wonderful2/4/2010 8:02:11 AM

Pros: -cheap. rebate process isn't too terrible (easy to follow and they email you when they receive your rebate in the mail). -connectivity. all you would currently need, it has. from standard vga to dvi to hdmi and even an s/pdif connector for connecting speakers (if using hdmi). -has built in speakers that work alright for monitor speakers and don't take up space around the frame of the monitor. -easy to use interface -very crisp picture and awesome contrast with vibrant color. no noticeable ghosting of any kind. -stand is cheesy but easy to install/take off. -appearance is simple and classy. -buttons are easy to press. -only uses about 20 watts, according to the monitor on my UPS.

Cons: -power LED can be a bit bright but not hard to ignore either. -may take a while to fiddle with to get good colors and contrasts (but expected upon receipt of new monitor). -backlight/blacks aren't so great, but not terrible either. not particularly good for dark games (though, this is my first LCD, so I'm not sure if it's actually decent for it's type of display...but it's not so good compared to my old CRT...however the resolutions, vibrance/contrast and size make up for that). -image tearing in vertical lines and random spots when panning a highly detailed scene in games..but i think it's more to do with the video card. -speakers sound a bit muffled given they emit sound from the back, also, they don't turn up very much.

Overall Review: arrived in it's manufacturer's box detailing what it is to all passerby. I guess covering it with some brown paper is too much to ask of Newegg. People have complained about this quite a bit and newegg shows no sign of caring. to some other reviewers: nobody cares about your rig spex, holmes.

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cheap and does the job2/3/2010 8:05:47 AM

Pros: -has a fan -eSATA -metal enclosure (durability, not cooling- see below) -can turn fan led off -activity light is easy to see and looks cool -recognizes and transfers well -quickly removable stand for laying on side -simple, sturdy 2-conductor barrel connector for power instead of the typical, stupid multiple pin DIN type. -sturdy -comes with a screwdriver and cables for esata/usb.

Cons: -hard drive/interface frame that slides into the metal box is PLASTIC. please explain the advantage of a metal case for cooling if the contact to the hard drive is all plastic? plastic is an insulator. maybe the air would be slightly cooler passing by the inside of a metal case, but to keep the hard drive cool, there should be all metal conduction from the metal skin of the case to the hard drive's chassis. that way the enclosure acts as a big heatsink. -fan is a bit low on airflow...though i suppose for being low-profile it works fine (can be felt with fingers close up, but can't detect anything exiting the exhaust holes) -would've been nice to have rubber feet for laying on its side.

Overall Review: after having an Eagle Consus enclosure and unhappy with it's hard drive baking, I sought out this since it has a fan, also, eSATA so it doesn't take hours for large amounts of data like on USB. however, like the Eagle Consus enclosure, the frame that holds the hard drive is plastic. oh well i guess the fan will have to do. besides design, this is a decently manufactured item with no noticeable 'cheapness' to it.

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odd design causes unnecessary issues, lack of controller1/19/2010 10:12:07 AM

Pros: really moves a lot of air

Cons: excessively loud. and I know it's been said a million times that is to be expected on such a high CFM fan, however, I do believe, and I'm no expert on sound...but the static fins in one side of the fan I think cause it to be louder than necessary with the airflow going over these fins at such a high speed, there's a lot of air disruption = noise. i think it would be much quieter without those fins (no, i'm not as stupid to be talking about the fan blades...there are separate fins that do not move molded into the case on one side of the fan)...and the lack of these fins would also allow the fan to be of normal thickness as well. but maybe it has an aerodynamic quality to create a vortex to acheive a higher CFM? not sure, but I doubt they're THAT necessary with the eletrical current this fan uses..cont...

Overall Review: the current used on this fan must be extremely high (of course it is since it is so loud and pushes so much air), but higher than most fan controllers can deal with, because i've tried 4 fan controller pots connected in series for this fan, and with all 4 knobs turned to minimum speed the fan makes no noticeable difference in speed at all. so it's not quite as simple as getting a fan controller to tame this thing. you have to either find one that can specifically handle it or make one yourself. it should have come with it's own controller.

