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Waste of Money

Acer G5 G215HVBbd  Black 21.5" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor,200 cd/m2 ACM 20,000:1 (600:1)
Acer G5 G215HVBbd Black 21.5" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor,200 cd/m2 ACM 20,000:1 (600:1)

Pros: Great price on sale. Solid stand with tilt

Cons: white out display. Put next to a good display and you will know immediately. Fuzzy picture on max resolution. Bad viewing angles

Overall Review: Waste of money if you're looking for a display for anything besides looking at facebook. Even then, pictures look terrible.

Great sound Quality - poor design

SteelSeries 61051SS 7H USB Headset
SteelSeries 61051SS 7H USB Headset

Pros: Fantastic sound quality. The various sound option types and adjustable sound profiles are phenomenal. Microphone is very clear on mumble, ventrilo, and skype for others.

Cons: Would never recommend anyone to purchase these: - The sound bleeds through the headset to where you can hear music/voices through it from three rooms away. - It's not compatible with other sound controlling profiles. You can't adjust the volume without going INTO the volume bar or software - Volume control is non-existent. It's either at 100% or 1%, nothing in the middle. You're either going to lose your hearing or feel like your deaf. - Very uncomfortable. Unless you have small ears, both ear cup types will pinch your ears. The top adjustable bar has about a 5 degree curve, however my head ( and most people last I checked) don't have nearly flat, square heads.

Overall Review: For the retail price of roughly $90, there are numerous alternative available. For my particular application (gaming and music) these were a disappointment. The sound quality while good, was not good enough to justify the expense. This is my second Steel Series headset (5H as well) and both have been a disappointment.