Works well, but problems on the horizon2/10/2013 3:59:08 PM

Pros: Nicely laid out motherboard, easy to install in my case, preforms decently with my Phenom II x4 955BE. 32 GB of RAM capability make it ideal for my intended purpose (multiple VMs & software development on Linux).

Cons: Based on another post here, it appears the 3.0 version of this motherboard throttles the fx-8320 and fx-8350 CPU performance, my planned upgrade path. It came with the only released BIOS available for the product, though there is a BETA version posted on Gigabyte's web site. I'D SUGGEST YOU STAY AWAY from this product if you plan on installing an AMD FX-8320 or FX-8350 processor until the performance throttling issue is FIXED!! I'm not pleased at all with this board because of this unmentioned performance issue!! I wan't an exchange for a motherboard that will NOT throttle FX based CPU performance!!

Overall Review: This board works well with many versions of Linux. Interesting thing though: Debian based releases don't recognize the USB2.0 ports, while Fedora based releases (specifically 17 & 18) don't exhibit this problem. This includes Fedora 17, 18, and "Qubes OS", a Fedora 17 based distribution. Have it loaded with 32GB of RAM and have used it with both an Nvidia GTX 460 and a ASUS HD-7750. Both video cards play nicely with Linux if you have the appropriate drivers available duirng install. BIG PROBLEM: Gigabyte BIOS, by default, disables IOMMU out of the box AND when "Optimum Defaults" are loaded. What the?!! Why would a key feature of AMD multi-core CPUs be disabled by default?! You can manually set it to the "default" value of "ON", but why would it be disabled upon delivery? Not happy about that in the least. Last thought: The on-board network card is not supported by several distributions. Additional firmware is required. Fortunately I have an Intel Ethernet PRO 10/100/1000 dual port NIC that works great with any Linux distribution I've tried thus far. Purchased on 1/13/13, Have only a few more days to address this and I WILL be contacting Newegg!

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Great memory2/1/2013 9:32:23 AM

Pros: Excellent performance in both Intel and AMD systems. Never any memory errors despite running memory tests for days on end.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've used this memory in both i5/i7 builds as well as AMD AM3/AM3+ systems and G.Skill never lets me down. Great packaging. Fits snugly in memory slots. No physical connection issues. And, most importantly, no memory errors. Frequently Newegg has a memory sale going and I always look for G.Skill products because of their value and dependability. This particular purchase (in January ... I have G.Skill memory from 3 years back) went into an AMD AM3+ build to run Linux and NetBSD. Never a dissapointment. No RMAs, no returns ... just great performance for your money.

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Good product2/1/2013 9:26:50 AM

Pros: Good thermal transfer. Plenty in container, so you can use it for multiple builds. Has a reputation to give lower CPU temperatures (mentioned in other reviews). It works, it's affordable, and you can change your CPU fan a few times on one container of the stuff. What's not to like?

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I buy this stuff with every build. It is a good value and keeps my CPUs cool. Same result for both air and water cooled CPU cooling solutions.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
A 120mm fan with adapters for 140mm1/31/2013 7:57:12 AM

Pros: Nice fan design. Packaging is great. Lots of accessories included for mounting to various opening sizes.

Cons: Not really a 140mm fan. When shopping on Newegg for this item, I selected the "140mm" filter. Expected to find ONLY 140mm fans. Nope! This little jewel pops up as a 140mm fan when it is ACTUALLY 120mm. Some adapters from Noctuna allow you to mount it to 140mm mount points. But is certainly NOT a 140mm fan. I bought it here and was surprised to receive a 120mm fan. Hey Newegg! You got any 100mm fans with adapters for 140mm mounting? Why not put them in the 140mm filter too!? Absolutely stupid marketing ploy. A 140mm fan is supposed to BE a 140mm fan!!

Overall Review: The hardware to mount this fan is very complete. It has screws and soft rubberized mounts included so as to minize vibration transferred to the case. Seems to run nicely once properly installed and moves air decently. I have a total of 4 fans in my Fractal Design R4. This fan is my exhaust exit fan, facing the rear of the case. Otherwise I have 1x120mm fan attached to my water cooling radiator and 2x140mm fans in the front of the case pushing air in across the HDDs. Point being, I can't say this fan is great sound wise because there are 3 other fans in the case that are contributing to the noise level. I'm sure it is quiet. Hey, I could replace all my fans for these Noctuna NF-P14's and REDUCE the fan size at the front of the case! (Remember .. they are 120mm fans, not 140mm!). Okay. Enough complaining. Two eggs off for shoddy marketing practices and the fact that is NOT actually a 140mm fan.

