El Capitan Ready12/15/2015 12:48:25 PM

Pros: Wanted to post update about installing under el capitan.I was able to get this working in el capitan, heres how i did it. Its very easy to do. disable csrutil via recovery mode prior to installing via pacifist. To disable csrutil, (cmd +r during boot, takes you into recovery mode then at the top of this screen look for utilities then open terminal and type in "csrutil disable." Note says successful then you restart, then I installed 10.10 driver via pacifist then reboot again. Here is how to do pacifist install. 1) download the driver for your Wifi stick 2) download pacifist program 3) open the installer.pkg file from the driver you downloaded in pacifist, and select to install to default location, and use administrator privilege 4) reboot

Cons: Neine

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OS X all day!11/18/2015 6:03:45 AM

Pros: Works on my imac osx yosemite install. Im sure antennae increases reception. Utilizes the bandwidth of usb 3.0. I got this to hook up to xfin wifi hotspot on my imac. These wifi hotspots only allow portable devices and sees the wifi hardware on my imac as a non-portable. At least thats what i think was happening. If you go to xfin website you'll notice theres no part about how to connect a desktop, its all laptops, android and ipnones. My neighbor agreed to let me piggy back off their built in hotspot so i have a zero dollar internet bill and 15 mb down and 2 up. Im quite happy.

Cons: Edimax website says driver works with 10.10, no driver for el capitan. That didnt stop me from trying though. So a few installs of el capitan and yosemite later 10.10 is a go, 10.11 not yet. Im sure drivers will be released soon and i knew it wouldnt work with el cpaitan before i bought it.

Overall Review: 27" imac 2014 i5 8gb ram 1 tb HDD

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent amp!2/23/2015 7:53:21 AM

Pros: Pros include, lots of power for the price, 5 channel amp is an all in one unit vs having to have two amps. Its nice not to have to jam multiple speaker wires into single wire output sockets like you normally do with a 2 channel amp. For adjusting the amps gains you get two flat head slots as oppose to the usual one, however i dont recommend using a phillips as the plastic can get stripped easily. Bass knob is awesome, i wouldn't recommended using different ethernet wire or knob from another brand, i tired that using a fusion bass knob and fusion phone cord and i heard loud popping noises. If youre going to hookup bass knob only use oem parts that were made for this specific amp.

Cons: Cons include, you have to use 4 gauge wire. Bass boost, when turned up a little bit it causes a ground loop noise to be heard on the mids and highs. I could not figure out what was causing this for a very long time. I had all new speakers, new headunit and was still getting that awful noise. Its possible the HP filters have a bad ground as well, pls read other thoughts. Turning up the bass boost a little shouldnt cause engine noise in the mids/highs and it took weeks of trying to figure out what was causing the bad ground, so i have to deduct one egg.

Overall Review: I was using the high pass filters for both the front and rear on the amp itself while I had the bass boost turned up about half way. I changed the HP filter to off on both and turned the bass boost gain all the way down. I have no ground loop noise and i could not be happier. I adjusted the filters for the front and rear using the headunit, my higher end alpine had this option. I had checked everything many times to try to get rid of the engine noise in the mids and highs. The last test i should have done was try the filters on the amp with the bass boost turned all the way down. However i know that with those filters set to off and the bass boost down all the way i can crank up the gains for both the sub and mids/highs and not get any engine noise. So if you get that dreaded noise and have all new stuff like i did, try turning the bass boost all the way down and if that doesnt work turn the filters for front and rear to off or full range. After trying what seemed to be everything to get rid of ground loop noise i now have an extremely loud system and am very happy. P.S. Bass boosts usually just causes distortion anyways which can cause hearing damage and also this is a bad time of year to be trying to hookup and tune a system outdoors in new england.

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Very Fast!11/21/2014 1:12:11 PM

Pros: Very fast adapter. Faster than the thunderbolt adapter i purchased for $115. I tested the same SATA III drive in both adapters and this is what i got, Thunderbolt: Write: 320 Read: 360 Startech Adapter: Write 360 Read: 410 Programs load like lightning. Cant beat the price. Another pro is that is has an led hard drive activity light, its dimmed so its not obnoxious. This could possibly be the best $15 ive ever spent.

