Perfect7/21/2021 10:20:07 PM

Pros: Super solid with nice extras .was perfect Size fits a 40inch Tv along with an Xbox and a bunch of other stuf easilywas rather easy to put together ..and Im. Not super handyI like how the legs areits easy to slid in and out of a corner .we use this for 2nd game station for my son and his friends/me etc etc steal at price compared to stores I was shopping around if u see It at under a Hundy and u are debating just grab it

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Glad I bought it. Shipping was smooth and no issues.

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Awesome ...if it's what u want.6/24/2016 3:28:32 PM

Pros: So this thing is slick. Looks amazing, build is really solid. Controller is real nice ...I had no issues with it. It's fast ....really fast...everything moves smooth as butter. I have a cheap router and it picked it up no issues ...router in first floor...shield in a 2nd floor bedroom. I was able to download Kodi with ease and start loading that up....first time I ever used Kodi , did about one day of research on it and figured out basics. Shield runs it amazing. Downloaded all the main apps no issues and all run awesome HBO, Hulu etc....

Cons: So this is more issues with what I wanted compared to what it is.... First of all I loath phone games with in app purchases....I have a Pc and a ps4 in my living room already. I bought a shield for my bedroom, for tv and gaming. Above I basically said the tv part is pimp....the gaming part is games are mostly in app purchase games...garbage ...sure there are a few good ones...but this thing is almost overkill for those. The subscription based streaming games is .....not so good . It's $8 a month which is a nice price point but there are at this time 65 games give or take...and many are older Games or games I have no interest in . If they upgrade the selection two fold I might change my opinion a bit. I haven't tried streaming my PC games yet cause at this point I'm not sure if it's worth upgrading my graphics card on my pc for this. It's still early but at this point the gaming aspect is pretty crappy ...

Overall Review: So for the price u get a super mega awesome android tv....but if all I want is the tv part and yer not interested in Kodi ...I would save all this money and get like a fire tv or something. If yer looking for a gaming option..I would totally look somewhere else ...200$ is a ton of money for this ....for an extra 50-75$ I could get a Xbox 1 or something and still have all the basic options to stream content. Gonna play with Kodi and see if that makes it worth keeping but totally on fence.. Like I said make sure it is exactly what u want because the price is really steep compared to other options Thanks !

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worth every penny3/13/2013 11:23:47 AM

Pros: Comfort, battery extension is awesome....decent price !

Cons: None so far. If u are a young person or someone with really small hands this might not be the right product for u.

Overall Review: I'm 6'1 about 215 pound man and the vita is awesome but my hands are a bit big for it...put this on and was like I owned the vita 2.0 went from kinda sad to I love the vita even more !!

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Cool for old guys1/29/2011 8:08:56 AM

Pros: Cool heavy metal backdrop....i like jack black so that is a plus....great for older guys with the old metal theme...well mid 30's here and its fun. got it for under ten bones....can that really be beat!

Cons: If you dont like jack black ...avoid

Overall Review: tons of blood and swearing but when game starts up it gives u choice to turn it all down

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Not bad buuut...12/15/2010 10:53:35 AM

Pros: Small, will fit most set ups i bet, great price for the power of the card, will run WOW on high settinngs with an old amd Phenom I 9600 smoothly.

Cons: Well in a gets FRIGGIN H O T ! Hottestt card i have ever owned, which i would say is in the 10-12 mark at this point. Like so hot after runing for like 2 minutes, i shut my computer off to refit the card in the slot and almost dropped it as it burned my hand! The heat sink looks like cheap aluminum and i am guessing it is. The GPU-Z temp on this cad states around 55C on idle, and has hit 84C on High setting on WOW! I know 4800 cards run hot but come on. BTW this was all tested with the side of the case off! Now i did run it for a couple hours with no problems what so ever in performance....but am concerned for the long term. I am thinking about taking off the heat sink and putting on some artic silver but i should not have to even consider that if you ask me. In comparison my other comp has a 4770 and runs at 30C at idle and in the mid 40's at full load with WOW in Ultra mode.

