Very nice motherboard12/1/2018 12:54:10 PM

Pros: Ample slots for PCI/graphics card RGB is great for aesthetics M.2 slot cover is a nice feature - very easy installation for the M.2 drive and there are several screw holes for the cover PLENTY of USB ports, and a USB-C port, if you need it Onboard audio is great. I watched a movie and the sound was just as good - or better - than a sound card. BIOS options to check and customize EVERYTHING. I checked off the option to keep an eye on the CPU and case fans. I am not a gamer, so there were more options than I used. :) Software that comes with the motherboard also has more than I need. I enabled the "fast boot" option, and WOW, I've never had a computer that booted so fast! My previous computer was a store bought AIO that took a good 5 minutes to boot. What a difference.

Cons: TOP HEAVY. Be aware of the fact that the section where the I/O output are is heavier than the rest of the board. I nearly dropped it when putting it in the case. Did not properly line up with the riser screws after putting the I/O plate in. I kind of had to push it harder against the plate, which made me a bit nervous. The location of the RGB pins is right next to the front panel wires. I did not like this, because I had to remove the RGB wire and nearly took out the front panel wires, too. I have a tremor of the right hand, and those front panel wires are the bane of my existence. Very small area, even with my small hands. Perhaps move the RGB pins farther to the right?

Overall Review: My first board was DOA. I had to RMA with Newegg, which took forever (NJ to CA, 1-2 business days to check the board, approve, CA to NJ - WOW) Second board works like a champ - so far. I'd definitely recommend this board to anyone who likes to customize the board. I cannot speak for the overclocking features, since, again, I am not a gamer. But in the BIOS there are a ton of customization options for those who like to change everything.

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