Cons: Nada

Overall Review: Late 2012 iMac 27" i5 (3.2GHZ) 24 GB Ram Graphics: Nvidia 675MX

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Puts me right to sleep4/23/2014 1:03:34 PM

Pros: Got this because i had trouble falling asleep at night. They say the sound of moving water is good for trying to fall asleep. I like how its not girly looking as most fountains tend to be. Didnt want to get one of those white noise things because they probably chew up more juice whereas the small pump/ motor would have to consume less energy im guessing. I felt this was a significant factor since this needs to be left on all night.

Cons: Pump was loud at first but i think it just needed to be worked in a little. Now its very quiet. It also may not have had enough water in it. Wish there was a way to turn off led and not ruin components but im getting used to having a night light on now. Also wish there was a switch on the fountain itself, i hooked it up to a power strip and just use the switch on that to turn it off and on.

Overall Review: Fountain is very light and it serves its main purpose very well. Connecting the wires and getting it all setup was a breeze as well.

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Awesome Add-on Card4/23/2014 12:48:39 PM

Pros: Double the speeds of Sata II. Benchmarked two SSDs. One an OCZ 60 gb soild 3 and one Intel 80 GB Sata III. Saw 540 read and 510 write on the Intel and on the OCZ 530 Read and 480 write. This card is 100% plug and play, my bios recognized it immediately and so did windows. No need to install any drivers whatsoever. Windows loads faster and games load faster.

Cons: Have no need for the esata in the back, i think i paid double the price to get esata which i may never use. There are cards that dont offer any esata that are half the price made by the same company.

Overall Review: When in bios where it says marvel driver and it gives all the info of the HDDs it also only says 5GB/s as oppose to 6GB/s. As long as im getting the rated speeds for the SSDs i dont really care. I put this into a still very functional X-58 motherboard in a PCI-E X16 slot.

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Best Monitor Ive Ever Owned4/23/2014 12:26:41 PM

Pros: Pros include, swivel adjustment, height adjustment, multiple inputs, very bright screen. Coming from a 22" non led 120hz viewsonic there is a night and day difference. Next to no light bleed around the edges, the viewsonic suffered a lot from this. Whites are brighter and blacks are darker compared to the 22". Mine arrived with zero dead pixels thank the lord. I enabled the lighboost hack which makes on screen movement crystal clear (zero motion blur). I tested it using the ufo test so im 100% sure its working.

Cons: Had to upgrade vid card to 780 gtx to get BF4 to run on high at 1920 X 1080. My 570 could do 120-130 fps on low. Comes with the territory i guess so not enough to take off an egg. I guess another very insignificant con is that the lightboost hack only works at 120hz and not 144hz, again not enough to take an egg off.

Overall Review: The brightness and contrast didnt look good coming straight out of the box. I think it was moreso the brightness. I turned it down in nvidia control panel and increased the digital vibrance 10 pts so its at 60%. Definitely played around with brightness and contrast in the asus OSD menu as well. Finally got it the way i want it and viola! Now my computer monitor is as bright and as vibrant as my led tv!

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Buttery smoothness4/22/2014 1:51:03 PM

Pros: Extremely quiet and extremely powerful. My gpu fan is no longer the loudest thing in my case. Doesnt go above 65 C during heavy gaming with settings set on high in BF4. Gets 120-140 fps in BF4 with settings on high and my i7 950 oc'ed to 4.0. Enabled the lightboost hack on my asus 144 hz monitor which makes moving objects crystal clear. Consumes a lot less energy than my old 570 too. Love the look of this card, especially all of the heatsink fins. I wanted to be able to play BF4 on high and achieve at least 120 fps and this card has given me that very thing. Glad i didnt get a 770, it would probably only do medium and get 120 fps im guessing. On low my 570 got 120-130 fps, but low is no fun.

Cons: It squeals a little in the transition phase of going from game to desktop. Not enough to take off any stars though. I think i read that it goes away over time. Note, it doesnt do it when going from desktop to game. Dont really care now that i think about it more.

Overall Review: Got a score of 4065 using Unigine Valley Benchmark. CPU i7 950 oc'ed to 4.3 GHZ. Mind you bios doesnt boot when i set it to 4.3. Sometimes i just get lucky or if i ctrl alt delete as bios struggles to boot i can get it to boot. I am very happy with this card especially since i was coming from a 570 HD which had an extremely loud fan and was a power hog.

