Worst designed laptop ever, shame on you Lenovo!1/22/2016 4:43:22 AM

Pros: Great specs for the price.

Cons: Frame uses what appears to be plastic bolts to prevent dissasembly. No access to upgrade memory, HDD, and can't even remove BATTERY! I've never seen anything like it. Power cord takes a long time to charge tiny battery that dies quickly. Cheapest plastic frame I have ever seen. Keyboard is held in place with double-sided tape. I disliked the touchpad texture as well as other people.

Overall Review: If you don't care about upgrades or diagnostics if something breaks, this laptop is fine. If you would like to double or quadruple your memory and/or add an SSD like myself, this is NOT the laptop for you. If you plan on using it mobile for any length of time, this is possibly the worst laptop ever for portability since it has a tiny battery that cannot be replaced and it takes forever to charge. Lenovo really decided to drop quality on the low end laptops. Their more expensive stuff is still really good, but shame on them for this abomination. One egg for the value of the specs, minus 4 eggs because this is a piece of junk.

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Great Little Firewall/Server4/30/2014 7:32:29 AM

Pros: Light, small, Linux compatible RAID, IPMI.

Cons: It's touchy with memory, so if you turn it on and it screeches at you, just try different memory and you should be OK. Getting the Adaptec RAID to work with Linux is slightly less intuitive than you might think simply because it actually shows the RAID and it shows each individual drive. Lastly, the case NEEDS this part in order to mount hard drives: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811994023 I have no idea why they wouldn't simply include this part but as long as you know that it is required, you won't be as frustrated.

Overall Review: Don't forget that it needs this part in order to mount hard drives: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811994023 Depending upon your deployment, it may also need a fan to blow on the drives and/or CPU. You will likely end up gluing fans in place if you have to mount them.

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Nice Little Appliance11/1/2012 10:06:23 AM

Pros: Priced right and comes with dual 1gb NICs, HDMI, lots of internal USB headers, PCI-E 1x slot, and even a SATA cable the right length to hook up a hard drive. The build quality is 10/10 for the metal case and simple design. The computer, the BIOS, and the cardboard box that it comes in are all unbranded and are ready to accept your specific company branding. The cardboard box that it comes in also has a nice plastic handle that makes it look smart when carrying.

Cons: Although the CPU supports 64bit, and technically the motherboard does as well, the drivers are a significant issue. We couldn't even see enough to install a 64bit version of Linux due to some odd issue that caused output to get lost on the screen. Using 32bit versions get rid of most of the issues, however there were some smaller graphical issues we experienced which, although might have been fixed with compiling a different video driver into the kernel, wasn't enough for us to deal with. Frankly, we don't ever use the console once they are built, so no reason why that would ever bother us.

Overall Review: Don't know how you would ever actually use the PCI-E 1x slot, but perhaps some sort of small card? Would have been better to include a micro-pci-e slot so you could attach a laptop wireless card or SSD. Also, not sure what you would ever do with that many internal USB headers, but maybe someone will find a use for them. If you plan on deploying this in a hot environment (90+ Degrees F), plan on installing a second small fan on the case to push air from one side out the other. The case comes with several additional mounting points just for a scenario like this. If the drivers for this box were 64bit, this would have gotten the 5th egg. Either way, it's the right price for what you get. We purchased 4 of these and we plan to buy 10 more before the end of next year if they are still for sale.

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Skeptical9/25/2012 7:24:53 AM

Pros: 10/100/1000 for cheap

Cons: Cheap looking construction

Overall Review: "The GSW-0807 is hosted in a compact and fan-less metal enclosure for easy use on a desktop or in space limited environments." Photo of the switch clearly shows a plastic box. I wouldn't ever waste my time with a switch that wasn't in a metal box as I have been burned (pun intended) in the past.

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Works Well8/6/2012 1:03:10 AM

Pros: Good quality, inexpensive, good internal space, lots of options, looks great.

