Pros: Plenty of room for airflow, lots of devices, water coolers dream, gorgeous design and replaced my Corsair Obsidian 900D too many possibilities with all this space! Just make sure you have room for the case as it stands about 30 inches high!

Cons: Bigger is better right?? No cons here!

Overall Review: First off, there are negative reviews out there more than likely from people that are not into building beast machines. This case is CRAZY BIG! The packaging it arrives in will tell you that right from the door. It came in a solid shipping container like no other case Ive ever bought. Time and effort went into this design as you can easily mount several water cooling solutions, even quad 140mm radiators! IT IS HEAVY BECAUSE ITS A SOLID BEAST! I do not recommend lifting this sucker alone. Its all metal with exception of some minor things so its got some weight to it. The aura lighting is fantastic and sets off the case even more. Just Google what you can do with these cases!! This is a dream! I didnt think a case could be worth $800.00. but from the care they took of building this, shipping and what you get it is well worth the $800 and will last for many years!

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EXCELLENT!5/27/2017 6:10:23 AM

Pros: Coming from 2X EVGA GTX690s, the picture is a clear difference in quality and performance. I know these are not dual gpu like the 690s and I was going to wait until the next but this looked good. Very sturdy cards and run very stable temps when running very high end graphics. For people with 690s, there is a big difference. Running 3-4k Samsung Monitors and Occulus Rift VR on them is very clean.

Cons: Need 2 90 degree swivel adapters for the cooling. If running SLI make sure you get an SLI HB Bridge like the one offered from EVGA.

Overall Review: Had to revise this rating due to a failure of one card after less than 6 months. The rubber ring in the water block gave out and leaked into my system causing both my 1080s to fail. One leaked on the other. The cards operated great but after a few months for some reason 1 of my 3 monitors would start blacking out. Drivers were up to date then the water leak. Zotac was very quick on the RMA and replaced both. Thats why they retain their 5 egg rating. For the value, they are great cards but I would consider replacing the waterblock with an EK waterblock for higher reliability. The waterblocks are garbage but the lighting effects are awesome!

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Great reliable SSD drives at a good price!5/27/2017 6:04:24 AM

Pros: Very reliable Great speed over mechanical drives

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have run several brand SSDs over the years and Crucial has been my goto brand. I have only ever had 1 failure when SSDs first came out but have had several builds with these since without any issues. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable SSD.

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