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Awesome card.10/6/2011 7:19:05 AM

Pros: Amazing Card. Has dx11 capabilities. Runs extremely cool. Idle is 35 and load with fans at 70% is 65 C. This card is so much smaller than what i was expecting. The cooler looks very cool. If you look inside the heat sink looks like a giant stock intel cooler. Plays Dirt 3 in dx11 in 3d at maximum framerate. Framerate display program shows 60 fps but i did some research and thats displaying the framerate in one eye. So dirt 3 plays at 120 fps in dx11 in 3d. Need i say more? They also forced vsync with the newest drivers (280.xx). I guess the screen tearing looks awful in 3d. Came with batman. Looking forward to seeing all of the batman dx11 eye candy. Bought this on the shell shocker for an amazing deal, $265 after mir. Love that the hdmi port isnt a mini. Like that it comes with display port which apparently has more bandwidth so doing 1080p at 240 hz is a possibility. Cant believe it only uses two 6 pin pci-e plugs.

Cons: I just wish the cooler exhausted out the back better. I liked the cooler for the non hd version. But this card runs so cool its not enough to take an egg off. I also dont like how i cant overvolt this card. Voltage seems to be locked. Without overvolting one cant achieve higher overclocks. Im not that big on overclocking though but if you are you probably want the non hd version.

Overall Review: Im using an i7 950 stock speeds. Evga x58 SLI mobo. Corsair 1000 w psu. 6gb corsair dominator ram. Got a ~24.5k in vantage running my cpu at 4.1 ram at 1562 and using stock gpu clocks. Got a ~6k in 3dmark 11 using the same clocks.

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Prett Nice9/15/2011 1:16:20 PM

Pros: Nice looking glossy case. Cant beat the price. Nice layout for the most part. Came with fans. Didn't weigh a ton, was much lighter than i expected. Front panel cords were plenty long.

Cons: Had one and only issue and that was with the hard drive. Installed a card reader which took up some space in the hard drive rack. Had to force hard drive into hdd cage because hdd itself was hitting the cpu fan. I got it in, but it didnt sound too good going in. Not sure why they didnt have the hdd cage facing outwards.

Overall Review: I think if the card reader wasnt there i wouldnt have ran into any problems, maybe. You could always install cpu fan after you put hard drive in as well. Unless of course your not using a cpu fan with push pins.

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Drivers9/14/2011 7:37:02 AM

Pros: Wasnt doa. Has all the bells and whistles, hdmi and optical audio output, ddr3 ect.

Cons: This board came with a driver cd which i actually needed to get this board up and running. This mobo didnt auto dl drivers like all the other computers ive built that i installed win 7 on. Drivers that i needed to install were, audio, lan and video. However, beware the graphics driver on the cd wont support certain screens. Hooked up the computer to the tv (1080p) and after windows starting screen i got blackness. Must get latest video driver from asus website, after of course you install the lan drivers. Kinda felt like i had installed windows xp after i had to manually install all the drivers. Optical output worked with cd driver which i was kinda surprised at.

Overall Review: Paired with a vertex 2 ssd and an i5 2400, this thing screams speed. Its as fast as if not faster than my x58 machine which also has a vertex 2.

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Ugh9/14/2011 7:26:47 AM

Pros: One stick worked so i was able to install windows for a cmptr build for a client.

Cons: The other stick didnt work. As a "supposed" computer builder i look unprofessional because i have to tell my client it wont be ready till i get the ram back which will be about a week - week and a half. I dont feel like im guaranteed to get a working set the second time around. Corsair i know your listening, for the people who rma ram, please make sure the replacement set is 100% working. If people get extremely frustrated having to rma imagine how they feel having to do that a second time. Open the box up and pop the ram into a working computer. I dont care if the box has been opened, i just want a working set.

Overall Review: Went with corsair because of their track record. Decided not to rma through corsair due to previous reviewers experience rmaing through manufacturer. Doing a replace rma through newegg and praying i get a good set.