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Excellent power supply1/13/2013 8:34:15 AM

Pros: Great craftsmanship. Great specs. Works flawlessly. And when they go on sale, here at Newegg, it just gets better. Lots of modular power connectors included. And mounting hardware comes with it as well.

Cons: None. Well, they could spend a bit less money on the packaging presentation and pass the savings on to the customer.

Overall Review: This is the 3rd Seasonic X650 power supply I've purchased, for three different builds, and I've been pleased with every one. No power glitches. No manufacturing defects. No system problems. They work very well and are a pleasure to install. Beautiful components are somewhat visible through the perforations. Connectors seat firmly and accurately at both ends. And they are long enough for every build I've put together (ATX MB, 1x Intel, 2x AMD). Fabulous product. Hope they go on sale again so I can buy a 4th for my NEXT build.

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Nice Lian Li case6/23/2012 1:34:41 PM

Pros: Sturdy Lian Li construction. Nice features (multiple 2.5/3.5 disk mounts, cable management, excellent motherboard mount placement). No sharp edges. Have always liked Lian Li cases and this one is another very good example. Front facia comes off easily. HDD installation is a breeze. Motherboards mount up beautifully in this case. Plenty of drive bays for all but the server minded folks. Big 140mm fans up front. One 120mm fan exhausts to the rear. As another reviewer mentioned, 120mm or 140mm (x2) mounts on left side cover. Stock fans are quiet and keep the air flowing nicely (runs cool).

Cons: Finish on the steel case (exterior) was less than stellar. Okay, so it is not one of their all aluminum cases (just the front bezel is aluminum), but a bit more attention to the finish is what I expected from Lian Li.

Overall Review: Fans and side panels screws have insulation washers (nice) which reduces any vibration that may be transferred from mounted components. Power supply mount (bottom) has vent for power supply fan that is filtered (nice) along with rubber insulators on sled type mounts. Lots of screws and rubber mounts for HDDs. Attention to detail in this cases design is excellent. What you expect from Lian Li. It is very affordable and looks nice in your computer room / den. Not a bunch of blue LEDs on fans or clear panels, but that is a good feature (IMHO). I installed 1 140mm fan on the left side cover without any trouble. Minus 1 egg for the exterior finish. Otherwise I highly recommend this mid-tower case.

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Works well6/23/2012 1:08:25 PM

Pros: Easy to install. Good price on Newegg. Comes with BlueRay software (codec?). Includes all the bits needed for installation. Dependable DVD/CDROM R/W performance. Thanks Newegg for the good deal on an excellent product.

Cons: The included software seems a bit clunky. The user interface does not function as expected in some situations (e.g. try to fast forward to the BlueRay menu and it will hang on occasion). Also, when pausing a BlueRay, the software will pause for a brief amount of time before halting the playback process, taking you back to the beginning of the disk when the "play" button is pressed.

Overall Review: This device worked very well with Windows 7 (64-bit), ASUS Sabertooth Z77 motherboard, 16GB RAM, Intel SSD, and MSI GTX260n video card. Would recommend the drive, but I'd suggest finding some better playback software (maybe VLC for Windows freeware would be better). Minus 1 egg for the slow and clunky software.

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Google Nexus One, excellent!5/16/2012 3:52:02 PM

Pros: - Solid feel in the hand, heavy, made of metal and not much plastic on the outside. - Google direct device (when originally sold) - Has a nice table stand/charging base as an option (not sure that accessory is still sold) - Lots of developer support, if you like installing custom ROMs - Several OTA updates that bring the phone to Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 - It is a bit small-ish in the hand, by today's standards, but I LIKE that. I don't have to reach a finger 3.5+ inches across the screen to do something. The whole "in-hand" experience with this phone is really nice. - Nice screen, except in direct sunlight. - Great call quality (with Google developed ROMs & firmware). - Great signal retention on T-Mobile network (SF Bay Area). - Works very well on the T-Mobile network (data and voice)!

