Great USP for laptop setup in home office11/5/2020 7:50:10 AM

Pros: Plenty of outlets, both batter-backup and surge-protected. No setup required, just plug it in. Battery replacement will be a snap when the time comes (battery cover comes off without having to undo screws). 650VA is plenty for a laptop & docking station, with a couple of monitors. The footprint isn't tiny, but small enough for my home-office setup.

Cons: Heavy and bulky compared to a 6-outlet surge protector. But I guess the battery has to go somewhere!

Overall Review: Good bang-for-the-buck. I have used 1500VA UPS's before, but they seemed overkill based on my actual power usage. This one is more in line with actual need, and about half the price. Fits in my compact home office setting, which I bet a LOT of us are now dealing with in 2020! You can see how it snugs right into the available space in the attached photo. Plenty of open outlets if I need to add anything.

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Comfortable, option-rich keyboard!11/5/2020 7:36:46 AM

Pros: This Logitech keyboard is just as comfortable to use as the Microsoft Natural line (which has been my go-to since the 1990's). The split-angle, and bump in the middle really do make it ideal for keeping my wrists from hurting while typing. I'm not normally a fan of "chicklet" keyboard, much prefer the mechanical action of old-style keyboards. But this one is not too bad. There is enough key travel and a pleasant "poink" when you press a key to where you know you pressed it. The Bluetooth connection was incredibly easy to set up, have it paired with my laptop and iPhone (fun using a full keyboard to type texts!!!).

Cons: The "chicklet" style keys make it a little harder to know where you are on the keyboard when touch-typing as compared to larger mechanical keys. Not bad enough to ding it an egg. But if you really hate "chicklet" keys, it may affect how you perceive this item.

Overall Review: I have no complaints so far. The more I use it the more I get used to finding keys (especially the home/end/delete grouping, and arrow key grouping) without having to look down. Have not really used the function keys much, other than to verify they work as advertised. The ability to move the keyboard around, and not be tied by a USB cable is awesome. Works great with my home office setup. The keyboard came with a Bluetooth dongle (tiny) but didn't need to use it. But if your device doesn't have Bluetooth built in, at least you won't have to shell out any more cash for a dongle.

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Huge cooler--better get a big case!10/2/2018 2:28:25 PM

Pros: The fin pack is plenty big, lots of surface area to radiate heat away from the chip & mobo. The ability to clip the fan above or below the fin pack (or even use 2 fans) is really nice. Allows it to avoid your memory sticks. Keeps the chip nice and cool. Not very loud, even at full RPM on the fan. Includes lots of hardware options for various socket configurations, and some good thermal paste.

Cons: The thing is really huge. Could not orient the heat pipes toward the top of my Corsair 600t case because they contacted the 200mm case fan. Orienting the heat pipes toward the bottom of the case, they came in contact with the back of the graphics card in SLOT #2!!!, and would have shorted it out. So had to move the 2-slot wide graphics card out of the x16 slot down to slot #4, which is x8, and now can't use the top 2 slots. Thankfully, I only have one expansion card, for 4 USB3 ports, that fits in the bottom x1 PCIE slot, so I didn't really loose anything. The last step of installing the cooler is a bit tricky. They give you a LONG screwdriver that has to slip through a hole in the top of the fin pack and engage the spring-loaded mounting bolts. They screw onto 2 threaded pegs sticking up from the mounting brackets. Had a hard time getting the bolts aligned with the pegs. But once installed, they do hold pretty securely. The fan is a hideous color, but I don't have see-through side panels :)

Overall Review: Lay your case on its side when trying to do the last step of mounting the cooler. Having back-side access to the mobo really helps.

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Flimsy CF slot, unstable mounting means it was of no use to me.9/12/2016 9:43:10 AM

Pros: Lots of USB3 ports. It has a fan control plug (didn't use it myself, as my case already has all the controls I needed).

