Absolutely Amazing7/20/2016 6:04:16 AM

Pros: -Handles everything I've thrown at it so far locked 60 frames. -Sexy looking if a card could be sexy. -RGB and lighting effects just looks so good.

Cons: -None in all honesty.

Overall Review: -This is my first PC build and I got the best of the best on all componets. Only thing i need now is another 1TB SSD and another one of these to SLI. Truly, a card has never made me so happy.

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Good Starter Keyboard6/17/2016 12:19:58 PM

Pros: -I'm really loving the green backlight and so far the mouse is my favorite.

Cons: -Doesnt have that highend feel.

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Massive6/13/2016 2:45:14 PM

Pros: -Absolutely massive. Outside of server farmers, I don't see anybody running out of room for their build in this monster. -Very pretty finish and large window make it attractive from just a stock standpoint.

Cons: -Doesn't come with case lights, but hey thats why you get after market ones in the first place.

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