Exactly as advertised7/5/2020 3:05:11 PM

Pros: I got these so I could listen to something while I mow the lawn for ~2 hours. Because this is a sweaty job, I didn't want headphones, but I needed something that would drown out the noise of the engine while also staying in my ears (comfortably). This did exactly that. Even while listening to a conversational podcast at a normal volume, I was able to hear it just fine. They give you an assortment of different sized ear pieces, so if you find something doesn't fit right, just swap it out for something else. The battery life is plenty long enough. I personally find the volume loud enough. Audio quality is fine; nothing special but I found nothing noticeably bad either. I could see the small bag and magnetic ends make these easy to travel with, but I haven't done so.

Cons: For the price, none.

Overall Review: Although I haven't listened for myself, I think the mic must be good enough because while on a phone call, the other end was able to hear and understand me just fine. I was skeptical of the brand and price, but I find this very much worth getting.

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Works fine5/27/2020 12:39:49 PM

Pros: It does what it says. I'm able to charge and use *either* USB or HDMI at the same time, but not both. However, I'm not sure if this is a limitation of my laptop or the adapter. Regardless, I really just got it so I could use USB and charge at the same time, with HDMI being a nice bonus if I need it. The cable is thick enough that it ought to hold up to everyday use pretty well, and not overheat from a more powerful charger (knock on wood).

Cons: The male end of the USB-C connector seems slightly crooked. Not a big deal - it still works and it isn't flimsy.

Overall Review: For the money, it's pretty good. These things get beat up very easily so I couldn't justify spending more money on something nicer.

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Works as advertised5/27/2020 12:26:21 PM

Pros: - Can read a SD card and HDD at the same time - Works fine with Linux - Performance is as expected for USB 3.0

Cons: - And indicator LED would've been nice, but not an absolute necessity - The cheap shiny plastic is a fingerprint and scratch magnet. This doesn't weigh much so you often have to hold it. - Too bad it isn't USB 3.1, but, you get what you pay for - The wall adapter is only 12v 2A. If you plug in a 10000RPM drive or an especially old power hungry model, you might need to buy a separate 12V adapter with more amps.

Overall Review: Seems a lot of people here don't understand how these caddies work... Safe ejection is done via software (the OS, typically). This doesn't magically recover data from a dead or formatted drive. If Windows is struggling to read from it, chances are your USB port is faulty or you're using a drive that demands too much power.

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Not properly refurbished12/11/2019 3:13:44 PM

Pros: Worked fine while it lasted

Cons: The charging port was faulty, but, that wasn't made totally clear up until the warranty expired. The iPad would charge (VERY slowly), but only when it was off. I assumed this was because I was supplied with a cheap 3rd party charger+cable, rather than authentic ones. When I asked about this, I was just given another pair of the same thing, which didn't function any differently. At some point the charger port just totally died, even when testing someone else's authentic charger. Perhaps the chinsy 3rd party charger killed it, or perhaps this iPad was refurbished in the first place because it wasn't charging properly. Either way, this was NOT refurbished properly, and I regret not returning it sooner.

Overall Review: I wouldn't get anything from ABC Refurbished if you care about proper QA.

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Low-binned parts6/15/2018 7:47:36 AM

Pros: Despite people moaning about it not having a heatsink, it also doesn't need one. At stock settings, this runs pretty cold. Sometimes people get so whiny about the most petty things. It's a budget part - you really need to lower your expectations. It allows you to lower the latencies a little bit, so that's a nice bonus. Works just fine in Ryzen builds, just remember to enable the XMP profile. This works as advertised, so honestly I can't really complain about its performance. However...

Cons: ... even when significantly bumping up the voltage and adjusting the timings, this just simply won't exceed 2400MHz without stability issues. This is the first time I've encountered a RAM module whose parts were binned so low that it is already pushed to its limits at stock settings (and the stock settings are not impressive to begin with). All that being said, I'm not docking an egg because it didn't do what it wasn't advertised to do. I am docking an egg because there are competing products at a similar price point that have better tolerances. This is a good product, but it's not a great one.

