Pretty bland to look at, easy to install11/29/2018 8:31:15 PM

Pros: The only pro for this card is that it has more power than my GTX 1070

Cons: I'll start off with ZOTAC's fan control software, it's garbage. The card runs way too hot and can't be controlled. The temperature caused my PC to actually quit a couple times. I will be returning this and either looking at another 2080 TI or looking at getting a 1080 TI. Overall, I'm so disappointed in this 2080 TI's ability to make it through a session of ARK

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Phenomenal product. Worth the money12/11/2016 9:34:13 AM

Pros: I personally love everything about this product. I came from a VisionTek Radeon R9 280X with only 3gb of memory. This was quite the upgrade, and a much needed one at that.

Cons: This is a pricy part, but to be expected when you are looking for something that will last. The price point takes into account that it is a NVIDIA part as well.

Overall Review: This is the build I'm using it with.

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