Northbridge Overheating!1/21/2009 8:51:43 AM

Pros: sexy looking with lots of features, the bios is very good and has lots of options for overclocking, not that i have been able too as of yet!

Cons: the north bridge was heating to 82c out of the box! i was flabbergasted. all other indicators were running relatively cool, south bridge at 27c and Processor at 21c, but the north bridge was screaming! i found out after doing some research online that the cooling paste and/or heatpipe/heatsink assembly on the chipset is somehow inadequate! removed the whole assembly and stock heat compound, reapplied some arctic silver and tightened the assembly extra tight and everything was running cool, including the north bridge at a nice 30c, alot better then 82c at Zero load!. if you get this board be ready to do some extra handy work! also one of the RAM sockets produces memory errors! it took a few bsod's and a memtest to narrow that down. i would RMA the board but ya know what i can still play crysis smooth as butter with all settings max and thats with no overclocking yet, this thing better not give me any more trouble or its being sent back!

Overall Review: ASUS Maximus II Formula 3GB of G.Skill 1066 DDR2 Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16 Ghz 2x Crossfire Radeon HD 4850 all wrapped up in a Cooler Master RC-690

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