Overall Review: Despite the fact it can't overclock, I have managed to at least lower the latencies to 13-14-14-33 at 1.3v (I get major stability issues if anything else gets lowered). I think 2666MHz would offer better performance, but I'm satisfied with what I've got.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Peter Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Good to hear the memory is working as advertised in your AMD Ryzen system. As far as overclocking, it may be necessary to increase timings and/or Voltage to reach a higher specification. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us directly. The G.Skill TECH Forum is also available to share and gain information from other G.Skill users. Thank you for choosing G.SKILL Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: http://www.gskill.us/forum Tech Support Email: ustech@gskillusa.com RMA Dept Email: rma@gskillusa.com
Great, when on sale6/15/2018 7:22:46 AM

Pros: * Significantly more power efficient than advertised. I'd say this is more like a 35W part. * Box cooler is plenty sufficient for stock speeds, though it might get a little noisy if you overclock. I personally used the box cooler from a Ryzen 5, which surprisingly gave me a good overclock while remaining very quiet. If you have a Ryzen 3 and want to budget OC, I'm sure you could find some unused Ryzen 5 or 7 heatsinks for very cheap. Not too often do you find people -recommending- a box cooler. * I managed to OC to 3.8GHz at 1.275v (I'm going to see if I can lower the voltage even further) and it stays below 55C. I'm sure I could push this a little higher, but going beyond 3.8GHz has diminishing returns in terms of performance-per-watt. If high performance was my goal, I'd have got a different CPU. * Even the cheapest B350 boards, you can overclock this to obsolete a 1300X. * Pretty high-spec features for such a low-tier product.

Cons: * Uses 2x CCXs instead of 1. This is good for thermals, but hurts latencies (pretty much Ryzen's greatest weakness). * Relatively poor value as of February 2018 (see OT).

Overall Review: Once the Ryzen 3 2200G was released, this CPU became a poor value - the 1300X is even worse. The 2200G is more refined, comes with a decent GPU, and has clock speeds similar to the 1300X, while being cheaper than both of the 1st-gen Ryzen 3s. Sure, the 2200G has a smaller L3 cache, but in some applications that actually improves performance. Honestly, the only reason I bought the 1200 instead is because of being on sale in addition to a promo code (and, I wasn't intending to use the IGP). I would only recommend this if it's on sale. If you're willing to spend extra on high-speed RAM and don't intend to use a discrete GPU, the 2200G is a much smarter choice. If you're on a tight budget, an overclocked Athlon x4 950 is a better value. If you don't want to OC, if you want cheap RAM, and you're on a tight budget, get the Pentium G4560.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Unimpressive5/25/2018 6:33:01 AM

Pros: It blows a good amount of air considering its size and RPM.

Cons: Very loud. This one fan is louder than the rest of my PC combined, even under heavy load. My PC has 4 additional fans (besides this one) and 2 hard drives.

Overall Review: If you don't care about noise level, this fan is pretty good. But, I think you could probably find something that either blows more air or is quieter for a similar price point.

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Sufficient5/24/2018 8:46:40 AM

Pros: * Cheap. * One of the smallest mATX full-profile cases you can get, without an exorbitant price tag. * Lightweight. * Sufficiently sturdy, considering the weight and cost. * Despite the thin metal, most of the sharp edges are bent out of the way, which improves rigidity and prevents you from getting cuts. * Came with an ample amount of screws. * Came with 2 fans, both of which are pretty decent considering the price of the case as a whole.

Cons: * Mine was poorly assembled. A lot of the rivets seemed sloppily inserted, the front fan was mounted improperly (where it was very wobbly), and one of the feet was misaligned. * There was an oddly large gap between the "chrome" trim pieces on the front panel. It doesn't really make sense to me why these were fit so loosely. * There's not really any point in having a fan in the front - there's not enough breathing room. That being said, I would strongly advise against this case if you have any high-wattage parts inside, because you won't get appropriate/sufficient airflow. * I'd have appreciated if the HDD caddy was removable. It appears that this was once the intention, but the metal was too thin to allow for a screw, so they just riveted it in instead.

Overall Review: Unlike most people here who gave poor reviews, I knew exactly what I was getting into when I bought this. It's meant to be cheap and small for low-end systems, and it works great for that. I docked an egg simply because of quality or build issues that could have been improved without really affecting manufacturing costs.

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Works as advertised7/11/2017 9:27:00 AM

Pros: * Compatible with Ryzen with the AGESA update; you won't reach full speeds without it. * Looks nice and isn't too tall to fit bulky CPU heatsinks. * Runs cool.

Cons: * Unusable with a T1 command rate. A little annoying that Newegg doesn't specify the command rate; not G.Skill's fault; they specify this on their website. * Good luck overclocking this on Ryzen if you had an interest in doing so. I could POST at 3200MHz but I couldn't get much beyond that. I may increase latencies to see if that helps. But, I didn't buy a 3200MHz kit, so I can't rightfully complain that it didn't go above its advertised speed.

