Great 1080p IPS monitor2/28/2015 8:49:42 PM

Pros: The monitor has very great color contrast compared to conventional non ips display and the viewing angles are great beats the tn panels to the curb and like I said it's an IPS so great buy for a first monitor

Cons: The only problem I have is the fact it's only 1080p I wish I had a 1440p monitor but this gets the job done though the size of the screen and the 1080p resolution make it so that it looks blurry on somethings especially video watching and sometimes features but that's what you get for a 1080p 27" monitor

Overall Review: I plan on replacing this with a 1440p IPS monitor or a 4k one around June since SLI 970's need something for their power

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Just ordered2/14/2015 1:34:42 PM

Pros: Just one of these hopefully they will get here quickly but the pros are the looks, power, price, limited sales, Nvidia gpu

Cons: Hopefully none

Overall Review: I hope my card will get here within the next week so I can update my review and get my gtx 770 stock replaced with this beast of a card for any wondering what I like to do I like to max out every game I play or at the least get as close to it as possible was a console fan but now I'm #pcmasterrace

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For the first thermal paste I've bought this stuff is amazing3/26/2014 5:36:04 PM

Pros: This stuff is awesome, it brought my laptops idling temp from 50c to about 40ish this stuff is just that great, the main reason I bought was because I watched one of Linus's videos about it and found this stuff is as good as it gets right from the moment you put it on the cpu or gpu due to it not needing to cure like almost all other compounds and I also put this in my desktop now it idles from 40c down to about 25 now that's just crazy if I were you you'd better purchase this for the security of not worrying about it being electrically conductive since it's carbon based and the fact it works instantly without the need to cure to have it's full potential

Cons: Wish I knew there was a 20g wish is a great deal

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