Overall Review: If you have a 4770 this is not an upgrade but my second comp needed an upgrade i went from a 3450 to this and was great for the price, i would give it 4 stars if i put some silver on it and the temps drop some, and would of given it 5 stars if the heat was down and i would not have to consider the option of the silver. For the price nothing can come close 65 bones for this with shipping is a long as the heat doesnt fry it in the short run.

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Manufacturer Response:
The card is designed to handle that temperature without a single problem. 84C is hot enough to where you're definitely going to feel it if you try and touch the card, so I would recommend you not handle the card shortly after it's been gaming. Either way, the 4000 series GPUs have a heat threshold of about 100C, so you're well below that. I can tell you in full confidence that you have nothing to worry about long term. The card will run fine at that temperature. Thanks. -Hugo
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Lots of pro's and con's7/28/2010 10:30:31 AM

Pros: Lots of pros....small, easy to cary around, quick start up and shoot...maybe 3-5 secs and you can be recording. Package includes everything u really need (not an sd car of course). Feels like a smart phone in my pocket and when i am holding it. Price is nice for a camera shooting in HD, soid construction, underwater use is cool. It takes great video in sunlight, outside in sunlight or a room with plenty of sunlight. Takes good video at night in a well lit room.

Cons: Plenty of cons also, like most reviews state it takes average at best video in a room that isnt super lit by lighting at night...Video in my tv room with my kids at night is much worse than my 5 year old cannon camcorder. Quicktime format...might be a plus for some...also one reviewer stated the usb connection was tight and broke...i am also having that same hasnt broke but i am concerned about it. So far the battery life is not so good....suprising how quick it goes...i will buy another battery for myself and if you buy the camera you shoud think about it. In anything but great lighting the video is grainy at best and the picture even fades in and out a bit...also just holding the camera and following my 2 year old around i get massive old camcorder saw very little shake at all...

Overall Review: I am not unhappy with this camera but be warned..i feel this camera is a situational camera at best.....i was hopeing to sell my old camcorder and get some cash back but i feel i have to keep it for certain occasions. It is great for a day at the pool or park or maybe even somewhere like disney with the is not so great at home after the sun has gone down. Even in my brightest lit room i have some issues...I really wanted this to be my camcorder repacement but it defintly is not....but i personally did not have the cash to buy a real nice hd camera so whent with this i guess i will just rock out with this and my old cannon for certain types of events. If you just can not spend more than $150 bones then this is the way to go...if you can i would buy one of the hd camcorders....or if you just need something ultra portable...because this is defintly ultra protable!

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Cool game-bad Steam3/6/2010 8:20:07 PM

Pros: Fun, similar but unique from the first game. I like the graphics, they are also easier on your system than the first game wich is a couple years old. Love the new maps...some people are complaining about the smaller size but it seems there is plenty of room for them to add bigger maps. I like the new tech tree, but i do miss the mass amount of different unjits. Now you kinda just upgrade the basic ones..still a pro for being different in my mind. I am enjoying the campaign part of the game more so far.

Cons: Ok so i along with many others continue to have a problem with steam and others steam....i bought the DVD retail disk so i would have a copy of the game no matter what...buuuut it is bascialy just a box with a code in it and you have to download the rest of the game from steam!!! HOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIBBBBLLLLLE idea!!!!! I think steam has a place and i dont mind buying a game or two from there, especially older cheap games i never bought in the past. BUT if i am going to invest $50 on a new game and buy a retail copy ..I WANT WHAT I PAID FOR!!! Very dissapointed in this. Like i said steam and the like have a place but i hate the idea of not being able to get a hard copy of a me old fashion maybe but i think i lot of people are on my side on this....a choice is one thing but i dont think anyone new or thought that you would buy a dvd game and not have the game on there....just pathetic.