Overall Review: DDR4 sure got expensive! Back when I bought this, it was around 45 dollars cheaper. Hopefully the supply and demand will even out soon.

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Possibly the best budget board I have ever used6/15/2017 7:56:37 AM

Pros: * The red under-board lighting is a nice touch. Too bad the case this is in is completely closed-up. * BIOS/EFI is clean, smooth, easy to navigate, and impressively powerful. This offers better features than some boards with double the price point. * Appears to support fan controlling of 3-pin fans. This is weirdly rare nowadays, and a very welcome feature for budget PCs, where buying a new fan isn't a high priority. * Windows 10 will automatically adjust the boot splash screen to look like the POST splash screen. Makes the transition pretty seamless. It's a minor detail, but I've seen a lot of boards that don't do this, or at least not properly. * Rebate process is the best I've seen so far.

Cons: * Some typos here and there in the BIOS/EFI. Not a big deal, but makes it feel a little sloppy. * Chipset heatsink gets REALLY hot very quickly, even with no expansion cards or USB devices plugged in. There was definitely enough room to add a little bit more metal to it to alleviate this. * You HAVE to use the manual to figure out the front-panel button and LED headers. * I'd have rather the PCI and PCIe x1 slots be swapped. Or better yet, extend the board and push both slots down so each slot can be used. * The bottom-right corner of the board has nowhere to screw into.

Overall Review: The board is a lot more brownish in real life. Personally, I kind of like that - it's more unique. Despite the cheesy "Grenade" name (seriously MSI, stop doing this military stuff...) this board doesn't advertise it everywhere like many other MSI products.

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No complaints6/15/2017 7:31:18 AM

Pros: Works great. Heatsink is a nice color, it runs cool, and has good specs for the price. Nothing wrong with this.

Cons: At the time of writing, the gold version of this is, for whatever reason, double the price despite being the same thing.

Overall Review: On some boards, you may need to enable XMP to utilize this memory to its full potential. To the other guy who said this was DOA, I'm SURE it wasn't - you probably just killed it. This is good RAM and it's a shame people's ignorance makes Team lose sales.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Team's product! We will assure that our customer always gets high-quality goods and excellent customer services from us.
Just OK6/15/2017 7:20:35 AM

Pros: Surprisingly fast - I've reached around 95MB/s write speeds. Great price for the capacity.

Cons: Loudest new HDD I've encountered in years. It isn't obnoxiously loud but it is a little distracting. The clicking noise is strangely high-pitched.

Overall Review: I'm slightly concerned if my drive will have a short lifespan. Aside from the noise (which many people report there isn't much of) it also runs suspiciously warm. Not hot, but warm enough to make me wary.

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Good value for overclockers6/15/2017 7:10:56 AM

Pros: Surprisingly efficient. The PC I built ranged from roughly 40W when idle to around 140W under full load. Really not bad at all considering the clock speeds and number of transistors. People always say to go for Intel because they're more efficient, but unless you're doing serious workstation tasks (which this CPU isn't designed for) you're not going to notice a difference on your electric bill.

Cons: Sometimes this CPU comes with a heatsink with copper heatpipes. The one I got did not have that. For those of you who actually intend to use the stock heatsink, I don't like how I have to gamble which one I'll get.

Overall Review: The all-aluminum heatsink I got is sufficient for stock speeds, but the other model would probably be better. At least the brandless fan isn't noisy. This is an ideal choice for a budget home/family PC that ought to hold up for many years. The A8 series is arguably a better value but the lower clock speeds might be a problem for those who are impatient.

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Not actually 1080p6/12/2017 5:59:57 AM

Pros: * Seems to keep up frame rates even in low-light situations * Base is highly customizable * Offers both a YUYV and MJPEG stream * Very solid construction * Tripod mount

Cons: * My main complaint is the 1080p claim is a lie; it's just 720p with the resolution upscaled and smoothed. I was really hoping for legitimate 1080p. * Auto-focus is very slow; reminds me of VHS cameras from the 90s.

Overall Review: The base hinges are very weak and can barely hold up the weight of the camera (without the wire). It's probably just fine if you mount the camera on top of your monitor, but if you want to mount it elsewhere (such as a tripod) you're going to have to keep the base collapsed. If it was actually 1080p, I'd have given this 5 stars.

