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Great value, fun DIY project5/17/2013 11:35:45 AM

Pros: Lightweight, easy to cut up into smaller pieces. You get 3LEDs/ inch, and every inch you have a cut line with copper leads on both sides that you can solder.

Cons: The 3M adhesive backing isn't as strong as I'd have liked. Doesn't adhere too well to curved acrylic surfaces.

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Works well with HA12W directional antenna8/19/2010 7:15:08 PM

Pros: The omnidirectional antenna on the HWUN3 improves reception of nearby wifi signals slightly, as expected. But coupled with the HA12W directional antenna, it picks up nearby open access points. I can get about 2mbps down with relatively low latency (~50ms ping).

Cons: The adapter is rather wide, blocking the nearby USB slot. It also fits in the USB rather loosely.

Overall Review: The main reason I bought this WiFi card is due to the aluminum MacBook Pro's sub par wifi performance. The wifi adapter has a reverse SMA plug, and that's what I needed to hook up an external directional antenna.

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Exactly what I needed8/19/2010 7:07:50 PM

Pros: I had to do a bit of research about antennas, and I am glad a picked a slightly more expensive directional antenna. The HA12W (along with the HWUN3 USB WiFi adapter) boosted the nearby open wireless networks and now I'm getting ~2mbps down and .6mbps up, with a ping of 50ms. This was an access point that my aluminum MacBook could barely pick up before. The suction cups work well on a window that gets a lot of sun.

Cons: Can't tilt antenna up or down, you can only pan it left and right. But maybe the vertical pickup pattern doesn't matter for this type of antenna anyway.

Overall Review: The small clips on the plastic support legs may crack if you don't attach them to the antenna carefully. The good news is that you can use the included screws to secure them regardless. Tip: if you want to boost, nearby wifi signals, just mount the legs on backward, so that the antenna points outward.

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Most intuitive user interface for editing10/31/2007 10:09:14 AM

Pros: I have been using Vegas Video for about 3 years now for short films and visual effects, and while Premiere integrates a little nicer with After Effects, it simply can't touch the user-friendly Vegas interface. Vegas' strongpoint is its timeline. Cutting/lengthening clips, "zooming" in or out to see more frames, editing cross fades couldn't be easier.

Cons: No real user interface improvements since version 5.0. Chroma Keyer not so good. Keyframing effects or animating assets is still a paid due to the cramped interface (AfterEffects outshines it in this area).

Overall Review: Anybody who speaks of Pinnacle Studio highly shouldn't be taken seriously.

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Easy to use, well-designed5/12/2007 5:57:25 PM

Pros: The lock is free to rotate towards you so you can always comfortably set the combination (as opposed to a similarly-priced Kensington model which was very frustrating). You have to press a small button in order to pull it open, while the Kensington pops open automatically (a feature which caused the Kensington lock's numbers to get stuck after a few months of use).

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: At under twenty bucks, it's well worth it.

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Backup of the backup3/20/2007 10:59:33 AM

Pros: Solid build, faster read/write, LED flash while in use.

Cons: After about a month, Scandisk is already picking up corrupt files. I've come to expect this from all flash drives pretty much, so I have backups upon backups of critical data.

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Decent3/18/2007 8:13:03 PM

Pros: Good value for the price, lightweight, long cable, mic has decent sound pickup with Skype. Can be reversed so that mic is on either side of your face.

Cons: They aren't loud enough.

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