Cons: I bought this specifically for the CF card reader. My wife's DSLR uses those kind of flash drives. After only 3 uses, the pins were already getting bent, and it could no longer read the card. The slot itself is so shallow front-to-back that it does not allow for stable insertion of the card. So basically 15 minutes into having it installed, it was already unusable. Did not try the other card slots, so don't know about any of them. They looked more stable than the CF slot. With only 1 mounting screw on either side, this reader tended to spin up an down in the case. Rather unstable mounting situation. Just really couldn't recommend this to anyone that wants to use the CF slot. If you're looking at this reader for the other features, it may be good enough for your purposes. But for me, I ended up going back to the AFT XM-37U USB 3.0 3.5” Kiosk Card Reader. It's expensive, but it's one really tough cookie that puts up with a LOT of use & abuse. A better option in my opinion.

Overall Review: Tried this unit because it was for a 5 1/4" slot. Didn't want to have to buy another faceplate adapter. Should have spent the money for a better unit (like the AFT mentioned above), and the adapter...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Ronald, We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing with our product. We will gladly assist you with a resolution to your issue based on our RMA policy. Please contact us so we may assist you as soon as possible. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you for choosing Rosewill. Sincerely, Rosewill Support Email: Call Center 1-800-575-9885 Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM PST
Wow! Fantastic sound!5/8/2014 10:03:55 PM

Pros: Beautiful sound. The ear cups are really comfortable, and cut out the majority of ambient sound. Easy to use. I downloaded the accompanying software off Corsair's site, so I'm getting simulated 7.1. Noticeable difference between just plain stereo.

Cons: When you have the dongle plugged in, your normal speakers are disabled (at least I couldn't find a way to have them both active). Set the earphones to the default sound device, and when you unplug the dongle, your regular speakers will be the fallback device. Wish they would BOTH play the sound at the same time, and I could just turn the headphones off instead of having to mess with the dongle.

Overall Review: Kind of heavy, but I guess when it comes to speakers and headphones, the heaver the magnets, the better the sound. Takes up 2 USB ports, one for the dongle, one for charging. If you have lots (my system has like 14), no big deal.

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Works like a champ4/6/2011 1:21:49 PM

Pros: - Needed extra USB 2.0 ports, and this card does the trick. - PCIEx1 interface, small form factor, fits nicely between my SLI setup.

Cons: - Getting a molex connector routed to it was "interesting", would be nice if it didn't want one. But it does allow for USB-powered devices w/o taxing the PCI bus.

Overall Review: - Would have LOVED to have found a card with 2 or more INTERNAL USB headers, but this one got me across the finish line.

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Well built, reads cards just fine!4/5/2011 2:45:32 PM

Pros: - Installed easy, just need a mobo USB internal connector. - Included Y-cable long enough to reach in a large case. - Card slots seem to give a good grip when inserting a card, no loose connections.

Cons: - Price, but I'm betting you get what you pay for here. May outlast everything else in this build!

Overall Review: Card slots and front USB port all working with no issues so far.

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So many toys!4/5/2011 2:40:42 PM

Pros: - Connectors for EVERYTHING. Most SATA-III, USB3.0 connections I could find on newegg - 2 PCIE2.0x16 actually running at x16 for SLI - RAID functions easy to use - Comes with cables, SLI bridges, USB3.0 3.5" bracket, etc.

Cons: - Wish it had more than 1 USB2.0 on-board connection. I have this board in a Corsair 600T, which has 4 5-pin connectors coming from the front panel. Had to jury-rig them with adaptor cables routed out the back panel into a 4-way PCI USB card. - SATA-III ports only allow ports 1 & 2 for RAID, so only stripe or mirror, no parity RAID-5----booooooo

Overall Review: Posted on the first try. Have not had any boot-time issues. Loaded Win7, booted all the way up, and Windows recognized all the SATA disks, memory, SLI-ed graphics cards, and USB connections. Gotta love it!

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6 of 'em spinning4/5/2011 2:24:40 PM

Pros: - Purchased 6 at the same time. Arrived in what looked like 1/2 of a 20-pack's styrofoam holder, packed within a larger box with other ordered items. Seems to have protected them well. - All 6 spun up w/ no issues. Have 5 in a RAID-5 - Have not noticed any speed problems so far

Cons: - None, yet

Overall Review: - Have not benchmarked, so no official speed details, but certainly keeps up with what I've been throwing at them.