Overall Review: Ok even though i hate the steam/dvd problem...i still like the game and that is why i still have it a 4 egg review....the game itself isnt the problem...if you like steam and love to download all your games then it is a 5 star product...if you are like me and you are in the middle then it is a 3-4 star if you hate steam and the like...avoid this maybe...It is sad that most reviews of this game are going to be about steam and not the game itself....If i would of known abou thte dvd not having the game on it i might of waitied until the price dropped and just downloaded it on steam in 6 months...the deception is stupid..not everyone has time to look at arcticles that might talk about this fact...i see the game on a shelf i buy the game i expect to play the game...not have to download the game still.....ok ok ok i am done....but i still like the actuall game thoguh !

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awesome!3/4/2010 9:13:53 PM

Pros: SUper fast, stable and affordable! huge performance improvement over a PI 9600BE, like silly how much better this chip is over last generation...wont bottle neck your system. I was able to unlock 4th core so now it is a Phenom II B35 and i tweaked it to 3.0ghz (i am not greedy) and is blowing through everything i throw at it. Took my 3dmark 06 score from 7500 to 12k with a 4770 !!! Amazing chip

Cons: N O N E !

Overall Review: Happiest i have ever been with a new chip....i have had a 4200x2 a 5400x2 and a 9600BE Phenom I chip and this 435 just makes me much happier than i have ever been with the past chips! For 75 buckos you cant go wrong!!!!!

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ok but not as good as my igp2/19/2010 1:57:18 PM

Pros: EASsy i nstall,, small ,, loww poweeer, hdmi, nnice foor a htpc... nice picture on a 50'plasma

Cons: scored loweer tthann my 4200 igp in windows experience...4.0-3.7...and 3d mark 06 definnitly no gaming

Overall Review: did not want for gaming but though it would be better than my igp...havent done a hybrid crossfire try yet but from what i hear i will get a nice boost if u have a 3200 or 4200 igp and this...does what it is supposed to do ...for 30 buckos im not unhappy but thought i would get a smidge more performance than my igp at least!

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Good for what they are..1/24/2010 8:37:50 PM

Pros: Ok lots of pro's and con's for these....the biggest issue is what you need. I have gone over 3 years with all kinds of wireless issues...not sure what the overall problem is but went through about 3 different routers and two companies..before i gave up on wireless.....i use these to connect a ps3 in living room with comp in upstairs office.(cable connection) Pro's-Instant plug and play(i did not use any software) -So far it has also been a constant connection. -Able to stream Netflix through ps3 flawlessly! -Surf internet through ps3 with ease, and download updates and games with no issues. -Speed better than my wireless(which never really had worked in my house, so tough to compare) -House is almost 40 years old with almost no electrical updates and works with no issues. -Can stream stuff like You Tube through ps3 with no issues. -Price! 50 bones for a option for me for price thinking about the 150$ ones and glad i passed cause not sure if diff. in speed beween em

Cons: Ok some cons..cause there are some. really is going to be a case by case senario, some people with get blazing speed and some will not. I get like anywhere between 750kbs and 4mbs download speed according to the ps3 and an online test site...upload speed is fine though. -For me it is worthless when i try to stream media from my commputer, like a family video...Netflix=yes, streaming from comp=no. -Speed changes. Why would the speed change? It does and it can be a pain if trying to download something bigger..

Overall Review: Ok so for me it was a good option..great price...realiable connection and decent speed. Now if i had the cash maybe i would try a wireless N connection or a coax connection. I also did not set up any security or software and i run it through a cheap switch(which does not slow down my cable internet on computer). I really cannot justify someone buying a 200mbs version over a 85 since almost no one can attain those speeds anyway...If you are on a budget and you just want one good connection for like a ps3 or a blu ray or something..i would say go for it...if u want to stream video from Netflix or somethign..go for it....if you want blazing fast and media streamed from computer maybe you should check something else out or maybe if you have new electrical you might be better off than me. I am happy and if all u got is like 50 bones go for this over a wireless if u have had any issues in past with wireless.

