Dell Will Not Replace U2412M Under Warranty6/2/2014 8:28:40 AM

Pros: Picture quality very good.

Cons: Monitor came with a warped stand. Contacted Dell to get replacement. They sent me a cheap monitor as a replacement. Told me they no longer have U2412M available for replacements. Returned the cheap monitor and jury-rigged a fix with silicon pads. Hate to think what I would have done if I had a problem with the screen itself. Dell warranties are worthless!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great With Firewire5/29/2013 3:09:39 PM

Pros: Arrived fast. Easy setup. Worked with 2GB drive with multiple partitions. Works great with Time Machine and Firewire 800 connection.

Cons: USB 3.0 version not available when I needed an external enclosure.

Overall Review: Macally should have put a hole in the rubber pads that fit on the feet to allow for easy removal. Instead I used a 3 hole punch to add a hole in each pad so I could remove the feet if I only wanted to used the desk stand.

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10/8/2011 3:06:12 PM

Pros: Simple to install. Worked great. Great price (compared to other memory vendors).

Cons: Taller than stock Apple Memory, but does not seem to cause a problem.

Overall Review: Watch YouTube videos on how to install memory in Early 2009 Mac Pro if you have never installed memory before. After installation when you restart, the system will tell you if you installed memory in proper configuration and the total memory in each slot.

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