The inability to turn off auto dimming (ASBL) is a deal breaker9/8/2021 7:52:19 AM

Pros: Exceptional visual quality in everything, games, browsing the web, looking at pictures, everything is better on OLED. The OSD Sidekick app is actually amazing, lots of customizations when it comes to setting up shortcuts on the remove. The built-in KVM is awesome.

Cons: Auto dimming of the panel due to lack of major activity (ASBL) kicks in after 5 minutes on the Display Port and after only 90 seconds on HDMI ports. The Display Port also seems to have higher sensitivity to activity than the HDMI ports. This means that if you're running on Display Port, you probably won't notice it much but if you use the HDMI port, it's UNBEARABLE! I use both ports, one for work computer, one for home computer, then use the KVM feature. ASBL (auto dimming due to low activity) is like a built-in firmware screen saver. It's there because OLEDs have the same potential for burn-in as old CRT monitors. The reason why this is a problem is because it needs a major change on the screen to make it think that that you're still there. So things like scrolling forum posts or typing an email are not enough of a change for it to know that you're still there and it'll start dimming the screen until you can't see it anymore, WHILE YOU'RE TYPING! It's even dimmed on me while on video conference calls. Even though the person is moving and talking, they're apparently not moving enough to prevent ASBL (this is using the HDMI port). ASBL is unnecessary on a monitor because computers have built-in screen saver and power saving functions. My laptop has an OLED screen and it doesn't have ASBL, I've been using that for years with no burn in. This is an unnecessary old precaution that can safely be eliminated, imo. The fact that the Display Port has a different ASBL algorithm than the HDMI port shows that not a lot of effort has gone into the firmware development or QA yet. I mean, if they don't want to give us the ability to disable ASBL, at least copy pasta the Display Port config to the HDMI ports in a firmware update. Also, I've been unable to get DisplayPort over USB-C to work on my screen, trying with multiple laptops with multiple cables. So don't plan for that to work.

Overall Review: Ever since I got a laptop with an OLED 4K screen, I've been waiting and wanting an OLED monitor. While I would prefer an OLED 38" 3840x1600 Ultra-wide, this is about as close as I could get. The gaming and visual fidelity do not disappoint. The response time is excellent. But the firmware... the firmware is where this monitor falls short. ASBL needs to be an option that you can turn off. Or, at the vary least, be consistent across all ports. There's no reason for HDMI 1 to have a different ASBL config compared to DisplayPort. Also, DisplayPort over USB-C should just work. If these items were fixed, it would be 5 starts from me. But until then, I cannot recommend this monitor to anyone.

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Great except for the plastic threads!11/1/2017 8:32:26 AM

Pros: I can add it to my custom loop straight out of the box, I love that. Cheaper than buying a normal card + waterblock Full RGB all over the card. iCX Thermal monitors work, though I never look at them. Stays frosty even when overclocked. Was able to overclock to 2038MHz, that's better than a Kingpin.

Cons: The inlet/outlet ports are plastic, not metal! This means when you attempt to screw in your standard fittings, they're likely to peal bits of plastic off the threads. Those plastic bits then get between your O rings and the card causing small leaks. This is inexcusable.

Overall Review: I got 2 cards, the first was DoA with a manufacturing defect. The second worked fine. EVGA support is great. However, both cards had the same plastic pealing issue around the threads causing leaks. EVGA - I'd be happy to pay an extra $5/$10 for metal threads! Please, next time, no more plastic ports!!!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I do apologize for the troubles you are having with your EVGA GTX 1080Ti Hydro Copper graphics card. I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. Though please bear in mind that this design is very common in the industry with full coverage waterblocks. Should anyone have any issues with an EVGA product, please do not hesitate to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: so that we can assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
3/4/2014 9:14:51 AM

Pros: Powerful. Excellent screen. Light weight. Thin. Fast. Very very mobile.

Cons: Track pad is terrible. Multi-touch on the track pad doesn't work at all! I have all the options set correctly, downloaded the latest track pad firmware and software and it just doesn't work. That wouldn't be a big deal except there's no way to scroll with the pad, you have to use the arrow keys or click and drag the scroll bar. On a laptop that costs well over $1,500 it is inexcusably awful. Windows 8 works on tablets, not on non-touchscreen laptops with broken track pads. It's just frustrating. There are ways to get 8 to act like 7 but you have to pay for it. You could downgrade 8 to 7 but that requires Windows 8 Pro and this comes with Windows 8 Basic. You really have to press hard on the shift key to get it to register. The keyboard, even though boasted as a good keyboard, is not very good. It feels pretty cheap and some keys don't work well at all. There are extremely bright white LEDs shining out of the front of the laptop and you can't turn them off or dim them at all. Easy to fix with a bit of electrical tape but they're just stupid. Why are they there? Why do they have to blind me in the middle of the night?

