Great RAM!6/24/2011 7:51:14 PM

Pros: I always use Kingston Hyper X these modules remind me why! Very fast without any overclocking, gets a 7.8 in Windows Index in Windows 7 64-bit. Seems to run much cooler than my old Hyper X DDR2 800.

Cons: Don't think this was the fault of the memory but for some reason the board (Asus p8z68-V) set the default voltage to 1.8 which resulted in instability. After manually setting it all was well, definitely not worth the loss of an egg.

Overall Review: Runs great, right now I don't think anymore than 8gigs is necessary. At least not for what I do (photoshop, lightroom, and some games).

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Nice All-In-One For The Money2/5/2006 8:59:10 PM

Pros: Excellent document scanning, reasonably fast, easy instalation

Cons: So-so photo scan quality

Overall Review: I havn't had this prouduct very long but I have had a good experience with it so far. It's document print quality is good and I havn't had any margin problems. This was one of the few models I could find without a memory card reader and other photo orientied features. The quality of scaned photos isn't very good but that is why I have a photo scanner. For it's intended purpose of a general use copier and fax I think it is a good buy.

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