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good chip for the money!1/13/2010 11:54:19 AM

Pros: blazes right through stuff instantly what my x2 4200 athlon 64 took 20 seconds to do. runs windows 7 like silk. heatsink is decent with heatpipes and the cool n quiet feature runs just fine. nice and quiet when nothing is going on, then starts cranking up the airflow when things get busy...doesn't hinder my games, like Dirt 2 at 1080p and max settings, whatsoever. i got this for 165 and my previous X2 4200 was around 300 something....much bigger difference noticed with this upgrade than when i got that previous cpu. great buy.

Cons: not entirely sure, but i've heard things about c2/c3 steppings with ram having some issue and that it can't be overclocked beyond 3.8 or something. but maybe those people were full of it. for 165 there are no cons with this imho.

Overall Review: what's with people listing every single spec of their computer, even up to their case and speakers? why stop there and list your desk and chair model? how is it relevant to mention anything beyond motherboard/ram in regards to a CPU? are they trying to sound cool and on the edge? newsflash: there will always be better setups than yours, so nobody cares! i point it out because i find it really sad to see that so many people jump onto that pathetic bragging bandwagon.

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great card1/10/2010 10:21:11 AM

Pros: Runs DiRT 2 (DirectX 11 game) at max settings on 1080p very smoothly! Very impressed! chews right through my previous games (Crysis, BF2 with FH2/PR mods, DiRT, L4D2 that my dual geforce 7800gt setup could barely handle at half the settings. now i can rediscover the awesomeness of those games that I was missing and doesn't make me go broke doing so...it would go great with another of the same kind in crossfire for anything demanding down the road (though I think it will be a while!). very solid 'mid/high' level (of its class) card.

Cons: tall heatsink. ugly cowl. though i guess immaterial to it's performance per dollar. i'm not used to the literally brick sized video cards.

Overall Review: this probably runs any heavy duty graphics game at the moment right now on pretty good settings just dandy.

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blah12/31/2009 4:12:46 PM

Pros: does the job, recognized no problem. sata or IDE cool looking blue-lit base

Cons: it tends to lose connection randomly if not being used much (as though it goes into a sleep mode). it is also hard to make 'safely removed' sometimes even when there is absolutely nothing using it (or maybe there is, but nothing apparent and stupid windows doesn't tell me what it is that's using it). the other major issue is heat. hard drive is mounted in plastic, so no real passive heat sink ability, and hard drive gets baking hot so I just end up taking the case off to let it get some air. also the power connector is a circular DIN type...stupid idea seeing as it only needs a couple large pins but this has a bunch of small and unused ones and it's too easy to disconnect since its a shallow connector...bad connector design in general and definitely silly for power. the USB connection is rather loose as well.

Overall Review: if you're going to get an external enclosure get something that has active cooling, or better passive cooling than this since it has basically none. also it would help if the connectors for the cables weren't so jiggly and easy to come off.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
high quality and versatile but some annoying issues12/29/2009 10:16:11 AM

Pros: Overclocking for dummies and pros. Loaded with user friendly stuff and things you should never touch if you don't know better. Lots of fan connectors, USB ports. different colored LED's next to every major section (for overclocking status). onboard HDD LED, and lit power/reset switches. dual x16 PCI-E. physically secure SATA connectors with option for RAID without needing separate connectors. e-SATA on backplane. fast booting. nifty LCD for POST. adapter for consolidating front panel connectors to plug/unplug at once. uses my previously unused 8-pin power connector from my 850W antec PSU.

Cons: -can't boot with independently powered usb hub connected. -heatsink fins were bent considerably in a couple spots. not necessarily board design but meathead handling by either newegg/asus. -sometimes tricky to enter bios menu (doesn't listen to DEL key sometimes) -SupremeFX card has funky driver setup (seems to work better without the 'soundblaster mb' driver/app package). -2 vid cards is a chore.

Overall Review: If using a powered USB hub, the power from the hub will power the ROG chipset heatsink light as well as the light on the SupremeFX card and power/reset buttons. They apparently use the same power bus (regardless if you use the usb pins to PCI slot extensions or the permanent usb slots). The problem with this is that when you try to turn the PC on, it pulses power repeatedly without ever booting (you can see all the led's flip on and off and fans power up and down rather fast and wont stop) until you disconnect the powered USB or the AC cord. This is pretty sad considering having a usb hub that uses it's own power is much better than drawing it from the motherboard (for a hub). But you must leave it disconnected when booting or the power will argue. The SupremeFX card does not want to work with Windows XP Pro 64-bit...at all. Tried a ton of driver setups. It's detected but just doesn't want to seat into the audio device category to be used as one, works with windows 7 64bit however.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
about the only game i play regularly12/16/2008 3:44:06 PM

