Defective unit out of the box4/5/2021 9:01:14 PM

Overall Review: Needed to RMA the unit I received as it wouldn't play any games at all. Couldn't even perform a minor performance check from Kombustor or Userbenchmark without soft resetting the entire PC most times. Other times it just failed outright.RMA is taking a while, which is mostly my fault for not writing the RMA number on the outside of the box. Still not sure if I'll get the replacement I requested or just a refund. Either way, not happy.Update: Instead of sending a replacement, Newegg just refunded the money instead. Now I have wasted tons of time and luck to no longer have the item I have waited months for.It took until 02/17/21 to get the refund for a purchase that I wanted a replacement for - I gladly would have waited - that I ordered on 01/27/21. Sticking with 1 star both for the manufacturer and for Newegg. Can't recommend either , to be honest.

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You could say this mobo is.... Killer.3/4/2017 6:08:30 PM

Pros: Built-in WiFi. Generally a pretty redundant (but very nice) feature. Looks great, very sturdy. Newest chipset with a great price. Simple BIOS setup for easy OC, and a separate menu for more advanced users

Cons: I wish I had more to say, but so far this is a great product.

Overall Review: The screws are in an unconventional format. This is neither good nor bad, but something interesting to consider as a buyer. Great product, worth the cost.

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Good Stuff11/6/2007 11:24:41 PM

Pros: User-friendly BIOS makes overclocking a breeze. I like the color, the layout, the number of PCI slots, and the huge goldenness in the middle that reads "GIGABYTE." Installation manual is in color, so if I were building a computer, it would be much easier to understand. Also, the manual was, it seems, made by somebody who speaks this language as if it were their first! Understandable! The chipset compatibility is definitely a bonus. This board has everything I need right here.

Cons: It lowered in price JUST after I bought it :/

Overall Review: I bought this as an upgrade to my old mobo... I won't say what the old one was, because I am embarrassed of it after using this one. The price on this was in my class, and had the performance, and add-ons that I was looking for... I gave it a shot, and it posted first try. Overall, this may be one of the best buys I have made on Newegg.

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