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Way better than expected!7/26/2009 6:52:41 PM

Pros: After playing the original EQ on and off again for 10 years and trying wow..daoc..eve..warhammer...lotr..eq2...this is the game that has broke my horrible addiction to the original is no particular order... 1.Amazing dx10 graphics. 2.THE best soundtrack of any game i have it a movie feel!! 3.mmo with a almost single player game feel...the intro story is great and you actually want to finish it and you feel that you are a part of it. 4.Detailed world 5.Mature themes(a nice change) 6.Friendly players(so far,after one month of playing) 7.Very little "grind" feeling and quests give out huge xp and rewards that make them worth doing. 8.Trader that still works when you are offline(eq still doesnt have that) 9.Great combo moves that make you feel more involved and have to pay more attention when in battle. 10.And many others...

Cons: I actually bought a msi 250gts right before i bought this game but not for this game. I am betting my 8800gts 320mb would have had some issues with this game but with the 250gts i can pretty much max everything on a 1680 1050 screen...if you have an older card or maybe a lower end card you might not be able to max out graphics..but i have heard it still looks great...

Overall Review: I waited about a year to try this game and i have heard they made huge improvements to the game in everyway...boy am i glad i did..i was hooked the first night i loaded it up! Not for kids but i would highly recommend this game to anyone who has been looking for a new mmo

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Not bad7/26/2009 5:29:36 PM

Pros: Only my 2nd Nvidia card ...i replaced a 8800gts 320mb flavor...seems like a very nice upgrade...i usually try to wait every 2 or so years...price with rebate and free shipping when i got it was tough to turn down with a couple free games....I did not see a huge jump in my 3dmark 06 maybe from like 9k to 11k..which is still ok but my vantage scores i do see a big differance in brand new games. Supreme Commander plays waaay better..i can play AOC pretty much maxed out at 1680 by 1050. So i am happy with the performance of the card compared to my old card especialy for the price of about ninty bucks after rebate,,,etc,,,

Cons: Ok i am going to stick with the card but i got some serious artifacting when i first put in the card. After i upgraded the drivers it seemed to fix it but i still get some artifacting when i first turn on the computer..but when it boots into windows most of the time i goes away..first time i have had to deal with this on any card i have ever bought...i will have to to reboot the computer to get rid of the artifacting..maybe i should return it but shipping charges seem to have gone way up!!!! Also the fan is not always but when the card is Working it almost scared me it got so loud. My 8800gts was the quietest card ever and this card i would say is lounder than the rest of my comp put 3 case fans cpu and psu fans all going...

Overall Review: As long as the artifacting doesnt become a normal thing i would be happy to give it a 5 egg score. BTW these cards are said to be 55nm tech on almost any website i look at but when i run gpu-z it says 65nm...not a huge deal maybe the software is wrong...also the card fits nice in an antec 900 and the fact that it takes only one 6pin connector was also a strong selling point for the power it seems that it can deliver...It might be said it is just a 9800gtx but if it is it has been upgraded nicely in alot of ways...overall i guess i am happy other than the artifacting....

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SO SO4/15/2009 1:19:32 PM

Pros: Small, sleek, does not look bad and leaves a small imprint on your set up if that makes any sense. Works for the most part(read below). It is nice that there are 4 connections as i actually used all four up! Picture on the tv from cable, blu-ray and games from the ps3 look flawless.

Cons: Ok the real issue i have is that if for instance i am playing a game on the ps3..pause it change to another source like say the Wii(component)..when i switch back to the hdmi source i have to cycle through the 4 different hdmi options to find the ps3 paused game. Instead of just switching the tv to hdmi and have the ps3 appear i have to look for it. On some occasions i have to cycle through a couple times for the ps3(or whatelse i am useing) to pop up. I sometimes have to get up and manually change it.

Overall Review: Overall it does what i need it to do, but it is not perfect and makes my wife angry(minus one egg for that). It is a quite a bit cheaper than some of the ones i have seen at retail stores, but still is fifty bucks and i wish it worked just a tad bit better.

