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Move along6/25/2011 7:35:06 PM

Pros: It’s cheap and has survived multiple moves to and from dorm rooms. Keys are easy to remove and clean under. Mouse scroll wheel never bugs out though the side buttons are reversed when it comes to web page browsing (I found it quite fun to rework my brain to register the front button as Page Back and the back button as Page Forward). Works as well today as it did out of the box (1 year later) despite having been dropped several times.

Cons: It hasn't worked well since I took it out of the box. The lack of Num/Scroll Lock indicators at first seemed like an inconvenience but has become maddening. Ghost keys are a frequent and annoying occurrence as well single key strokes being registered as two or more. The battery life indicator on both the mouse and keyboard have never worked. Both the mouse and keyboard will occasionally stop responding until moved closer to the receiver.

Overall Review: Decent for everyday use though gaming and text writing can become quite frustrating when they start bugging out. I have tolerated these accessories for a year but cannot stand them any longer.

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