Functional mask.5/27/2020 3:12:12 PM

Pros: Decent disposable mask, durable enough for a few uses provided you put them on correctly. Good job of catching moisture from my lungs as I exhale.

Cons: Not magically replenishing...

Overall Review: It's a disposable mask folks, it's purpose is NOT to keep you from breathing in anything harmful, but to prevent YOU from spreading large amounts of moisture from your lungs, (how itthrough

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Great Mid-Range card, drivers need work but getting better10/29/2019 3:52:05 PM

Pros: The triple fan keeps the card running nice and cool. Heck of an upgrade over my 290x. That card served for 5 years, finally showing it's age. This was a 104% improvement to my FPS in most games. The impressive thing about it is the fact that my 4690k O.C. to 4.2 Ghz is the bottleneck now by nearly 30%!!!

Cons: Drivers, drivers, drivers! It was a screaming nightmare getting this thing to work properly. Had to use DDU (display driver uninstaller, amazing program!) in safe mode multiple times along with re-installing AMD's driver suite. RGB software eats resources, certainly not not worth 10%(?!) CPU for Glowy Gigabyte logo

Overall Review: Amazing performance for the price, especially on a new build. However, if upgrading, might have a hiccup or two. Highly recommend.

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Stick of RAM broke my PC... Seriously.7/20/2019 8:24:02 PM

Pros: The RAM was in the box... Although that might actually be more of a Con than a Pro.

Cons: Killed the computer after showing a missing gig.

Overall Review: Installed the RAM, computer no longer will boot. Kept saying the PC was overclocked and to reduce frequency. Dropped RAM clock from 1600 to 1333, no change same message. Then notice that RAM check during post only shows 7gb instead of 8... uh oh. Pull the stick, replace with the old RAM and... starts to boot, dont get the overclock msg, but the system keeps going to a repair screen asking to choose my keyboard layout, except i can't select anything; wired or wireless keyboard and mouse do not respond in any way. So now my media PC is kaput from RAM. To say that I'm unhappy is a mild understatement, a stick of RAM broke my PC...

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Card Expired10/14/2014 4:58:40 PM

Pros: None, as it tells me the code has expired.

Cons: Go to enter the code and AMD's site says it's no good.

Overall Review: Free games and all, it's not a loss. It does feel like a rip-off thought as the promotion is good till next year.

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8/19/2014 10:09:53 PM

Pros: Upgrading my old rigs proc and mobo, been running a Phenom II 980 BE since 2009. The 980 is still a good proc, but compared to the beast that is the 4690k... not so much.

Cons: Aww... where is that 5Ghz on air you promised us Intel?

Overall Review: Using a Corsair H100i to cool it, and I couldn't be happier with the combo.

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8/16/2014 7:32:22 PM

Pros: Easy install, great temps, and with Corsair Link, amazing control over case cooling.

Cons: Tubes are a bit short, but quite acceptable.

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