Cons: Toast timer didn't work for us. It ticks down, but at a certain point it just stops counting down and stays on. Must have a slightly defective one. Door spring is pretty weak, but not really noticeable unless you are really thinking about it.

Overall Review: It is a little annoying not having the timer go off when toast is ready, but since it toasts pretty fast, and the door is a nice big window, it works for toasting if you just keep an eye on it for the whole 1.5 minutes it takes to toast something. Other than that, what can I say? I purchased it for $30 and free shipping and I got more than I expected. If I had paid full price, I might have been more upset about the toast timer not working, but even so, the unit is solidly built and everything else works great, so why get hung up on the small stuff?

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Fast and Reliable2/11/2012 8:09:12 PM

Pros: Fast drive with a reliable history and not overly expensive. Possibly best drive for the buck.

Cons: I purchased several of these over the last year. The newest model came in the mail with a cheaper plastic case than the previous models did. Not much of a con, but there you go.

Overall Review: Pretty hard to beat the speed of this sucker at this price-point. Also seems to be pretty reliable compared to other drives like this. Good job Corsair.

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Not for RAID 52/11/2012 8:05:54 PM

Pros: Does what it says, comes with the standard LSI MegaRaid utilities (which are awesome btw) and runs decently fast in a RAID 0 configuration. If you just want a RAID 0 across 8 drives in an inexpensive way, this card is for you.

Cons: In our tests, the system actually ran slightly slower in RAID 0 than the Intel Rapid Storage Technology which was built onto the motherboard. This card does not support on card XOR calculations which is pretty much all RAID5 does. Therefore in our RAID 5 tests we were getting absolutely horrible speeds since those calculations were offloaded to the CPU (just like Intel Rapid Storage Technology). The difference here was, the Intel RST ran 5 times faster on a RAID 5 than the LSI card did with the same equipment. If a motherboard with Intel RST costs under $100, than this card should cost no more than $50 IMO.

Overall Review: I love LSI, but this card is obviously the bottom of the barrel and is actually worse than Intel RST RAID. The biggest thing this card has going for it is that it comes with the LSI MegaRaid utilities. Personally though, I would just buy a motherboard that supports Intel RST instead. We ended up going with the LSI 9260-8i with BBU instead. Great card, fast, has 512MB cache and massively improved RAID 5 speed (also, $300 more in the end).

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Amazing Case2/11/2012 7:55:17 PM

Pros: Amazing case, modular fan mounts, perfect ways to hide cables so that they don't stop cooling, and even has mounts for 2.5 hard drives inside the regular 3.5 bays. Fans are silent but move lots of air which is really nice for an office. You can easily fit 10x HDD's in the case and keep them very cool which is fantastic. Case has an average level of solidity to it. Inside the case when I purchased it was a note describing the various ways to mount the power supply on the bottom that was most enlightening. Comes with wheels so you can easily move it around on the floor. Just a note here - due to it having so many places to mount fans, you sacrifice the ability to wholly force air movement with a regular case for the ability to essentially spot cool everything. So, not a con, not a pro, but I ran out of space in the "Other Thoughts" area so there you go. Also, I didn't mean for that last sentence to rhyme either. ;)

Cons: No cons, but see other thoughts.

Overall Review: I got what I purchased, now here are some things I would like to see in a future model: 1) Case sides (yes, both sides) that have the standard "fit front part into grove and the back snaps down with 2 snaps". The case side requires you to slide it into place while pushing it on both the top and bottom like so many old cases. Of course this leads to not getting both sides perfectly into the groves and therefore having to repeat it several times until you get it right. 2) Case isn't on the floor for me, so since it is so tall, I can't see the HDD access light. I will have to add one lower on the case so I can see it. Also, it is possibly the smallest and most dim LED of all, so even if it was on the floor, it might be hard to see. 3) Case comes with some "filters" which are just metal net overlays on top of the metal. You really can't remove them in a way where you can easily replace them again. 4) Adding the power supply to the top means you have to remove one of the top

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Good Board1/30/2012 12:18:24 PM

Pros: Quality board, lots of options. One of the best for the 1366 chipset. I own 6 of them.