Did you find this review helpful? 
Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing IOGEAR and sorry about your experience. I believe you have a bad unit from your description above beacuse we can garantee that you can be switching between TVs, components, composite and your HDMI inputs from your TV without the need of cycling through all the inputs from the HDMI switch as you have described above. Since this HDMI switch is backed by IOGEAR's 3 year warranty, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Tech support at 1(866) 946-4327 and we will be glad to assist you and process an RMA for you. Once again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
Better than one might think!1/11/2009 11:55:58 AM

Pros: OK where to start, was able to drop it in a am2 board and replace a x2 5400 with no issues. Makes Vista feel snappy! My overall experiance with Vista went from ho-hum to very happy..the chip loads everything much faster from i-tunes to games to windows start up. I am a bit of a gamer and was a bit dissapointed at the score increase..for a second only...with only upgrading the chip my 3d mark 06 went up 1kpts and the cpu score also went up 1kpts....doesnt seem like alot but i am now able to run 3 totally seperate sessions of Everquest with medium-high settings at the same time and it runs SILKY smooth...along with that i have no issues running the internet and a firewall/virus scanner at the Same time!!!! So it is not all about the score of 3d mark! I also was able to pick this up as an open box item and spent well under a hundred!! Also the stock cooler and heat sink came with it..if u do not overclock this is fine for the average person..big upgrade from the last generation.

Cons: UPS delivery 3 day = 8days!!

Overall Review: BIG note vista when i was first put my chip in i did not relize i had my power settings to low or whatever and was running all 4 cores at 1150gz!! I almst freaked out when i was trying it out...i some how went in and lucky figured out that if you bump it up to high performance it runs as it shoule and the performace flew! I think this might be a reason people think this chip sucks....check yout powermanagement in the control panel!!!!!

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Very nice1/2/2009 2:57:56 PM

Pros: Excellent sound, sleek and sharp lookiing, not to big but has a good heavy feel to it. Nice bass....

Cons: Remote is average and i havent figured out if i can change albums or just scan through songs with biggie though.

Overall Review: For the price you can NOT beat this ..blows away anything i have seen or heard for less than a hundred bucks...if you want a bose system but have no where near the money for it is classy, built well and most important sounds great!!!

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Awesome!11/4/2008 10:30:13 AM

Pros: Deep game with various ways to play it. Nice graphics for the ds, with rich colors. Tons of units and one of the few NON-kiddie games on the ds. As you play the game gets bigger and the maps get bigger and more and more fun..i have put many many hours and am only about 1/3rd through the game...worth the money!

Cons: Sometimes it can be a pain to move around the map quickly, but with some time it gets easier. No skirmish least none that i see, can only play the story senarios..not that big of a deal.

Overall Review: If you ever played ANY of the panzer general series of games back in the day and you enjoyed them, then this is your game. I basically bought the ds to relive some of those days. Game is basically a clone of those games but is portable and tons of fun!

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Nice deal4/6/2008 8:07:37 PM

Pros: How can u go wrong for a hundred smackers! Cant think of any other price/performance card that can really compare right now! Plays World in Conflict at 1680x1050 flawless coupled with a x25400!! Dont be afraid of the 320mb ram only it is still a killer card and still hang with the big boys over twice its price!

Cons: BIG, fits but is kinda tight in an antec 900, but i do have a hard drive in the way which if i wasnt so lazy i would move and there should be no issues then.

Overall Review: Make sure u register asap as there nice warranty policy only works if u reister in first 30days and there step up program is real nice if u decide u want to upgrade u can get the credit of what u paid for an upgrade, which might be easier than trying to sell it yourself..

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Nice upgrade from old x24/6/2008 5:54:57 PM

Pros: Great upgrade from a x2 4600, I see a difference in many different benchmarks, loading windows and overall fell of my computer. For the price and if you do not want to switch over to the AM2+ platform this is a nice upgrade about more than half of that of the x26400 which takes up more juice and the 5400 can hold its own.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I am glad i waited for the price drop, but that would usually indicate with an oem item that they are trying to get rid of what they have in stock, so hurry and get one!