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Manufacturer Response:
You are in good hands RMAing through Newegg. We're sorry you had an issue.
Love it!7/5/2011 8:51:21 AM

Pros: Aluminum Case is great for dissipating heat. eSata worked flawlesssly and so did USB 2.0. Using ATTO benchmark for esata i got 46 read and 45 write. With USB 2.0 i got 35 read and 21 write. If your writing to this drive and your using esata you just cut your total write time in half and then some. 45 read is nice to have over the 35 as well. When i copied files from the external to the internal hdd it copied it at the max read speed for the external which was 45 vs the 35. Def a nice speed increase. Love the usb y cable when using usb 2.0. Also love the case it came with. The aluminum gold looks pretty nice too. I didnt think i was going to like it. Its def more of a gold than a yellow. Im using a WD scorpio blue, 120 gb, 5400 rpm drive.

Cons: The silver aluminum strip had a thumb sized dent in it. Not really a con because i knew this going into it but i had to plug in the usb plugs when using esata. I meant to try just one plug to see if it worked but i didnt want to mess with it right away.

Overall Review: I had to shutdown then plug in the external then start up the computer for esata to work. Def not hot swappable. USB 2.0 was hot swappable though. I guess if maybe you get a hot swap sata hard drive cage with your case then maybe, not 100% on that though. Also you know your esata is working because there wont be an option to safely remove hard ware in the bottom right hand corner. There is that option with usb 2.0 though. Unless that option appears everytime you boot your computer of course :) If your still not 100% sure just run a disk benchmark using esata then use usb 2.0. ;)

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Dolby Digital & DTS4/4/2011 8:37:24 AM

Pros: Fully Functional Dolby Digital and DTS. Other reviews for this sound card said they couldnt get the DD 5.1/ DTS working. I got the newest drivers from asus and clicked the spdif (PCM) check box, popped in a dvd, default program came up (win7 64bit) and so did DD. I almost didnt buy this because people were saying they couldnt get the DD 5.1/ DTS working. However it works perfectly. $26.00 after mir and after shipping for this sound card is absolutely amazing. I fried my onboard sound in a water cooling accident. Contemplated buying a new motherboard until i saw this gem. After everything is said and done im glad i bought this sound card. Enabling dolby headphone in the asus sound control panel is really amazing. Im hearing things in game that id never heard or heard very faintly. Also has the option once you enable dolby headphone to take it another step further and click the 7.1 virtual surround check box. Love that i now have an equalizer too!

Cons: Dolby headphone is kinda weird at first. All the voices sound really muffled but everything else sounds amplified. Not really a con since im hearing all sorts of stuff i never heard since buying this sound card.

Overall Review: The fact that i got dolby digital/dts and how amazing dolby headphones sounds makes me have no regrets that i fried my onboard sound. It actually makes me glad that i fried it because otherwise i would have never bought this. Newegg needs to list DD/DTS in their specs for this card. DD is a major selling point for a lot of people. I have a high end motherboard and enabling dolby headphone blows away on board. Without that enabled id say its about the same. All the different sound options you have with this card are really awesome which also makes it better than on board. Love that i can hop on vent and give myself a monster or cartoon voice although i havent played with those settings yet. Overall, i couldnt be happier with this purchase!

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Good SD but...4/1/2011 8:21:22 AM

Pros: Plug and play with windows 7 64 bit. Sounds crystal clear and about twice as loud as onboard.

Cons: I used this because my onboard sound went on my motherboard. I used this to hook up to speakers which plug into the wall. However i got a very loud pop when i would shut down or startup windows. Regardless of what the last setting was in windows (usb headset or usb speakers) i would get this very loud pop through my speakers. This pop was extremely loud and sounded like it could easily damage my speakers. I took off two eggs for that and im in the process of rma'ing this usb sound card. It would have been perfect if it wasnt for gun shots ringing out everytime i start or shutdown.

Overall Review: If youre buying this so that you can hook it up to speakers that plug into the wall i wouldnt recomend it. Unless of course my speakers are low end, come to think of it they are, not sure if there is even a ground for the plug coming out of the powered speakers. It could be me, but i would order a pci sound card instead, the one i just ordered was 6 dollars more after mir. This usb sound card would be perfect if your just using headphones and not powered speakers im sure.