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Fantastic unit, great price5/30/2017 10:19:17 AM

Pros: * Great build quality * Runs decently cool * Very quiet * Stable voltages * Plenty of cables for the needs of anyone with a 650W unit * Flexible cables * Modularity is great for high-end ITX builds; most PSUs with wattages as high as this (or higher) end up with more cables than you can manage to hide.

Cons: * I'd have preferred both PCIe cables to be modular. It's not aesthetically pleasing to use two different looking cables going to the same GPU.

Overall Review: Each 6+2 pin PCIe connector supports 150W. SeaSonic provides cables with 2x of these connectors. Regardless of which unit of theirs you get, they recommend that you not use just one these cables for a single GPU using more than 225W. I don't understand this, because what's the point of providing these double-ended cables if they can't provide the wattage they claim? Why not just have the cables with one 6+2 pin and another 6 pin to avoid this warning?

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A Solid Start for AM4 ITX5/9/2017 10:47:30 AM

Pros: * A healthy amount of features and quality for the first AM4 ITX board, though I'd have preferred more solid caps. * RGB heatsink and headers are a nice bonus. The BIOS has a few automated options, which is nice if you can't or don't want to use the softare for them. * 6-channel and SPDIF support. As someone with a 5.1 surround system, it is great to have this on such a small board. * Mostly Linux friendly with a few caveats, which I'll mention in Other Thoughts. Note that the 4.12 kernel will have better support for USB C connectors. * BIOS is overall easy to navigate and isn't annoyingly flashy, though it feels a little incomplete. Note: CPU multiplier is in hexadecimal. * I managed to get my 1500X to 3.95GHz at 1.38v without disabling any power-saving features. I might try going higher after BIOS updates. Keep in mind - I chose the 1500X because I knew it would be safe to OC this high on this board.

Cons: * I'd have bought a 1600, but I'd be limited to maybe 3.8GHz before I'd start getting dangerously close to the 144W limit of the 4-pin power connector. I understand many STX PSUs don't support 8-pins, but the extra 4 are optional... * BCLK is limited to 107.3MHz. I hear there are islands of stability (such as 125MHz), which this board will not let you access. BCLK overclocks can sometimes help when you're limited by wattage. * Both the I/O shield and the analog speaker jacks aren't color-coded, which makes plugging things into the correct jack needlessly tedious. The shield labels are a little hard to read. * The X370 chipset is detrimentally overkill. I say this because Biostar had to waste everyone's time (including their own) investing in both a X370 and B350 chipset without there being ANY functional difference, and we're paying extra as a result. The X370 has additional USB 3.0 hosts, which this board does NOT take advantage of (you can prove this in Linux with "lsusb -t"). Instead, internal USB hubs are used, since that would retain compatibility with the B350's limitations. The X370 is wasted potential and an unnecessary expense - I'm just glad this board was sold for the price the B350GTN was advertised to be at. * Even the B350 chipset would've had enough PCIe lanes for a 2nd M.2 slot (of a different key) or at least a mini PCIe slot. Thankfully, I don't need the extra slots. Below are some cons I'm hoping will be temporary and fixable via BIOS updates. If they are not fixed, I give this product a 3-star rating: * Even though it recognizes the XMP settings of my 3GHz RAM, it currently does not go beyond 2666MHz without failing to boot. * Regardless of what speed or voltage I set the RAM to, any OS I boot into says it's at 1066MHz and 1.2v. * Takes longer to POST than it does to boot up an OS. I wonder if this is related to the RAM issue.

Overall Review: Not sure why, but (as of writing) Newegg isn't showing the pros and cons. Click my name to see the full review - I have a lot more details. * In Linux, sensor support is VERY limited. You can only measure CPU temperature at the moment; not even fan speeds. I also haven't yet figured out how to manually control the 5050 LED headers; as of writing, I can't control them via GPIO. These are not likely to be long-term issues, and not really Biostar's fault. * The manual is a bit sparse and incomplete, but it's good enough to get you going. One of the pin headers on the motherboard isn't labeled on either the board or the manual. I think it's a header for (input?) SPDIF. * The two fan connectors are limited to only controlling the speed of 4-pin fans. If you have any 3-pin fans, they will operate at full speed. Despite my gripes, I would highly recommend this board if you have known compatible RAM, 4-pin fans, no need for wifi, and a CPU that'll use fewer than 144W when overclocked (like the 1500X). If you don't intend to overclock, maybe wait for an A320 or A300 motherboard since they should cost less without really being any worse. If you want to overclock a 1600 or better, wait for a board with an 8-pin connector.