Overall Review: This is a great laptop for mobile gaming. It plays all the latest and greatest at great frame rates and everything it does is very fast. The hardware is well put together in this small form factor. I love how mobile it is. These few cons that I've listed are avoidable, I don't know why MSI didn't notice them when making this laptop. It is so close to being perfect, it's just being let down by a company that doesn't seem to want to go the extra QA step for it to be great. When you're gaming, you'll love it. When you're doing anything else, it'll annoy the hell out of you.

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This is the Black Edition and it's Over Priced12/10/2013 12:26:32 PM

Pros: Extremely powerful. Excellent with 30" monitors, mine is running at 2560x1600. Pre-overclocked by XFX.

Cons: Way over priced at the moment, Dec 10, Newegg wants $500 where a base r9 290 is $399. An extra $100 for nothing but a 3% overclock (980MHz vs stock 947MHz) that you could do yourself on a regular r9 290 is ridiculous. It's loud. In order to keep the card from underclocking itself due to heat, the fan needs to be running around 60% vs 42% on the stock r9 290 which many already consider to be too loud.

Overall Review: Luckily XFX is mod friendly and will still warranty the card if you let them know you're going to watercool it to eliminate the heat and noise issues. At this point the card is way overpriced. I would recommend buying a regular r9 290 for the MSRP, overclocking it yourself and using that extra hundred bucks on watercooling or some other after market cooling, and of course letting XFX know that you're going to do so. +2 eggs for performance +1 egg for XFX supporting after market cooling -1 egg for price !!! -1 egg for loudness

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Darkfiber, Technically, we only ask people to advise us if they are modifying the cooling because we want to make sure they know the exceptions for their model, and which parts absolutely dont work. We dont actually keep track of your serial number and if you modified the cooling solution. Thank you for the review. If you have any questions, please contact us at Play Hard!
Cool, Quiet, Powerful - But not enough for 2560x160012/7/2012 10:53:07 AM

Pros: Cool, idles at 40C and runs at 60C. Quiet, I tweaked the fan speeds to run a little slower at 60C to keep it almost unnoticeable while gaming. Powerful, I have a 30" monitor at 2560x1600 and it can run FarCry3 at 30fps with everything maxed out. Other games run between 30-60fps maxed out. No game in existence is unplayable with all settings maxed. Overclocks well but that only gives a 5% boost is FPS so it's almost not worth it. The key to this card isn't the clock speed, it's the dual fans to give it silence while gaming. Currently comes with two free games.

Cons: None really. An extra GB of RAM on the card could help a little with higher res but reviews on 4GB cards show that they only give an extra frame or two at 2560x1600 so it's not really valid with today's console ports.

Overall Review: 30fps at 2560x1600 with everything at max is decent, that's TV/Movie frame rates. But it really is right on the edge and sometimes it does dip into choppiness. If you want 60+ FPS on a 30" screen with everything maxed, with every game, getting two of these is the only way to go.

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Worked great for almost a year!1/11/2012 9:15:49 PM

Pros: Great speeds, decent price.

Cons: Died after less than a year, I can only assume that's due to a poor manufacturing process.

Overall Review: When it works, it works great. But if you're planning to use it a lot, then don't expect it to last years, more like 1 year.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We apologize for the difficulties you had with our product. Please contact our customer service department directly for technical support or replacement. Phone: 1-888-962-3282 x604 Email: Our customer service department will be happy to assist you. Thank you.
Equal to a 6970!12/25/2011 11:52:31 AM

Pros: With the latest drivers, the 4870x2 scales near 100%! If you look at AnandTech's benchmark database, the 4870 performs about half as well as the 6970 so the 4870x2 performs equally. That's amazing because this card can be purchased used for less than half the cost of a 6970 making it the clear choice for anyone looking to build a monster rig on a budget. I'm using a Z68 motherboard and have two 4870x2s paired up in CrossfireX, and I ran the same benchmarks AnandTech just ran on the new 7970 and this setup performs 25% better! And at a total used cost of less than half the cost of that card.

Cons: Stock fan is loud. Card runs very hot with the stock fan. Power hog - for CrossfireX, you can get by with a good 850w power supply but you really need a good 1kw power supply to be safe.

Overall Review: If you're planning to buy one used, get a DangerDen water block and water cool it, those are going for pretty cheap as well. I suggest 1x120mm rad per card so if you're going to do CrossfireX, then you want a 2x120mm rad and you'll get load temps of around 60C and idle temps of 40C.

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Overheats easily5/13/2009 8:18:17 PM

Pros: LEDs look cool not only on the top but also the "ground effects" too that light up the RAM slot.

Cons: Due to a new low build quality they overheat easily. Only a single row of LEDs vs 2 rows in the previous model.