Cons: - Battery life is a bit lacking, but always seems to last at least a day - Screen is difficult to see in direct sunlight, unlike more modern phones like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. - Need updates to the radio firmware to achieve good signal retention (via OTA updates available from Google). - Google Android OTA updates take a while to be released, thus many folks rush to 3rd party (e.g. CyanogenMod) ROMs for new features.

Overall Review: I've had this phone since it was released by Google. It was expensive. And it has its limitations. But it has been one of the best phones I own (which include Atrix 4G, N900, N9, Palm Pre 2, Sidekick 4G .. among others). It has a solid feel. Relatively recent software (for when it was released) and I still enjoy using it. Have contemplated other recent phones that are available, but none are as solidly built as the HTC Google Nexus One. It has been dropped. Kicked. Scraped. And otherwise abused over the last year and it still works. Nothing has broken (including the power switch or screen). And I don't have it in a case (other than the soft cloth case that came with the device). I'm tempted to buy another just to have it around when this one does eventually die. Nice to see Newegg has them available (bought my N9 from them and had a great customer experience). So I may just buy a second one, while they are available, so I can continue to enjoy the Nexus One experienc

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Excellent Drive!4/29/2012 9:04:26 AM

Pros: Easy installation. Quiet device. Burns a variety of formats. Never had a problem with this drive. Works well with both motherboards I used it with.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've always had NO problems with Plextor products (from back in the day when they were known for their SCSI devices). Keep coming back for more of their products with each build or recommendation. I used this drive with a variety of operating systems, and it always works great: Windows (xp, w7), Linux (fedora, debian), *BSD (NetBSD, FreeBSD). Just a great product!

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Nice case4/26/2012 6:50:59 PM

Pros: Very nice craftsmanship. Lots of accessories available. Works well with standard ATX motherboards. Purchased my case from Newegg and really liked the quality. Panels and HDD case are beautiful.

Cons: 2.5" drive brackets not included, which I needed for my SSD. But there are sites that enable you to buy all those cool accessories.

Overall Review: Am getting ready to build a new system and I can't really find a case that will out-do this one. Front panel comes off without tools, drives fit in beautifully, no sharp edges, and very sturdy on its feet. I am kind of at a loss on why cases have not evolved much since a year ago. This one is GREAT!

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Excellent GSM phone!3/23/2012 7:49:01 AM

Pros: + penta-band GSM phone (works on all US GSM carriers) + beautiful AMOLED screen + good battery life + stunning design + software that is very usable + very good camera (including video) + great web experience (T-Mobile GSM in the SF Bay Area) For those who use their phone for e-mail / calendar functions (including MS Exchange), one of the best features (IMHO) is the ability to disable device "provisioning" on a per-account basis. This enables the user to control whether an employer, for example, has the capability to remotely wipe the device (high tech firms usually have this capability from their MS Exchange servers). Apple iOS and Google Android do not, to my knowledge. The owner of the device has full control over how it interacts with remote account management.

Cons: - can't physically remove battery - no memory expansion slot - small number of applications available for MeeGo

Overall Review: I really like the features of this phone for my use. The "CONS" don't make me dislike this device because it has not required I remove the battery, expand the memory, or play Angry Birds on it. Angry Birds, by the way, is pre-installed on the phone, but my point is I don't need several apps from a store to do what I want to do with this device. After having purchased this phone (from Newegg) last year, it has given me excellent phone service. There have been 2 software updates distributed for the device and each time the feature set gets richer!

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Very nice case1/27/2011 2:44:30 PM

Pros: Beautifully manufactured, excellent fit and finish, light weight (yes, a Pro), with many accessories available. I like the quiet fans and how components fit so effortlessly into the case. Much better than the Antec it replaces (quality and design wise). Would buy another without hesitation. Clean edges on all surfaces (no cut fingers) with plenty of mounting hardware supplied.

Cons: As mentioned by other posters, you may need 90 degree SATA cables for internal 3.5" drives. Not an issue if you are prepared for it.

Overall Review: The motherboard tray makes it very easy to install components. Access to the case through both sides is a great feature. Simple design with no "BLING" is such a refreshing change for the better. It replaced a full tower case but still gave me plenty of room for my large video card. Minus one half egg (can't do that, so they lost one egg) for not providing 90 degree SATA cables or an HDD cage designed to accommodate typical SATA cables. Not many folks using IDE drives with ribbon cables any more.