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Impressive10/14/2010 9:20:55 AM

Pros: Bought this from a shell shocker a few months ago. It hasnt died on me. Size to price ratio is right on par.

Cons: Almost feels flimsy, its as light as a feather, not really a con though

Overall Review: Very surprised at the read and write speeds. This drive scored similar to my western digital 500 gb black hdd. ~120 read & ~120 write. I used atto disk benchmark.

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Why isnt every 9800gt built this way?6/14/2010 11:59:37 AM

Pros: Exactly what i needed for my HTPC. Was looking for the quietest 9800 gt i could find. Love that it fit in my micro atx case without any modding whatsoever! (LIAN LI PC-V351B) Turned my htpc into a tiny beast. Haven't played anything but blur which i found out is more cpu based than gpu. With this being said my gpu doesnt go above 58 c playing this game. I know im comparing apples and oranges but just thought id throw that out there. This card idles at around 43 - 48 c depending on room temp. Youll notice in that case there are two front fans. One of those fans blows cool air directly on the fins of this vid card.

Cons: Evg4 precis1on would not show frame rates in the on screen display. It would show everything else except for frame rates. I solved this problem by downloading fr4ps.

Overall Review: Asus 730i micro 2 GB Kingston 800 ddr2 Ram OC'ed to 880 Intel E5300 Oc'ed to 3.575 LIAN LI PC-V351B Case Gigabyte 9800 GT LG Blu Ray Reader Optical Drive OCZ Modular 550 Watt PSU Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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Fast and silent but...1/21/2010 7:12:32 AM

Pros: Fast and silent. I ran benchmarking software that recorded 190 avg read speeds and 40 avg write speed. Im running a q9400 oc'ed to 3.2 with my ram at 1066 on a 780i board. Im getting 15 second boots from the time my bios screen disappears to the second my desktop appears. Shutdowns take about 3 seconds. Photoshop opens in about 2 seconds (much faster than before). Very impressed with how snappy all of my programs and games load. I got rid of another piece of hardware that was causing a bottleneck.

Cons: The biggest con for this drive is the write speeds. My black series hard drive (500gb) writes up to 120 mb/s. Which is three times the speed of this drive. The read speed of this 500gb hard drive was also around 120ish. So 120/120 vs 40/190. I also wasnt all that impressed with the adapter. I had to loosen the screws on the sides a lot to get it to fit in a lian li hard drive cage. Not really that big of a deal though.

Overall Review: I suppose once you get past putting the programs on there using the slow write speed, programs open like lightning via the 190 avg read speeds. This is really the most important thing considering most of the time you are running programs as oppose to installing them. Overall i have zero regrets about purchasing this solid state drive. I went from 120 read speeds to 190. This is a huge jump in performance.

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Overall, Great Board10/23/2009 6:55:10 AM

Pros: Great on board graphics, 1333 fsb capable, works with pentium dual cores, worked right out of the box with newest version of bios 0514 i think it was. Great overclocking board. Overclocked from 2.6 to 3.58 without breaking a sweat. Upped fsb to 1100 with 5:4 linked putting ram at 880 using e5300. Upped cpu voltage to 1.3 and bumped up the chipset voltage +50ma. Temps didnt budge on idle for cpu but mcp and gpu went up 5 degrees C. This was with a stock intel cooler and arctic silver. Amazing! Strapped a 60 mm quiet s1lenex fan to nb/gpu heat sink blowing down. 24 hour idle i get gpu at 52 C and NB at 57. CPU cores at 36. Temps don't budge much playing blu-ray using hardware acceleration & spdif Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. DD and blu-ray together rock my world! All the drivers from the cd that came with the board got everything working. No exclamations in device manager. Got my ethernet, network, usb, smsbus, and sound working. I DLed newest video driver from nv1dia site.

Cons: Installing windows was a hair more challenging than i expected. When trying to install a fresh copy of windows I kept getting stuck at "windows is starting up" after booting from cd. It would always freeze at this point. I took out my hard drive and deleted the partition using my other cmptr cause there was already an os installed on it. Then i read to disable usb in bios to prevent random freezes during os installation. However i have a usb keyboard so when asked to install windows press enter, i couldnt get past this point. I ended up using a ps/2 keyboard and that got my os up and running. Frustrating! Also when installing drivers from the cd it will ask u to reboot the cmptr. If you leave the cd in it will start to do some sort of a backup disk using your floppy drive. I dont have a floppy drive (who does these day?) I had to remove the driver cd when installing each driver after reboot or else i couldn't boot into windows. Annoying!

