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OverClockers Unite! We'll invite the normal users too....10/13/2007 9:21:40 AM

Pros: I have done some pretty extensive testing, and I must say, all reviews are completely true. I did three setup tests: one with an I-ntel C-ore 2 Q-u-a-d Q-6-6-0-0, an A-M-D 4-0-0-0+, and a I-ntel C-ore 2 Q-u-a-d Q-6-6-0-0 complete overclock. The first test, with the I-ntel, dropped the CPU temp from 35c with load, to around 22c. The second test, the A-M-D, was 37c with load, and dropped to 24c. The I-ntel overclocked with this fan from 2.4GHz to 3.3 GHz, with the 2.4GHz temp. at 22c, the Overcloked temp. was stable at around 43c. That is quite a feat with strictly air cooling! All overclocking was done with just what's in this box.

Cons: Very large. This fan rests about 7mm (Yes, milimeters) from the side of my case, which is a small L-i-a-n L-i Mid-tower. This fan is also very expensive, with a price of around $-6-0 more expensive than some of its fellow fans. Very heavy also, so be careful that you follow all directions, as damage tio the motherboard will most likely occur if not used with provided supports.

Overall Review: If you want to get the most out of any processor, Either company (Cyrix can come too...), and you need the cost-effectivness of air cooling, there is no other fan wich will yeild the results as this monster. Remember, this fan is for overclocking, nothing less, but even the avaerage joe can appreciate what this fan has to offer. Would buy, (and will buy for the second build), again.

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Gets the job done...Cheap10/2/2007 4:14:37 PM

Pros: This cable comes packaged in a plastic bag with a cardboard seal, yet you shouldn't really need anything more, right?

Cons: Slightly thin construction of cable, standard connectors, just a lower price, not lower quality.

Overall Review: This cable provides the necessary video feed needed to get your output video to the monitor,at a cheap price, without low quality, what else would you need? (Aside from not coming with a monitor too!)

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