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Did not perform better than OEM4/2/2009 7:45:35 AM

Pros: Inexpensive option to improve cooling on 775 socket CPUs (including quad-core). Do not have to put backing plate under motherboard, uses standard mounting hardware. Not the largest CPU cooler, which makes it easy to mount when you have limited space (I did not. My case had plenty of room for this cooler and motherboard components did not interfere with its mounting.)

Cons: ** Did not keep my CPU as cool as the OEM unit (43 - 45C versus 39 - 40C for the OEM model).** These readings were taken over a period of 3 weeks so as to allow the Artic Silver 5 to cure properly. To double check my unexpected results, I removed the AC Freezer 7, cleaned the surfaces a second time, and re-applied Artic Silver 5 to ensure I had full Cooler base-to-CPU contact. Same results after 7 full days of monitoring.

Overall Review: I do not overclock my CPU, but wanted to keep temperatures down as the hot summer months approach. Running a Q9300 (95w) on an Intel DP35DP motherboard with an ATI (HIS) 630V / XT2600 HD video adapter (no cooling fan, only a large heat sink). Other internal sources of heat include 2 Hitachi 500GB SATA Deskstar HDDs. All are mounted in an Antec 180 (full tower) case with 3 x 120mm fans and an Antec 650w power supply. All were purchased from Newegg and work wonderfully. Every item performed to expectations with the exception of this CPU fan. Though I'm not thrilled with the item, I think I may keep it for another system build (with less CPU heat radiation). It is definitely NOT staying on my main quad-core system though. Product does not perform as expected.

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Excellent quad-core3/4/2009 10:51:00 AM

Pros: Excellent performance for the price (when I bought mine from New Egg). Purchased mine in July 08 and have run many different operating systems on it. Not a game machine, this system is used to run Linux or *BSD host operating systems and various guest operating systems using virtual machine technology. Use it to compile lots of software and develop my own tools. Always runs cool. Not over clocked.

Cons: Wish I would have held out a bit longer for the faster CPUs, but that is always the case. Buy the fastest CPU you can afford so you can enjoy the performance.

Overall Review: Using the OEM fan and heat sink it runs at 41C on an Intel motherboard. The thermal limit for the CPU is 75C according to the Intel web site. Would like it to run a bit cooler especially since it will run 24/7 from now on and summer is a few months off. Just ordered an Artic Cooling fan with Artic Silver 5 thermal paste from New Egg and hope this brings the temperature down 5-10C (though that may be expecting a bit much). Very happy with this product and will continue to buy from New Egg. They are GREAT to deal with!

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Great bluetooth adapter6/23/2008 4:49:57 PM

Pros: Great Bluetooth product for you PowerMac system. Mine didn't come with the option, to I added this adapter and now I can connect to my phone and transfer data easily. Works like most things "Mac", just plug it in and it works. Couldn't be better. I've used this on a dual PowerMac G4 and a dual PowerMac G5 with no problems.

Cons: None, it works great.

Overall Review: Buying from is always a pleasure. Love the great prices and prompt shipping!

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Great wireless router6/23/2008 4:46:37 PM

Pros: Works great right out of the box. No problem using it with either a Mac OS/X system or a Windows XP Pro machine. Easy to install, easy to use, and even easier to manage via http interface. Excellent coverage for such a value priced item. The security features (WPA) work great on this router.

Cons: None. Works great. No problems.

Overall Review: Bought it at and really love the product as well as great shopping experience. Buy with confidence.

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Decent wireless card, and cheap too.6/23/2008 9:14:00 AM

Pros: I had no trouble installing the software and card. It was a piece of cake. Just follow the included directions, and everything works fine. I bought this to replace the on-board wireless in an HP Pavilion dv4000 CTO laptop. The on-board device would randomly turn off while in use. So I was more than a bit surprised when I saw how well it picked up signal around the house from my Netgear router. I don't have the RangeMax router, but this card really gets great signal strength everywhere I try it. The Netgear software is much improved over previous releases. Drivers work great on XP Pro too.

Cons: None. It worked very easily. Does not crash my XP Pro laptop. And picks up signal in places the on-board wireless would disconnect.

Overall Review: I did not buy this at Newegg only because I needed network connectivity RIGHT NOW and shipping a product takes time. This product works well with a WIndows laptop. My only concern is if it will work as well under Linux when I do convert the laptop over to a more stable operating system.

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