Overall Review: Sorry for such a long review. But i hesitated greatly b4 i bought this board because of all the previous reviews. If you know what your doing and have a ps/2 keyboard you will be good to go. I really love this board. I can use vga and dvi simultaneously. Although, i had to wait until i got sp2, before installing video drivers, otherwise i didnt get any nv1dia control panel. Which is key for setting up multiple displays and all the other adjustments that program has. Haven't tried gaming on it yet. Dont let all these poor reviews fool you. Once you get the os installed its rock solid. Was gonna deduct an egg for everything mentioned in the cons but i love this board too much. I hope this review helps!!!

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120 HZ is like butta!10/14/2009 1:57:59 PM

Pros: 120 hz feels amazing playing pretty much any game that will give you 100hz and over. I always used crts. I hated all lcds that were 60hz. Felt like i was playing games in quick sand. However, i was only able to get 100hz out of both my crts. I can honestly say i noticed a difference going from 100hz to 120hz. My mouse flies across the screen. Also i love how much more crisper and sharper everything is compared to the crt. (Digital dvi vs analog vga)

Cons: Just wish there was an info button like on crts which tells your resolution and hz. But, i read that u can tell its doing 120hz if u hit the brightness and contrast buttons and nothing happens, so this is not really a con.

Overall Review: I love this thing. No OS display, but who cares, doesnt really matter when you have nvidia control panel to make all the necessary adjustments. I had to boost the digital vibrance from 50 to 65 and turn down the brightness from 50 to like 40 or so. Dont plan on using this for 3d vision, just love how my fps games feel raging at 100hz+. On a side note, I have to sell both my 21 inch crts which each weigh about 75lbs.

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Biggest band for your buck9/18/2009 7:04:51 AM

Pros: Amazing processor! Overclocked this bad boy to 3.56 running stable with ram at 912 and fsb at 285 (1140), with 5:4 divider. This was the max i could get it stable, so i dialed it down to 275 (1100) fsb and ram at 880 using 5:4 divider for a cpu speed of 3.43. Computer boots up very fast, games run smooth as butter, and programs load like lightning! Attached a Therm@ltake Blue Orb with arctic silver, cpu idles at 37, and the max i saw it get was like 55 under load. Dont really recommend the blue orb unless you have a hax saw handy. I had to chop off the entire top of it to get it in my case. Those things are enormous, but they keep things cool as a cucumber.

Cons: This is not really a con but i was slightly disappointed i couldn't get it to 3.75 or even 4.0. Machine would restart and put in default settings. But i think it was a limitation on my psu and or mobo. Tried increasing vcore voltage, fsb and couldnt get it. Also tried bringing down the multiplier to 10.5 and 11.5 leaving my vcore on auto. When i did this it increased my vcore to 1.45. This was not a good sign. My psu might not be able to handle higher fsb on the board. Please see other thoughts for specs. Overall an amazing processor though.

Overall Review: Evga 750i SLI G-skill 1066 2 gb Cooler Master Case XFX 9600 GSO 1.5 GB Rosewill 450W PSU Intel Pentium Dual-core E5200

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Great modem, no more renting9/18/2009 6:35:17 AM

Pros: Works great! Didnt have to call comc@st to set up modem. Did it online by clicking firefox, the first thing that comes up is the comc@st page asking if your a customer or a technician. I followed the steps, entered in my comc@st account number, it told me it was resetting the modem. Then it said to restart the computer. After it did that i clicked on firefox and got the same comcast page. Tried going to google and it wen the comc@st page again. So i picked up the phone dialed the number to activate the modem over the phone. While being on hold i thought id unplug the modem and router for 60 seconds just to see if that would get it working and bingo! The fact that i didnt have to call and give a mac address not to mention waiting on hold just made my day! Online activation for the win! Just have your account number handy and you can do the online activation. Also i got the oem version. Came with power cord, ethernet cable, usb cable and installation cd (not needed)

Cons: No cons whatsoever!