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A Solid Product5/9/2017 10:44:51 AM

Pros: * For most people, this is a no-brainer. The ONLY reasons to consider a 7700K is if you play games with a 120Hz+ monitor, if you need more PCIe lanes, or, if you have some crucial program that a 7700K handles better by a wide margin (and there aren't many of those). * Stock heatsink is legitimately good, and the best I've seen in years. It's hefty, it remains quiet even under load, it's easy to install, and it looks nice. It even leaves a little bit of room for overclocking. * PC gaming is heavily influenced by console technology. As long as consoles continue to use 8-core CPUs, a product like this is plenty sufficient for gaming. It probably won't perfectly handle anything like antivirus scans or recording/streaming while playing a game, but I don't do those things. So, this suits my needs * Performance with un-optimized software is adequate, but when something is optimized with Ryzen in mind, this really shines.

Cons: * Overclockability with all Ryzens is underwhelming. * Latency is a bit high. This may be a problem to those who intend to get into VR. * This uses cores on both CCXs, which likely hurts performance more than it helps. Seeing as the 16MB L3 was intended to be sufficient for the 8c/16t models, I'd have been fine with 8MB on a single CCX. In case you're wondering, no, the 1400 does not use a single CCX.

Overall Review: I have an ITX build, and at the time of writing, there is only one motherboard option, which uses a 4-pin CPU power connector. I bought this because it's the highest performing Ryzen that can safely be overclocked with a 4-pin connector without having to worry about exceeding wattage limits; the 1600(X) is right on the threshold. Sure, I could maybe overclock a 1600 to 3.8GHz, but I'd much rather have fewer threads at a higher speed.

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Simply great5/9/2017 10:20:17 AM

Pros: I had similar tubes from Sunbeamtech but those died out. When they did work, one was noticeably darker than the other. These new Logisys ones I got are both equally vibrant.

Cons: One pair of velcro straps were missing.

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Works ok5/9/2017 10:18:04 AM

Pros: I got this for PhysX since its just about the best cheap physx card you can get. It runs very cool, the fan is very quiet, and the card is very small considering its capabilities

Cons: Even when new, it wasn't really good for anything but simple media computers. It doesn't even run that cool when you consider how incapable it is.

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Better than advertised5/9/2017 10:16:47 AM

Pros: Note: This is a heavily revised review after several years. Not sure how relevant this is anymore, but I have noticed this board is still in-demand. This board has everything I was looking for plus more. I'm not going to point out the obvious pros that everyone knows about * The core unlocker worked fine for me, and brought my Athlon II x3 to a Phenom II x4. * The board has two USB ports that can have 3x the amperage running through them to recharge devices such as phones faster, and two of the USB ports in the back are also e-sata ports. * The glowing buttons on the board are a nice touch, especially for testing purposes. * Integrated audio was nice. * The F7e BIOS update allows you to run FX series CPUs. I eventually upgraded to a FX-6300 and overclocked it to 4.8GHz.

Cons: * The core unlocker seems to disable the CPU temperature sensor. * This board seems to have a 5v VRM issue. One of my boards died after a couple years (before getting the FX CPU), which Gigabyte thankfully replaced. The replacement still works to this day, but all of the USB ports run at 4.4v, and some PCIe devices can get a little unstable.

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Works as expected5/9/2017 10:08:54 AM

Pros: I bought this for gaming since games don't typically use more than 3 cores, and I can just unlock the 4th core if I happen to encounter an extra demanding game. The 4th core does unlock, but for some reason temperatures rarely show up when in Windows. The performance is fine. I managed to undervolt it to around 1.2v at 3GHz, and it runs very cool.

Cons: Temperature sensing rarely works in Windows when 4th core is unlocked. The heatsink it came with is incredibly puny, to the point I thought it was a mistake.

Overall Review: Strangely, the CPU is classified as a Phenom II x4 B40 (i think b40?) when the 4th core is unlocked.

