Wow, nice for the low shell shocker price10/16/2021 5:13:18 AM

Pros: Bought (2) for my 2 work stations, nice quality, cable management, can be done easily so cables will not get caught. Mount two 24" monitors, are really stable. Plenty of room for full keyboard and mouse pad and mouse.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good no regret purchase, spend 11 hours a day at my pc, nice to be able to stretch it out, and it looks good.

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Great speakers1/11/2021 4:15:08 AM

Pros: Great sound, easy hookup. Use as rear surround speakers to go with my other Andrew Jones system.

Cons: Big, but what do you expect, these are big boys.

Overall Review: These are good for front speakers in a small system also, no issues with break in, just ran my auto calibration and the fit in the mix.

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It just works, no issues5/15/2020 3:54:52 AM

Pros: Works

Cons: None

Overall Review: Replaced an older (another manuf) that failed.

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Was good while it lasted8/10/2016 9:44:58 AM

Pros: Pushes a good signal thru FM, just have to find one that is vacant. Charger works great.

Cons: Plug into the main unit developed a short after only 3 weeks of light use. Will work if you wiggle it some.

Overall Review: Maybe, if you would reinforce wiring, maybe wrap the input end with electrical tape.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Amazing, works like it should4/8/2016 1:14:39 PM

Pros: Noise cancelling works great, Volume can be low, to drown out background noises. Picking up sounds I had never heard before on tracks.

Cons: Nothing, make sure cord is plugged in fully ( I saw someone had a bad cord, maybe not plugged in all of the way)_

Overall Review: I would recommend this at especially at the NewEgg Flash price, never would , or could afford the full price. I have an office inside of a tool shop, these get rid of the machinery sound, I can not wait to take these on a plane trip. Just for high quality head phones, they are worth it.

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Great Card, for the price, done validating ( had gone from 2 stars to 5 now)2/15/2016 6:15:01 AM

Pros: Most older programs and HTPC seem to be running good. Newer software is running great also. Factory OC at 1030 is stable.

Cons: No Cons now, all running fine. original review ( Not sure if it is a con, but came with 1030 clock already supposed to be a Core Clock: 990 MHz.<br><br>Will not run Battlefront without blue screen, also now get a solid red screen ????<br><br>Not sure if this card was put together correctly, not sure if I will return it, it would be nice to be able to run the newer games ( that was the intention )<br><br>Update 02-06-2016 XFX rep says this is now a Black OC card with the 1030 core clock, I still have to figure out if I have to under clock ( or find out how ), Online recomendations for power suggest to use the provided separate power connectors from 2 different power connections ( that has so far elliminated the Red screen errors ).<br><br>I think I am now dealing with driver issues when playing graphic intense games which cause just a program error and not a hard reboot.) 02-15-2016 update, did a complete cleaning of inside of pc, remounted all components, no errors at all now, card is now back to factory OC and things are stable.

Overall Review: I am not sure what the percentage is, but what I received was a black edition version which is over-clocked to 1030 core clock and stable. Having problems with the rebate also, (I put the wrong address in the online form and now it is listed as a decline ) <br><br>( update 02-05-2016 XFX rebate center was able to update my mistake, and now the rebate is being processed )

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review! We are happy you are pleased. If you have any questions for us here at XFX, please visit or email us at Thanks Mark at XFX
wow9/11/2013 5:56:40 PM

Pros: Hey, just got this on the NewEgg 38.00 + free shipping deal, I was in need of a tuner with component out for my projector (which are hard to find and expensive), Wow, more than what I expected, outputs easily 1080p, reads my MKV library better than my HTPC. Tuner seems fast, can tune in more than my HTPC and tv.

Cons: not yet

Overall Review: Will use the rewind for football in the garage mancave. Also an easy way to convert Home Movies from VHS to digital.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Color 3 Advanced HDMI, worth the risk3/16/2013 3:43:07 PM

Pros: Quick way to adapt to changing light conditions ( day to night viewing ) Easy powered HDMI switching. Quality built box in a small foot-print. Remote works well. Free with a Visa card rebate, go figure.. the hdmi switcher alone would cost 20 - 30 dollars.

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: If you do not like the Blue-Light, you can cover with Black electrical tape.

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