Solid Machine (W/Quirks)7/5/2021 11:03:51 AM

Pros: Extra M.2 Gen 4x4 slot big enough for a 22100 SSD to be installed (routed via northbridge). 2 open RAM slots. Built in WiFi card is off to the side and out of the way. Extra interface ports on the board to add extra USB ports. Fresh and clean Windows 10 install without a ton of advertisements installed.

Cons: Only SSD is a 500GB M.2 Gen 3x4, mounted under the video card, communicating on the southbridge. Unique sized stand-off for the other SSD doesnt include a mounting screw (which was nearly impossible to match up). System/case fans independently powered, leaving the MB ports empty, making all the advanced BIOS management of those fans somewhat useless (including the dead fan emergency shut down feature). Fans are loud, but to be expected, except CPU fan appears to be severely undersized for the heat generated from a Gen 11 Intel Core i7.

Overall Review: Overall, I have really nothing but good things to say. If buying this, plan to buy a new SSD to add on and some extra RAM. Whats included is 16 GB of 3200 DDR4, so I bumped mine to 32. When time comes, I may also want to upgrade the cooling system, and reroute fan power to the MB. Lastly, I HATE the look, lol. This isnt a con because everyone has their own taste, but I must add that is looks quieter than the model pics show. It isnt as loud and flashy as it appears (which was a great relief to me, someone who normally cuts ALL LED lighting on a system). The machine provides MORE than enough power to where it doesnt need an extra light show to look good. Using it shows the true power of this unit.

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Not USB 3.0 as described!5/27/2020 5:03:49 PM

Pros: Functional USB 2.0 IDE 2.5" enclosure

Cons: Is NOT USB 3.0 as advertised

Overall Review: Product will still function, but much slower than you'd expect. I can get what this actually is for half the price from any other seller.

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