Amazing upgrade3/24/2012 8:18:59 AM

Pros: - Ultra fast. Windows 7 boots about 3-4x faster than with my old HDD - Installed Windows 7 in less than 10 minutes - Applications load almost instantly - Got it at 125$, thats nearly 1$/GB for top performance SSD. Amazing value.

Cons: -120 GB is a bit small if you plan to load a lot of applications on it. More than enough if like me you install your OS, Office suite and your most frequently played games on it, so choose the capacity you need. - The 3.5'' adapter was a bit hard to fit in my hard drive bay. Only 1 screw could fit to hold it in place. I suspect the problem comes from my case (it is an HP OEM case, this will be my next upgrade) rather than the adapter itself. Not worth removing an egg for that. No bacon included in box.

Overall Review: I am currently running this drive on a SATA II connection, because my motherboard does not support SATA III. Even if its speed is limited at half of its capacity, the drive is still crazy fast and makes HDD look like an aged turtle. If you're looking for an upgrade to your computer that will speed up general performance, don't get a new CPU or RAM. Hard drives are the bottleneck in most systems, get rid of that! Once I upgrade my system to a newer platform with SATA III I will update this review to give benchmarks. Also, this was ordered on sunday, shipped on monday and received on wednesday.... in Canada! Amazing service by newegg

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Would buy again5/4/2010 5:39:50 PM

Pros: Very happy with this product. First, its pretty fast. Runs Crysis, with all settings at high , 1680x1050 4xAA at 35 fps average. Enough said. At those settings, my 8600GT could only give me about 2 fps.... Also uses very low power, I'm using a 350W PSU and even after hours of stress tests I didn't get any problem. Installation was really easy, I simply uninstalled old drivers, switched cards, installed new drivers and was good to go after a reboot. I was a little worried since people with my setup (Windows 7 64 bit, switching from a Geforce card) seemed to have lots of problems with drivers but I didn't get any. The fan is inaudible at low speed, while still not being disturbing at work.

Cons: It definitely runs at higher temperatures than the reviews I had read (about 50°C idle, 80°C at max load). This is probably due to my case (HP case, really bad airflow) so I can't remove eggs for it.

Overall Review: Perfect product for a moderate gamer. Cheap, friendly with weak power supplies and will fit in almost any case while giving you the performances of 2 year-old top-end cards. Ordered on sunday, shipped on monday, received on thursday IN CANADA, Newegg rocks!

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