Pros: Great graphics even though they're dated they're still very effective with the added shine/shadows and ragdoll physics that BF1942 was missing. Squads, voice chat, commander for some sick organizing of a team. Mods for it such as Project Reality and Forgotten Hope and many others are free and expand the gameplay to infinity and make the stock game look like a complete joke given so many more weapons and maps with more realism and usually more sensible players. Rampant teamkillers can be auto-kicked if you 'punish' them enough times. Though this can work both ways (if they force you to tk them). Very seamless physics between close-quarters and long distance shots. Helicopters are a total joy.

Cons: Terrible server interface. Buggy, locks up and is very slow, seems single-threaded. If it ever locks up you are stuck with that screen, you have to do a hard reboot if so. It will sometimes do this also when on a server between maps. Joystick hatswitch controls are useless and you need a 3rd party program like joy2key running in 2 instances to trick BF2 into thinking you're pressing ctrl and moving mouse at the same time (which is what you normally have to do to look around in the cockpit)..clunky either way since you lose flight control while lookign around. Rewards system is pretty silly.. unlocks stop at 1st leiutenant I believe, making the rest of the ranks pretty useless and targets of selfish loser stat padders who ruin the game for their own benefit, making them sort of extra meaningless to have. You have to 'sign in' regardless if you want offline/online play which is idiotic.

Overall Review: I play this game almost every day and I haven't played many other games since regularly..I've bought a few other games but rarely play them which is a shame. The 10 bucks spent for this sucker is the same cost as the addons you can get from EA but I suggest the mods which are worth quite a bit on their own but they're free. Project Reality is a good one (although .8 version is a lot more frustrating than the previous version) in that it forces real teamplay and coordination, people actually use the voice chat all the time with it (in fact they have to) and a real sense of comradery is established instead of a server full of lone-wolfs stealing stuff and otherwise complete idiots. Bottom line is that even if stock BF2 isn't your cup of tea, use it as a vehicle to play a bunch of others of the same type with different themes.

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waste of money12/7/2008 7:49:00 PM

Pros: changeable speed buttons

Cons: First the finish. Looks nice, but is very bad for hand use as the slightest sweat makes a sticky feel and any form of debris over time will accumulate into a nasty ring around where your fingers go and the seams between the plastic. Never had this issue with any other mice. Second thing i noticed was that the changeable speed settings (the finer customizeable control offered by the driver program) only works in certain environments. For BF2 it will ratchet and get stuck to the highest setting after adjusting with the buttons. Then you have to use the coarse default speed settings after alt-tabbing to close the garbage program. Third is the notifications it gives when the battery is getting low. You can't turn this off unless you turn the entire program off. Can cause major choppiness in a game. Fourth and most importantly: HORRIBLE reliability on wireless. Cuts out whenever it wants...extremely random even when the tx/rx are 6 inches from each other. Great for destroying ones sanity

Overall Review: I don't think I've ever had a device that I've been so extremely tempted to smash into a million pieces from the firey rage it produces. When I'm in a game and I can't move except for my keyboard and getting embarrassingly owned, it's particularly annoying especially since this is a 'gaming' mouse. right. I'd have better luck with a $15 wired mouse. The changing speed is nice, whenever the mouse is working. I've owned other wireless products by logitech before and have become burnt by their terrible reliability. They may work great for a few months then loses it's mind after that, most likely after the warranty is up. Apparently designed only to work that far and after that you're hosed. Off to another brand i go.

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Great ONLY IF you have an actual PS/2 mouse! (adapters wont work!)7/20/2007 5:01:28 PM

Pros: Super cheap. kinda 'hip' color scheme. Easy to use, fast switching. Fairly compact.

Cons: Doesn't work with a USB > PS/2 adapter...therefore, no USB mice WHATSOEVER. You would think an adapter would allow basic mouse function, but per my Logitech G7, a wireless USB mouse, nothing at all. It does say this in the manual, but thats of course after you buy it, open it up to read it. Maybe somewhere in these reviews here as well, but I'm not going to read every one to find every possible thing wrong with it. No manual push button. Cable hookup is awkward (3 different directions).

Overall Review: If a USB > PS/2 adapter works for a computer...why the heck not for a switch? isn't it a fairly dumb device?

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