Great keyboard, but get the blue switches!10/29/2019 7:13:19 AM

Pros: It's beautiful, and nicely customisable both in terms of physical space and around what each key can do.

Cons: No numpad is really annoying, as is the decision to skimp on space wrt the placement of keys like home, end, pgup, etc. When you've been typing as long as I have, your fingers come to expect keys to be in a particular place. Moving them to yet another hard-to-find space is not appreciated. Also, the brown key switches are kinda terrible. This isn't the fault of the keyboard though, I simply chose poorly. The brown switches aren't at all like the blue ones, despite how they're marketed. They're not much quieter than the blue, but they lack any semblance of a satisfying mechanical feeling to them. For this kind of money, I was very disappointed. It's not their fault though, I just wish there was a way to return a keyboard on account of it "not feeling right" :-(

Overall Review: It's a good keyboard with high quality manufacturing. It's my daily driver at home (blue switches) and at work (brown switches, ew) and for the most part it's great. I just wish they'd stop mucking with standards like key placements.

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