20 days in - so far so good!7/26/2021 8:45:45 AM

Pros: Really like how versatile it is on setup -easy to organize cables -multiple configurations to suit your needs -1000w power supply = can handle future upgrades

Cons: No cons yet

Overall Review: Replaced a power supply that lasted me years, first time taking on Asus on PSU's and I'm excited to see how well it does!

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1st day Great!1/29/2019 10:37:52 AM

Pros: RIG *Intel i7 3770K *Asus Maximus ThunderFX Motherboard *G.Skill 16G mem *1000w PSU *SSD256GB(2 Raid Mode) *ThermalTake Chaser Case MONITOR *Alienware 34" Ultrawide Gaming Monitor(AW3418DW) 3440X1440p Packaging is perfect but it usually is when your buying an ASUS card(this is my 3rd). Card is safe in transition to you from seller. Install is very easy *Card is HUGE - about an inch wider and an inch roughly longer than an EVGA GTX 970 so when thinking about this card plan ahead Installation CD comes with 411.00 driver - at the time of this review 415. is available on GeForce Experience *CD comes with the latest version of GPU Tweak and also has GPU-Z as part of it - program is a must have for unlocking the Cards potential(I.E OC Mode - Gaming Mode - Silent Mode - Custom Profile) This card is several leagues ahead of my 970's in SLI Mode(granted not many PC games takes advantage of SLI but still) *COD4BLACKOUT at Max settings(3440x1440p res) game never drops below 65 frames, thats with full distance viewing. Seems to stay in the 75 - 95fps unless looking in wide open areas then it drops to mentioned 65 frames *Anthem - will review once open Beta is available *Temp seems to stay around 45'c during gaming. Browser use it stays around 25'c. I haven't had much opportunity to push it but thats still a great temp for a GPU. Will get a little more hard on it this weekend - ill update *Its quiet - Some reviews have said the fans are whiny but I havent experienced that at all. Course that might be because I havent forced it to ramp up yet :) *comes with some velcro straps for organizing cables in case *3 year service plan 100% Parts 100% Labor only 70 bucks! Definitely worth it as ASUS Warranty covers 36 Months This is all with OC Mode, I havent tried it in other modes. Dont see why i would need to as the card is the OC edition. All in all I'm extremely happy with the card. You notice an immediate upgrade with this card if your replacing a 500 - 900 series card. Its sort of like asking Edward Norton to lift 50 lbs and then asking Arnold Schwarzenegger(in his prime) to lift the same and seeing the struggle difference. Card is great and cheaper than a Ti. Most reviews explained this card was an excellent alternative to the Ti series and performs almost as well. Not bad when your saving 400 - 500 bucks.

Cons: *Well the mentioned size could be a concern for some users - its definitely Big as the reviews on Newegg state *Price is high - Most I've ever laid down for a GPU but with the string of games coming out in 2019 i dont want my system to be weak in this area so its worth it to me! User Manual only covers install - in like 10 languages - Installation CD has the manuals for card as well as GPU in PDF form but I like having a hardcopy of my manuals - not really a con for everyone but me certainly

Overall Review: Really it depends on what your trying to accomplish. If you have a lower end Monitor maybe you could go more affordable with the graphics card. If you've spent alot of money on a gaming monitor a lower end graphics card wont be able to fully utilize it. Make sure you've done your homework - I chose this card because of its VRAM - Boost Clock - Resolution - Brand - multiple website reviews. Those reviews tested this card on multiple games and all of them place this card right below the Ti's that are much more expensive. I also bought it from Newegg not a third party on Newegg.com because Newegg has the best customer service you could ask for. Means if I have a problem, they have my back.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Bought this to add internet connection options, i Game so i prefer ethernet to wireless6/16/2017 12:03:32 PM

Pros: 8 Connections is plenty, no fus install. Up and running as soon as you connect your cables

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Its always a good idea to buy an extended warranty if you can. These things stay on 24/7 and although D-Link is a great brand, I had one of their older versions of this switch fail on me after about 2 1/2 years of use. If they offer a 3 yr plan, go ahead and pick it up!

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Nice Looking12/1/2015 9:02:31 PM

Pros: A lot of nice features, I'm stepping up from a Netgear WMDR3400 so this is a big leap. big fan of the router app. I also like its range which in my 2 story home it hits everywhere!

Cons: See other thoughts!

Overall Review: Wont work with my baby monitor now. Main reason I shelled out the bigger bucks was to get a better/more reliable router so I wouldn't get signal drop with my Motorola Blink 1-s. Ive set everything I can think of within the router settings to connect it and it fails with an error message saying it cant find the camera in the router.. Maybe the camera tech is outdated, I bought mine 2 years ago, but without concrete proof why it isn't connecting I cant just purchase a new one for fear of it not connecting either...

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