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Gorgeous!!!3/8/2011 11:38:05 AM

Pros: - No dead/stuck pixels - BIG - in a good way :) - Vibrant display, good color, just pleasant to use - DVI/VGA/HDMI inputs for however you want to hook it up.

Cons: On a dark screen, there is a bit of a halo effect around the edges. Does not bother me enough to knock off an egg. But something to consider if you play games with lots of dark action scenes.

Overall Review: No swivel or height adjustments. It's described that way, so no surprise there, just a caveat emptor.

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Hummin' along3/8/2011 11:32:56 AM

Pros: Installed 2 sets of these sticks on an ASRock X58 extreme6 build. The mobo and Win7 both see all 6 sticks for a 12GB total. Sure makes working with big JPEGs a breeze!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Seem to stay within good temp ranges on air. I'm not OC'ing, just running at native 1333.

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I'm picking up satellites!3/8/2011 11:27:01 AM

Pros: I never new so many people in my subdivision had wireless networks! My previous adapters (both Netgear, one PCI, the other USB) never picked up so many available networks.... Software was easy to install & the UI is easy to use. Was up & running on my home network very quickly. Loving it, so far!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Not really a "con", but the antenna is pretty big. If you're cramped for space behind your PC, or don't like unsighty black antennas sticking up, this might annoy you. But the signal strength it picks up far outweighs appearance in my book.

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Stealth PS!3/8/2011 11:20:26 AM

Pros: - Modular!!! - Like having your own power plant in your PC - Quiet and cool, esp. for the rated wattage - Sleeves on permanent cables - Everything's BLACK, looks stealthy in the case

Cons: - Modular cables are flat, ribbon-style. Found them difficult to work with; just too stiff for ease-of-use. - Molex plugs have wiggly connecters. They were hard to line up with the prongs on the hardware. Took a lot of fiddling to get them to slip into place. But made a good, tight, connection once finally in place.

Overall Review: Overall, I am very pleased with this PS. Since you build it once, and leave it there (for the most part :), the "cons" are not huge deals. This was my first experience with a modular PS; sure appreciate the clean look w/o tons of unused connectors hanging around.

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Still #13/8/2011 11:10:20 AM

Pros: Been a Natural user since they first came out "back in the day". I've tried other brands, and even the "Comfort Curve" from MS. But nothing has ever matched these Natural keyboards for keeping my carpel tunnel syndrome at bay. Responsive keys, good feel to the keystrokes. Great for touch-typing.

Cons: Not a big fan of the way MS has been labeling their function keys, with the "F3" on the front, rather than the top, of the key.

Overall Review: Having the lock-lights front & center, between your thumbs when typing, makes them easy to see. SOOOOO much better than the cordless MS keyboards with the caps/num/function lock lights on the wireless receiver!!!!!

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Well made product!3/8/2011 11:03:53 AM

Pros: Solid aluminum, no cheapo plastic here! Predrilled holes to fit a wide variety of applications. I used 2 of these for a 3.5" card reader and a USB 3.0 bracket. My case had all 5.25" openings (Corsair 600T), and this black model is an excellent match.

Cons: Getting the screws in can be a real juggling act. Wish I had telekinesis!! Ended up using a small piece of masking tape to temp-stick the screw to the driver bit. Everything fit perfectly, just a pain getting the screws in place to start threading them in.

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Excellent case, needs *long* PS wires3/30/2006 12:54:32 PM

Pros: Good looking case if you're not into the "mods" look. Plenty of room for hard drives. Very good air movement, keeps components at low temps.

Cons: With PS at the bottom of the case, it's at the opposite side of the MoBo's 12v and 24-pin connectiors. Get a PS with LONG wires, or extension wires (sold here on NewEgg). A bit cramped getting MoBo screws in place.

Overall Review: Side panels are not very strong, so don't move this case about alot. The inner cages, however, are extremely robust. Edges of metal parts are rolled, won't cut yourself putting in components!

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