Silent Mode & Lara Croft6/7/2011 4:40:15 PM

Pros: Excellent Card

Cons: None

Overall Review: There is a switch on the card, flip it one direction and it's in silent mode. Pretty simple. I also got it with Lara Croft and FutureMark. FM worked, the code for Lara Croft never has worked for me.

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I love it!6/7/2011 4:33:38 PM

Pros: This card like others have stated is a component I am not shy to show off. The quality of it's build is excellent, Very nice looking. and just plain works!

Cons: It can be a little loud when you put it under pressure, but If I'm gaming I'm usually jamming music, or have my headset on, and I never hear it. So, this isn't a problem for me.

Overall Review: It is a much better improvement over the 9800GT OC's I had running in SLI. to the point that I can actually compete at the top of a round in BC2, Brink, etc... I also convert alot of videos for work, and Cuda works for me, and my software, which is why I went with the Nvidia solution over the AMD.

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Ordered another set!5/4/2011 8:00:58 PM

Pros: Excellent, have not had any issues as of yet! Works perfectly and looks like it belongs in the Asus Sabertooth P67.

Cons: The stupid sticker, looks trashy. why not just a black sticker at the top of the DIMMS Corsair? Wish I had ordered bot sets at the same time.

Overall Review: Pricier then the Vengeance 1600, but I suppose because its faster, true the CAS latency isn't 9-9-9-24, instead 9-10-9-24. Not a con in my opinion

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The H70 Blows.5/4/2011 7:32:15 PM

Pros: None!

Cons: This thing is louder than most commercial leaf blowers. I didn't keep it in my system long enough to see if it was even cooling better than the stock Intel 2500K fan, I will tell you though it was probably 100x louder then the stock heat sing and fan.

Overall Review: I love Corsair products I own Corsair Ram, PSU's and Flash drives. This was the worst computer system part I have ever purchased. Improve the fans Corsair, I shouldn't have to invest extra money in an already over priced product that comes with totally unacceptable fans.

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Best USB I have used!!!4/23/2011 4:32:51 PM

Pros: This is probably one of the best USB drives I have ever used. I use alot of them. Quick, Sturdy, Reliable. I've had mine for over 3 years.

Cons: The Cap, I have made such a point about placing it in a safe, secure place while in use. I beleive it made me a little OCD.

Overall Review: Unlike most USB drives if you bend it, it doesn't break(MacBook Pro slid off my lap, grabbed the laptop, bent the USB), I quickly backed it up and straightened it. Works like it always has.

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Newegg, and their Cohorts4/22/2011 9:58:29 PM

Pros: I know this Item is awesome, I've seen it in two seperate systems. Just not Mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See Below for my -Eggs

Cons: This item was discounted Last week... Suffice to say it was not "available" until after the "Tax" Email expired. Completely unacceptable... Almost makes me want to travel to Best Buy and pick up an H50 for $54...... I honestly don't understand why, if I had the item, and the Promo Code in my shopping list, why NewEgg should NOT HONOR THIS!!!! I have bought more Corsair products and have spent more in the last 2 weeks with NewEgg than I ever imagined, and they shank buyers because they met there "alloted quantity" ..... Very disappointing,

Overall Review: I am not docking Corsair, I am 1000% docking Newegg on this... Item if in cart with promo-code would be honored..... You know what -1 Egg for lack of even interpreting that I would not get the promo code when they finally noticed me about availability.

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This is the Trident of LCD's2/4/2007 8:30:31 PM

Pros: This Monitor is the best on the market for gaming. That said I also use it for work, which is Digital Photography. N Ghosting, the pixels blend well, and if you don't beleive me I'll send you some pics of My favorite models....Canines, The contrast/Brightness Ratio is VERY adjustable.....and the resolution and refresh rate is Simply Amazing!!!!

Cons: The ony Con's are 1) You cannot adjust the height (hmmm, Ok, I'll bump my seat up a few cm's)and 2) the initial start-up brightness.....I don't beleive either of these are cons though because I used to allways dream of just that, BRIGHTNESS!!! But it is somewhat blinding, but GUESS WHAT!!!!! You can turn it DOWN!!!!!

Overall Review: I you want a HIGH QUALTY monitor, for whatever, Gameing, Digital Photo Editing, Word Processing, you name it. This IS the Trident Missle of LCD's at this point in time!!!!!

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Nice monitor, However.....2/4/2007 8:16:07 PM

Pros: This is a nice monitor, price to contrast and response ratio is a definate bonus. Response at 5ms is good, but ViewSonic makes better monitors!

Cons: The "Piano Gloss Finish" is a terrible addition.. Make this in a satin/flat finish and it will sell alot more units, I would have bough it fridasy night had it not been for this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall Review: I actually contemplated this monitor but the gloss finish coupled with the 16:9 aspect that most games do not currently provide made me pick the VX922 which is the same price as this monitor after a rebat of some well known provider of electronics. That said I still cannot get past the gloss finish that reflects light into your eyes and picks up fingerprints like Miami CSI...Sorry ViewSonic I love my VX922 but the 2ms response and a much less detracting frame make me say this is a 3 Egg in comparison to the VX922......

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