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A reservoir air pressure regulator12/1/2020 11:15:57 AM

Pros: Is chrome Good quality Does Work?

Cons: How do you work this thing? No instructions included No instructions on website Doesn't work?

Overall Review: I guess I needed one of these for my liquid-cooled PC build. I read about "exhaust regulators" on a PC forum. It's currently in my Corsair pump/reservoir. I still don't know if it's working correctly. Does it dispel trapped air within the loop? I suppose if you loosen the center piece a bit it allows pressure to escape (when hot) or air to enter (when cooled)... I don't know. The manufacturer won't say. I assume that's right. It's cool I guess...

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Decent kit to do the job12/1/2020 11:08:05 AM

Pros: Had all essential items included Precise corner measurement options Tube cutter was adjustable

Cons: Hard to use for a first-timer Rubber support was a little short for my longest bend Tube cutter not sharp enough

Overall Review: A decent kit for the money. All the essentials for a liquid-cooling setup are included. It got the job done that I needed it too... though to be honest, it probably took longer than it should've because the tube cutter wasn't sharp enough, despite heating my acrylic tube up to (and occasionally beyond) the necessary temperature for easy cutting/separation. If the cutting wheel on the tube cutter had been sharper, it would've gone more quickly and possibly with fewer accidental tube cracks - because the amount of pressure applied to the cut would've been less. But all-in-all, an OK kit.

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MHz Tones are Always On12/1/2020 11:00:43 AM

Pros: Great build quality ...That's about it

Cons: Poor programming Speakers ALWAYS on Batteries die because device is constantly playing "PIR sensors" are pointless Can hear every frequency range Flashing LED option not bright enough to be effective

Overall Review: Great build quality, Poor Performance. I was excited at first look, but as soon as I used them I noticed immediately how poorly they were programmed/designed. The MHz tone settings are easy to adjust and tune... but it doesn't do much good. The speakers will play up and down the MHz spectrum of the selected frequency setting. Persistently. The device is always on. ALWAYS. WHAT GOOD are the "PIR sensors" if the device is always on?! (No good - is the answer) It's ALWAYS on. As soon as you select your MHz frequency range for the animals you wish to repel, the device will stay on until the rechargeable batteries run out - which, on a full charge, is ~6 hours. Not good. Not useful. Find a different repellent device. 2 eggs because of build quality.

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Works as described4/16/2013 11:49:50 AM

Pros: No extra accessories needed. Black and sleek design. Extends range to reach wireless signals by 3 times, as marked. Upgradeable antenna for even bigger range (sold separately). Software included. Easy setup.

Cons: USB cord is short considering the nature of this device. A small variety of wireless adapter property options.

Overall Review: A bit expensive for it's performance. However, very user friendly.

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Reliable, Fast, Clumsy2/26/2013 6:05:46 AM

Pros: I ordered this Fantom 2 TB drive, USB 3.0. The physical drive is encased in a sleek, brushed-aluminum housing, w/ removable stand. The housing has plenty of ventilation holes to reduce wear from heat. The HDD is quick; ready as soon as it's turned on. USB 2.0 compatible. Not TOO loud.

Cons: The included USB 3.0 cord is short. Really short. 2 feet, at most. Depending on your setup space, you may have to purchase a different (longer) USB 3.0 cord. The cord is standard "Type-A" USB on one end, and a new-style "Type-B" 3.0 box on the other end. It has a dedicated power cable and kill switch. Not sure if that's a 7200 rpm external HDD thing, or just a Fantom thing. Either way, it's not ideal for me. Also, don't expect to get the super-high speeds that are advertised on any new USB 3.0 device. Yes, it's fast. No, you won't transfer 1+ Gb/second.

Overall Review: Decent purchase. Fair price. Lots of space. Had to accommodate for this drive, more than I expected. Bulky.

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