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Not bad3/26/2008 11:55:25 AM

Pros: Nice smooth cordless interface, lots of buttons, nice upgrade from a plain trackball.

Cons: The left button or the thumb button is waaaaaay to small, and is waay to close to 2 other buttons..they need to make it much bigger and by itself.

Overall Review: Takes some time to get used to it even if you have used a track ball, and even though it is not perfect is is still a nice item, especially with the lack of good options in the trackball world.

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Amazing1/19/2008 9:00:24 PM

Pros: The most amazing game i have ever played in many ways, amazing graphics,story,acting,production,extras etc etc....and my wife loves it!!

Cons: A bit short maybe, but decent replay value.

Overall Review: If you just bought a ps3 i would say this should be on yout top 5 list at least of what games to buy first.

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Great multimedia machine!1/3/2008 12:34:17 AM

Pros: This machine is sweet, from the amazing 1080p gaming and BLue Ray to the awesome multi-media possibilities!! Hooked up a 120gb WD Passport HD through one of the USB ports = 160gb easy and cheap and no issues at all! PLAYS pS one games, It plays my classic Panzer General game !! Nice wireless, full internet, add a different OS if you want, not sure which one supported, QUIET and much cooler than my pc. You can also rip your whole cd collection onto it along with pics and movies! Like a little mp3/home movie player/picture viewer! Looks nice. Made me stop playing the crappier(but fun) Wii games system i have.

Cons: Internet browser could be a bit better, the one for the Wii is better even. Not much other than that and that is nit picky.

Overall Review: Have this with a 37' HD LCD and wow it is nice, bought a wii first a while back , for the family friendly games and such , and WOW there is a amzing difference in games and content!Makes the Wii look like a N64 almost, very powerful and probly the most future proof of all the next gen systems! Even my wife is loving it and put down the wii stix!!!!!

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ehh12/4/2007 9:23:41 PM

Pros: Really cool graphics, i think at least, cut scenes are fun. Some cool looking units.

Cons: I am only like 30% done with the game but seems like more of a button smasher so far, rather than some type of rts or stradegy.

Overall Review: Seems like it is way to easy, maped out game play with no real way to do anything other than the stuff they tell you to do. Over all not a bad game just dont expect some type of rts goodness, action button smasher game, controls work good. Might be a good idea to rent it first see if it is what you think. Safe for the kiddies also.

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1080p?10/19/2007 9:30:16 PM

Pros: Cheap ..nice packaging, quick delivery, works with no problems.

Cons: Might not be a con but it does not say 1080p on back of packaging it says up to 1080i, and when i try to tweak it with my new dvd player with upscaleing, i can only get it up to 1080i, picture is still great but if it really only supports 1080i somehow and not 1080p i would not of bought.

Overall Review: It is also possible that i am missing something...but have been playing with it for a while now.

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NICE SUPRISE!11/30/2006 11:11:10 PM

Pros: For those of you who like cheesy old school horror/monstor movies this movie is for u! IT is part horror movie part sci-fi and then you can throw in the fact that there is zombies, a strange cult figure and Telly Savalas!!! You cant go wrong especially for a few bucks and free shipping!

Cons: No dvd menu , no extras at all, event closing credits are blacked out even though it has closing credits music. Soundtrack is soo bad it is kinda funny and u just need to drudge through it till yer used to it.

Overall Review: Not sure why i am writing on a review on somethign liek this but it was kind of a fun movie for the price of a rental and some places, and now i own it and might event watch it again! Just wish it had more Telly Savalas in it..he really stole the show when he was in it!

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Huge and cool11/8/2006 3:35:56 PM

Pros: Fans ..layout...customization opurtunities....great case one of my favorite i have ever delt with..will be buying another when the time comes.

Cons: Lack of 3.25 slots. price is high and no psu.

Overall Review: Great case to build your own...plenty of stuff to play with ..solid .sturdy..stylish...with the way it comes and no adjustmenst..only one 3.25 slot available..which could be a problem or not a problem...depednds on yer set up.

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