Overall Review: Going from the old surfboard (white modem about twice the size) is fantastic! No more renting fee from cable company is wonderful. I calculated it would pay for itself in 12 months. I almost bought it when it was 59.99, really glad i waited.

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Quake Live @ a True 120 FPS!4/20/2009 11:29:34 AM

Pros: 120 hz is absolutely a gamers dream come true! As soon as i hooked this up i noticed a huge difference just in the way my mouse moves across the desktop. Much more fluid and ten times more responsive. Its a crt's refresh rate combined with a lcd flat screen!!! I think about this screen more than i think about all the important things going on in my life, lol! Please see other thoughts.

Cons: Just two cons (1)Only one video input. (2) You have to enable dynamic contrast to get the brightest brights and the most vibrant of colors, trust me i tried doing a custom setting and it didnt look nearly as good as the dynamic. The dynamic contrast ratio is a little strange. When using the dynamic contrast with a lot of black in the background you get this kind of delayed dimming effect. Its noticeable in quakelive in space maps and can been seen when vista boots up both in the post screen as well as the vista loading screen. What its trying to do is make blacks look as black as possible. It will do this effect mid game, wish there was a way to turn it off. No biggie though, its just at first i thought my vid card was failing.

Overall Review: I received this monitor for a special promotion done by evga's loaner program. They sent me this screen as well as the 3d glasses. The 3d is pretty sweet but i am an online fps gamer. Coming out of this loaner program i have determined that i absolutely must have this monitor. Yes the 3d is cool and all my friends that i showed it to fell head over heals for it, but i dont see getting the 3d glasses nearly as much of a priority as getting this monitor. I will be buying this monitor! But i will wait till the 120 hz monitors come down in price seeing as how they have been out only for a short time. Any game that you are getting 100 and up frames per second you will see a major increase in performance. This thing is no joke! What are you waiting for?? DO IT... DO IT NOW!!!

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Excellent PSU!4/17/2009 6:52:30 AM

Pros: Runs my two 280s flawlessly. Two 40 amp rails! 1000 watts total! The amperage diagram on the corsair forum is nice. I will be trying some different configurations when i get home later. Looks like they fixed the fan issue. Please see other thoughts.

Cons: Slight buzzing noise only when playing games, running benchmarks and folding. I hooked up my psu outside of the case to make sure it wasnt dead before i installed it into my case. The buzzing was very loud outside the case. However, once I put it in my case the buzzing noise was about cut in half. Also when running games and such i turn up the fans on my gpus and this drowns out the buzzing as well. Come to think of it, this isnt really a con at all.

Overall Review: I hesitated to purchase this psu because a friend of mine bought one almost 6 months ago and he had to replace the 140 mm fan because he was getting a ticking noise. I couldnt justify paying that much for a psu and having to buy an aftermarket fan, but i took a risk and it paid off. It appears as though Corsair has fixed the fan problem because mine is extremely quiet.

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Great Drive with Working HD Software!2/20/2009 6:34:03 AM

Pros: Perfect picture quality with this drive. As good as a $300-400 blu ray player for a fraction of the price. The PowerDVD software that came with the drive actually worked without me having to register/pay $80+. Easy hardware installation too, plug and play on my Evga 780i mobo. Option of using Dolby Digital or dts. Ive read dts is supposed to be better. Plays HD Dvds too which are now about $5 on most websites. Works with my vista 64-bit. Lightscribe feature is sweet! It's not noisy in the slightest bit.

Cons: The only con i can think of is reading other peoples reviews who were not able to get this drive to work. Saying this drive is not HD ready are wrong. You have to know what you are doing and take your time to read everything during installation. Please see other thoughts.

Overall Review: When i tried to play a blu-ray i would get a critical update error. This was with a previous version of powerdvd that i had already had. After updating it still didnt work. You need to use the software that came with the drive. I got the oem version and yes i still got software. After you get the update error hit yes to get the update. Then you are prompted to update a patch which was 100mb (not 83mb with the old version). This took about 20 mins to dl and install. Also, i think you need to just install powerdvd and the powerdvd update, none of the other clutter. I also installed the blu-ray/hd advisor found next to the install button on the powerdvd software. The advisor and the update may not be necessary but i installed both and its working.

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