pros: This motherboard has many features often overlooked on others. Assuming you choose the correct CPU (Core i9 in my case), the extra RAM and PCIe x16 slots are nice to have, especially having the extra room on the 1st slot for a graphics card. It's also nice to see 3 M.2 slots, even though one of them is under the graphics card. But it's not like they could put it anywhere else. There are also plenty of options for RGB, both built-in and external, with several RGB plugs available. I am also happy to report this motherboard has great Linux support. I use my system as a KVM host on Arch Linux, and I have no trouble both running a stable system and using IOMMU in KVM to remap PCI devices to virtual machines. Many of the features provided by the included software can also be done through the UEFI settings, such as controlling RGB. The rest of the software may be useful for some but isn't really needed. I'm sure with enough research, a Linux system could probably talk to the RGB controller directly anyway.

Cons: This isn't necessarily Gigabyte's fault, but be aware your CPU choice may limit how many RAM and PCIe slots are usable. Be sure to properly research your intended CPU to make full use of your investment. Might as well get what you paid for.

Overall Review: I've heard great things about Gigabyte motherboards, and this one confirmed them all. I would certainly invest on another if I needed to in the future.

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Plenty of room for upgrades12/14/2018 4:35:06 PM

Pros: What I like most about this case is how flexible the layout can be. There are numerous options available for mounting radiators of various sizes, fans, and RGB if that's your thing. The side panels and button panel can also be swapped to the other side depending on what works best. Having the motherboard sit flat allows for a better view of the internals when working on the system. I can simply remove the top panel and get a decent view of everything. But I also found wires will often get in the way. Then again that happens with many cases. As the description mentions, two of these cases can be combined to make on a massive system, which is a nice option if you need more room for large water cooling loop. Either that or if your new rig demands the attention of the entire room. And who doesn't want that?

Cons: One important note is this case is HUGE. I don't know if the pictures really do it justice, but this is not at all something you can fit under a desk. A good comparison I think is about the same size as a mini fridge. In other words, this is a case that needs some dedicated space, so make sure your planned location is deep and wide enough. I found that sitting my system on a piano bench works nice. A fully loaded system will also be quite heavy. I barely consider this a con, but you need to be aware of what you're getting into. Another reviewer mentioned you could probably fit a small child in this case, and I can believe it. (hopefully, they didn't actually try that...)

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