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Good enough5/9/2017 10:03:43 AM

Pros: Lightweight, nicely painted, plenty of places to mount large fans, a few air filters, "high heel" feet, nice appearance, a place to mount a GPU fan, equipped fan is quiet, came with some black screws, and just barely enough room to hide cables. I find many of the complaints for this case to be wrong. While the metal is a bit thin, the case is sturdy when assembled. I personally had enough screws and there is no need for mounting brackets because the motherboard tray has it's own built-in. The push-off PCI panels are cheap but they were not that hard to remove and didn't bend my case at all. What I didn't like is how the top and bottom PCI panels were NOT push-off and I bent one of those expecting it was. Also, removing the front panel is not that hard, just pull from the bottom.

Cons: I was hoping this would be a LITTLE more sturdy and involve less plastic; the glossy kind can scratch easily. I would've preferred something to block off unused vents - too many empty holes and you'll ruin the airflow. However, I covered up the unused vents myself, and I knew about the vent "problem" before getting this. The red LED was uselessly dim, but with my setup a power LED is redundant so I decided to use that for the HDD LED instead and just ditched the red one. The part where I decided to deduct an egg was the USB port area. First of all, it LOOKS like it's a regular 3.5" bay, but it isn't. I wouldn't care so much about them making it built-in if they made it blend in with the mesh. I was relying on it being removable.

Overall Review: There isn't much room to hide cables, but there is at least sufficient room to make them not interfere with air flow. I don't really see the point of hiding them from view when you can't even see inside other than that tiny window. I can see why some users might struggle to mount fans on the top, but I personally don't use them. I have them blocked off because I have one of those sideways-mounted heatsinks. Using a DVD drive, I made a tunnel that lets air pass directly to the CPU and straight out the back, while using the side panel vent to cool strictly my northbridge and GPU. The PSU has a bottom-mounted fan so that too has it's own cooling system.

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Better than expected5/9/2017 10:00:04 AM

Pros: This drive was considerably better than I expected. I got it mainly for storing OSes and programs, while using mechanical hard drives for games and large temporary files. I know the SandForce controller used to have problems but to my knowledge, those have all been fixed in firmware updates.

Cons: Deleting/replacing files while using TRIM takes a bigger hit to performance than I expected. It takes noticeably longer to install updates on this SSD than it did with my old hard drive, though, installing new programs is considerably faster. However, very rarely am I in a serious rush to delete/replace files, so this is hardly a con. There's also a sticker over one of the mounting screw holes. Pretty dumb, but 3 screws is obviously good enough to sturdily hold an un-moving light-weight device in place. If this drive was strictly intended for laptops then this wouldn't matter at all, but it came with a 3.5" bracket (and 4 screws) that utilizes that inaccessible screw hole.

Overall Review: I happened to buy this the day a new firmware release came out. I doubt the update would've damaged my files but it's always nice to not have to make a clone of my drive for precautionary reasons. For those of you using Windows, you should look into disabling/addressing the following: * hibernation files - mostly useless on an SSD * indexing - can actually slow down file searches * paging files - wears out the cells quicker; RAM is cheap * fragmented files - defragmenting has little to no performance gain and will wear out cells quicker. * Very little TRIM support with RAID. * Unnecessary amount of hidden temporary files * Prefetching/superfetching is relatively useless While many of these things can be disabled, it's a real time waster to fix all of this compared to something like Linux where you add 1 word to a text file and you're all set.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Just looks nice5/9/2017 9:56:12 AM

Pros: Looks slick , DPI button lets you know what DPI you're at, and the optical sensor is pretty effective. Mouse wheel feels sturdy but doesn't require too much pressure to rotate or click.

Cons: * The manufacturing process that gives a sort of "soft" feel to the plastic flakes off after about a year. * The buttons go back pretty far, so it doesn't take much to accidentally click them. * The thumb buttons feel very loosely assembled and "spongy". * The thumb rest pad doesn't extend where your thumb would actually rest, making it somewhat useless. * The left click has lately been double-clicking on me when I only single-click. Also, sometimes if I click'n'drag, it will release, even if I firmly press down on the button. The mouse is pretty tightly assembled so I can't figure out how to disassemble it and clean it.

Overall Review: The feel of the mouse is definitely awkward, but you get used to it pretty quickly. I would not recommend this product.

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Good value4/20/2017 7:07:34 AM

Pros: Heatsink looks better in person than it does in the photos. This works as advertised and is a decent price considering today's DDR4 prices.

Cons: None - works just fine.

Overall Review: I haven't tried overclocking it but I'm sure you could get a couple hundred MHz out of it. This runs very cool so I'm sure there's some TDP headroom.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Team's product! We will assure that our customer always gets high-quality goods and excellent customer services from us.