Cons: The SATA 6Gb/s are run with a Marvell controller. Unfortunately the driver package doesn't run well on Windows and has stability issues. Doesn't run well on Linux either. I would highly recommend disabling the Marvell completely in the BIOS. Does not support EFI booting of drives over 2TB.

Overall Review: There are lots of complaints about this board, but I think most of those complaints come down to 5 problems people are having: 1) They don't realize they can't boot Windows if installed on a partition over 2TB. 2) They don't immediately update the BIOS. 3) They complain about the slow loading speed of the motherboard (that's due to all the features guys). 4) They complain about stability (Usually due to the Marvell controller, this is just about the only major drawback of this board). 5) They complain about not being able to use higher voltage memory. Make sure to buy 1.5v memory for use in this motherboard. You should be able to use 1.5v memory and run it at DDR 1600 without any problems. I own 6 of these motherboards and they all work fine with the DDR 1600 memory at 1.5v. The Marvell controller issues are disappointing, but even without it, this board is great. Make sure you disable it in the BIOS, EVEN IF YOU DON'T USE IT because it can still lead to stability issues.

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Good for Servers1/30/2012 8:16:19 AM

Pros: Great for servers. Moves more air than any other 80mm that I have found. I love the metal shield, keeps your fingers from getting chopped off.

Cons: Not for installing in a regular computer, or for any equipment outside of a server closet. The noise is what you would expect if you have servers, but not something you would want to deal with on a regular basis.

Overall Review: Why in the world would you buy this for anything but a server of some type? If you do, buy a fan controller so you can turn the speed down. Also, it is good to note that this fan only pulls power from a single molex connection and cannot be powered from a motherboard hookup. I think that's because it cannot draw enough power off of the motherboard. It has a plug that goes to the motherboard power connector though, as a sensor only connection to tell you the RPM's that this thing is running at.

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Works Well1/30/2012 8:06:54 AM

Pros: Small form factor, low heat.

Cons: Not that powerful, more expensive than I would like for a card like this, but there aren't a lot of choices out there right now.

Overall Review: This video card isn't designed for power, it is designed for the small form factor and being PCIe 1x. I love that Zotac makes this card because although they don't tend to be very expensive, Zotac appears to do a good job in manufacturing. Try to find another decent PCIe 1x card and I think you will be dissapointed in either the quality or the price.

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E1G44HTBLK1/28/2012 10:08:06 AM

Pros: Runs LAGG well, bonds with LAGG over all 4 ports, and also across other compatible Intel network ports such as motherboard nics and other E1G44HT cards. Runs decently cool, dedicated controllers for each nic, and comes with low-profile bracket.

Cons: Slightly more expensive than the exact same card, E1G44HT.

Overall Review: Buying 6 more, this time I'm buying the E1G44HT instead since it is the exact same thing for less.

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Best for the price6/7/2011 10:36:23 AM

Pros: Haven't found a system it doesn't run perfectly on. Runs quite cool to the touch even when running in 1600 which is probably due to the lower voltage and large heatsink. Never had a problem with the heatsink bending like some other people said they did. I've purchased 24 sticks of memory so far and I haven't yet found a bad one among them.

Cons: Taller than average heatsink. If you have case restrictions, you may need to remove the fancy heatsink. Due to how cool they run, you should be fine with heat even if you do remove the heatsink (just don't overlock the brains out of it).

Overall Review: I've seen several motherboards that had strange issues with the XMP or running the memory at 1600mhz or detecting that it can run at that speed. My advice is to set the XMP profile and see how your system runs. If you have issues, turn off XMP and turn the speed to 1600mhz manually. If that doesn't work, leave it at 1333mhz as this is probably a motherboard issue and unrelated to the memory.

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