Overall Review: I own 2 sticks of the older version DDR2 1066 Tracers with the 2 rows of LEDs and 2 sticks of these, the new version with only 1 row of LEDs. This new version overheats very easily after a few hours of use causing my system to crash or not boot but the old version runs just fine. I've done the usual troubleshooting and confirmed it. They just cut corners on making these so you better have a fan dedicated to cooling these sticks of RAM or you're going to have sparatic system failures. If you read a review where someone says they've owned them for years and work great, well thats because a few years ago they were great. But not anymore, now they're cheaply made. Sorry.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Very Disappointing!1/11/2009 3:13:00 PM

Pros: Don't let the orange be the deciding factor, it really looks good in person. No dead pixels. Very bright. Glossy screen is great. Buying it from Newegg is the best!

Cons: Viewing angle is claimed 160 and 160 but it's not! When they say the angle is 160, what they mean is that the colors do not invert until 160 deg. The color quality gets terrible long before that. If I sit back in my seat, all of a sudden the top of the screen goes dark. I sit back up and now the bottom of the screen is washed out and the top looks normal. And sitting perfectly in the middle, at 2.5 feet away, both sides of the monitor are discolored (not inverted, but more like white becomes pinkish). I have to look directly at each side for the colors to look right. So no matter where you're sitting, the colors will look off at some part of the screen. The only way for the colors on the screen to all look good at the same time is if you sit 5 feet back. 50,000:1 contrast ratio is just a lie, I couldn't get the contrast to look as good as the 1,600:1 in my other monitor no mater how much I messed with the settings. Noticeable backlight bleed.

Overall Review: I have a 20.1" NEC 20WMGX2 TFT panel which I love but I got a 4870X2 so it was time to up the pixels to 1920x1200. I thought this monitor would be perfect but I was way wrong. Another reviewer nailed it on the head when they said for everything to look right you need to be sitting slightly above the monitor for some reason. And I'm not being picky when I say if you sit back in your chair, the top of the screen goes dark. It really does. I also didn't notice the backlight bleed until the 2nd week, not sure if it was always there but it became very noticeable. All in all I was very disappointed. But newegg is the best! I explained how disappointed I was and they're letting me send it back. No more TN panels for me, I'm going to spend an extra $100 and get a Dell 2408WFP which is a TFT panel. I suggest you spend the extra $ for a TFT panel as well, it will make all the difference in the world, I promise you it's worth it.

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An overclocker's review of the Diamond card11/29/2008 11:32:26 AM

Pros: Reference cooler and reference card layout makes putting any waterblock on it easy. Solid build. After tweaking, performs just as well as every other 4870X2 which is far better than any other graphics card in the world at the moment.

Cons: Not designed for overclocking, it wont overclock very much at all out of the box with the ATI Overdrive utility. Gets very hot with the stock cooler, up to 90-95 deg C under heavy load.

Overall Review: This card has 750MHz stock core clocks but after putting on a Danger Den water block, flashing the BIOS to use higher voltages and the ASUS Top BIOS I am able to push a stable 856MHz core clocks and 995MHz memory frequency all through the ATI overdrive utility. The waterblock keeps the card nice and cool at around 45 deg C. Needless to say, the performance is amazing. But here's the reason why I've taken an egg off... Audio does not work out of the HDMI connection, it gives me an error saying that it failed which is probably due to flashing the BIOS with the ASUS Top. The card isn't designed to run at these voltages so the life expectancy wouldn't be as long as an ASUS 4870X2 Top which has more robust circuits. Bottom line, if you're an overclocker, it might be worth it to spend the extra on the ASUS Top. But if you don't mind flashing it and the HDMI audio not working and the reduced life expectancy, you can get this card to run just as fast as the ASUS Top at a much cheaper p

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Slowly died in first 2 months11/21/2008 8:05:16 PM

Pros: Modular, 80% efficient, has a lot of PCI-E 6 and 8 pin connectors.

Cons: Started making a ticking noise after the first week. I let it go cause I didn't want to go through the hassle of RMAing it. The ticking noise continued and now the light on fan is dead. The power fluctuates so much that it causes my computer to crash and my video card to artifact. I'm really worried now that it's going to cause my other hardware to fail.

Overall Review: It's failing after just 2 months. These are not made with the best of quality. Don't buy one.

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Great for 1 year then failed.10/27/2008 7:16:03 PM

Pros: First impressions are fantastic! Great package. The finish on the power supply is unlike any other, all around the sexiest power supply there is. 3 year warranty.

Cons: No 8-pin PCI-E connector, it comes with one single 6-pin to 8-pin PCI-E adapter so no overclocking if you're doing crossfire or SLI with this power supply. Worst of all, it failed after one year.

Overall Review: So far it looks like Rosewill customer support is solid and I'll get a replacement soon. It's not bad for the price. Really pretty. At least it wasn't DoA.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We try to provide the most reliable products to our customers. We would be more than happy to replace this unit for you at our cost. Please email us at for your replacement. We look forward to hear from you soon. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Dead after 1 CD-R10/8/2007 5:55:13 PM

Pros: It opens and closes, comes with Nero 7.

Cons: It's loud at full speed and failed after attempting to burn its first CD.

Overall Review: If you intend on buying this, burn a CD and a DVD as soon as you get it so you're within the NewEgg 30 day warranty if it breaks like mine did.

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