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Well designed tiny case12/10/2013 4:34:32 PM

Pros: -This is a great looking case for many different applications. As other reviews have said you can use it for a classy looking htpc, a budget desktop / linuxbox, or a powerful mini gamer. -The finish on mine came with no flaws although the exhaust mesh by the I/o shield was dented from shipping it bent right back in place. -There is plenty of room in this thing if you plan out what you want to fit in it. I will expand on this in the "other thoughts." - It's a sexy little case

Cons: -Heat can be an issue if you don't plan your build right. - A tiny flaw but the sticker on the back of the case is a pain to get off. - For those that say "can't fit 'x" gfx card..would be great if it could etc etc" this case is tiny and is not meant for that application. - Cable management needs to be well thought out. You don't need modular. Will it help with airflow? Sure maybe 1c-2c but not worth the extra $40-$60 you'll put into it.

Overall Review: Parts: i3 3220 (stock cooler), Asrock H77ITX, EVGA 650ti SSC 2GB, 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600, 120 OCZ Vertex 3, 120 ADATA SSD, 500GB WD Mechanical HDD, Corsair CX 430w Bronze, and a 120mm Scythe at the bottom of the case. I was able to fit 2 ssds, a 500GB HDD, and a 120 mm bottom intake in this case w/ high profiled ram and a non modular PSU. I used some old "feet" off another case that I never used to elevate the case so the bottom fan could suck the cool air from underneath and push it into the 650ti and the help push out the hot air from the stock cooler on the i3 3220. Temps on avg ambient of ~26c CPU / GPU on idle: 45c / 38c (my cores run hot/cold around 8c difference between the two so the avg could be less on a different chip) CPU / GPU gaming on skyrim/bf3: 55c / 68c CPU / GPU encoding: 68c (max) / 40c If I kick the scythe 120mm at the bottom on I get about 3c-5c less on the temps. For more info and pics of the DIY3+ you can search for Jonsbo cases on the web. All the different models are on there and maybe Newegg will get some MORE of them because they look amazing for the minimalist crowd. **Hey Newegg! Can yall add some kind of "preview" button so users that submit reviews can see their whole thought process and the format it will appear on the site? I know this review could be better if I could see the whole picture!***

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Great little card for the money1/1/2013 9:25:58 PM

Pros: I use this card in a linux/windows box. Like another user said it will net around 19-21k ppd in windows 8. It does very well in Linux with Steam Beta. The size is perfect for it's role.

Cons: It doesn't make breakfast

Overall Review: nice little card.

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Good little mobo (Linux Box Build)10/7/2012 9:12:29 PM

Pros: Great little board for the money ~$55 shipped. Worked right out of the box with a 3rd Generation i3 and the latest bios.

Cons: Could use more sata ports...but it's a mATX $55 board. I would have liked to see more fan headers.

Overall Review: Machine parts: i3 3220, GeForece 310, Kingston Hyper-X 1600 2x2GB, WD 80GB HDD, left over power supply. I've run #!, ubuntu, lubuntu, BT5r3, Mint 12 and 13, Fedora 17, Puppy 5.3.3, and Windows 8 on this setup with no issues. Wireless card = If you are complaining about your GFX card not fitting with the SATA ports, you should have looked at the board before you ordered. This is not a gaming mobo.

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The pen.... is ...bluueee8/22/2012 5:41:49 PM

Pros: Great fan. Pushes a lot of air and is relatively quiet

Cons: Please note that it is blue!!!! Not black, blue. I don't use it any more for my gaming rig, but it makes a good server fan.

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Decent Cooler8/22/2012 5:37:49 PM

Pros: Looks great in my black and white case (one of the few black coolers). Keeps my cpu under 60c. Specs of PC to follow in comments

Cons: It is a large cooler that is a pain to work around. I can also only use two of my ram slots due to the fan (in push) blocking the other slots (Gigabyte ud3h-b3). The fan cable is really ugly.

Overall Review: System specs: i5 2500k OC'd 4.3 @ 1.37v, Gigabyte ud3h-b3, corsair 8gb @ 1600 Folding@home temps: Max 60c, Min 57c BF3 temps: Max 58, Min 49 OCCT Benchmark: Max 60c

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Doesn't fly very well.4/1/2012 5:15:05 PM

Pros: Product was delivered

Cons: Will not sustain controlled flight.

Overall Review: Buy something larger in size. I had great luck with the s107 and s109

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Great Heli3/31/2012 6:14:01 AM

Pros: It is very stable and seems to be fairly durable so far. Battery life is on par with the others I've had.

Cons: Slower than the s107s

Overall Review: Definitely worth the extra money over the s107s

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Great Card, terrible rebate1/25/2012 6:44:17 PM

Pros: Run's most games very well. It will play skyrim 1920x1080 maxed out with a slight OC on MSI Afterburner. I have yet to set up eyefinity with it but will get there eventually

Cons: Don't count on the rebate. It's been almost 6 months with out a word on the status.

Overall Review: Great card, plan on crossfire in the next 3 months

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Works with Ubuntu 11.1012/5/2011 4:10:46 PM

Pros: Title says it all. I bought this just to run wireless in Ubuntu 11.10. Plugged it in and it was recognized immediately. Speed is decent. Nice little USB adapter.

Cons: A little bit bulky

Overall Review: 2 weeks of frustration cured for ~ $10.

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Would be a good mouse, I guess10/9/2011 10:20:15 PM

Pros: Pretty Lights, good feeling click response.

Cons: Drifts like no other. Even after adjusting it with all the settings I could not get this mouse to stop drifting or going on mouse tangents.

Overall Review: Perhaps I got a bad one?

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