High failure rate3/7/2008 11:17:47 AM

Pros: Quick drive, quiet, good price/GB ratio, very thin (more room for airflow, which can't be a bad thing. Relatively light.

Cons: Absurdly high failure rate (at least in the batch we got). We've built up to 75 computers in one day, so we're not new to this (in other words, it isn't "user error") - but since we started buying these drives, we've seen far too many DOAs and bad sectors. This last order of 14 drives had 4 (!) drives bad. One simply wouldn't be recognized by the bios or anything else, and the other 3 had multiple bad sectors.

Overall Review: Switching to a different brand.

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dependable2/19/2008 1:28:29 PM

Pros: Works as designed. Cool enough. Inexpensive.

Cons: Wiring a little tricky. Gaudy lights on the front.

Overall Review: Not a speed demon, but for the price this thing is great. Runs 24/7 with a scheduled backup on a workstation. No complaints.

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Great light, quiet box1/25/2008 7:35:47 AM

Pros: Well made, with smooth rolls for all internal edges. Pre-run cabling for SATA and IDE. Nice heat-transfer from the CPU to a big, quiet fan means very quiet operation. Barely above a whisper for 99% of the time. Will spin up if CPU is under heavy, long duration load, but it is still very quiet. Support 2GB sticks of RAM for ~3.2GB of memory in 32bit OS.

Cons: Blue power LED is *bright*! Too bright for my taste.

Overall Review: My skin gets dry during the winter. Maybe I wash my hands too frequently.

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Excellent value1/8/2008 8:21:27 AM

Pros: Great form factor, small but not tiny - not heavy, but doesn't feel flimsy. Excellent photo quality, including anti-shake mode (which is *different* from the default auto mode). Even with my shaky hands, I still get very good pictures. Easy to review pictures in memory. Bright, clear LCD. Extremely simple to use. The free 1GB SD card included in bundle yields about 800picture capacity at highest resolution. But the camera *does* have internal memory, too, if you're in a pinch (just 8 pictures on max resolution, though).

Cons: On/off button a bit small (makes it hard to hit by accident, though).

Overall Review: Beef Jerky, while tasty, isn't very good for you. Newegg does not sell beef jerky.

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Defective wiring12/3/2007 7:01:00 AM

Pros: Excellent modularity, solid case, quiet, stable power

Cons: one of the modular power connectors for Molex (CD-ROM, HDD, etc.) came cross wired from the factory - blew a 500GB drive and a DVD-RW before I figured out the drive/DVD weren't defective, the cable was

Overall Review: normally antec is highly reliable, but this kind of Quality Control mistake on a $100 PSU?!

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great speed and quiet too11/29/2007 7:09:19 AM

Pros: Very quiet, reasonably fast, great cost/GB ratio. 266 MB/sec transfer rates according to HD Tach.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: Great drive for the money.

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