Great 1st Laptop7/4/2010 8:11:29 PM

Pros: Large Screen; number pad; decent speakers; "Eco Utility" option does save a little extra battery; nicely spaced keyboard; Works much nicer than my older tower. Style wise very satisfactory. Can run games such as Guild Wars, and various other LAN or MMO games very smoothly. I haven't tried multiple instances.

Cons: USB ports sometimes glitch. As in when you plug in a mouse lets say. It will not detect connected item. You'll have to reconnect various times to recognize plug in. Yet.. I have yet to try this with another USB item. The speakers have sometimes glitched losing sound in left or right, but normally comes back within a few moments.

Overall Review: I got this laptop for a better deal with the extended battery with it. Yet it was a get it now or don't get a laptop at all moment. I'm definitely happy with the choice. It does heat up a bit, but it's not extremely hot. Yet then again with the extended battery you do get a little more air flow space.

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