Bright then Dim..10/1/2021 7:59:01 AM

Pros: Cheap..

Cons: Cheap.. It doesn't stay at one level of brightness.. hate it..

Overall Review: Going to change it out soon..

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Just Right8/21/2021 1:41:19 PM

Pros: Best Bang for buck and it can game.. The last time I bought a laptop was 5/6 years ago and it was ok after, I upgraded the Ram and put an SSD in it.. But this came ready.. 16Gigs Dual channel at 3200Mhz speed.. This thing is fast and I can't believe it's only $600.. It's every bit as fast as my Desktop, Maybe faster in light tasks.. Slower in multi.. Got a 2700X anyway have used it for a few days and I'm so happy I found this. I almost bought the ACER 4500U 8Gig with a second stick of ram at 2666 and I procrastinated, and got lucky with this with 16gigs at 3200 out of the box which matters with this chip.. It is fast. Its the fastest laptop I have ever owned without a dedicated GPU Definitely. Screen could be brighter but you can't CON that because of the Raw Power. Best hardware for the money hands down the 16gigs dual channel 6/12 threads, 7 Cu's at 1800Mhz instead of 6 at 1500Mhz , Matter's..

Cons: None at this price really, It's really a hopped up 4600U and Not Zen 3.. Kinda False advertisement.. Could have done better with cooling Keep in Mind it is a thin N Light it doesn't run at 4.0ghz really ever, however it will hold above 3.0ghz while gaming mostly around 3.5ghz depending on the game. Finally the refined Zen2 chip is fast even at 2.5ghz. That being said this is the fastest laptop I have ever owned. It's not a gaming laptop but you can game on it on lowered setting and resolutions.. You can pretty much play anything at 1600/900 or worst case 720P. but who cares for light on the go gaming. It's Not WIFI 6 But Not a Big deal to me. A Gigabit Down is good enough for me in a laptop. And the Bluetooth is Behind to. Another thing I don't really use.

Overall Review: I definitely recommend the laptop, keep in mind it's Zen 2 not Zen 3 But it's still fast as hell and you can play any game with adjusted settings.. I play a lot of older titles still, and this laptop plays them all at 1080. Some of the newer AAA titles need to be dropped down to 720P or 1600/900 in order to stay above 60FPS but perfect for on the go use.. Finally I have to say after Now using it on and off for like 2 months. The Ram timings could be a lot tighter. Not Gonna knock it for that it is Laptop memory after all, Also no matter what I did in advanced power settings, I can't get this Laptop to go full out like it does when i's plugged in. It's just so much Faster Plugged in. But Still I just saw another VIVOBook with a 4500U only 8 Gigs of Ram and 128 Boot with a hard drive for $669, and I bought this on Day one when it was selling for 599.99 and now it's going for 629.99 I guess, But anyway this is still the best $600 Doller Hardware.. It's Got 7 Vega seven CU's at 1800Mhz Vs a 4600U with 6 Vega six CU's at 1500Mhz which that extra CU and all Running at 1800Mhz Makes a Big difference, and an even Bigger difference Vs the 4500U 6/6 Threads. And Finally you have to run these chips in dual channel in order to get the full power out of them. If not in most use cases you are handicapping the chip by 30% in performance, even worse in light gaming. Oh and I have been able to play a lot of older titles in 1080P. And don't think you are going to play brand new AAA games in 1080P not happening..

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Fast4/2/2021 11:42:02 AM

Pros: Samsung software is so simple and easy to clone with..

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Best drives you can buy worth the extra 10/20/30 here and there depending on the size of the drives. Just based off of the ease of cloning, I will never buy anything else not to mention how long they last...

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Pros: No need to overclock an X Chip now.. You may get a better Cinabench score by overclocking to 4.2 or 4.3 on all cores.. But I'm already hitting 4.4 on one core without overclocking or over volting.. Under load all cores hang around 4.05 to 4.1 and I only have a corsair H60 Push Pull config for cooling.. SPEC's On my RIG,,, X370 Taichi, FlareX 3200 14T, NZXT 340S white case, Rosewell 600 Watt PSU, Samsung 500 GIG 850 EVO, 1T Hard drive, Corsair H60 CLC, and an RX 480.. Haven't been able to up grade GPU because of pricing.. BUT that is next as soon as Vega' 64 come down to earth again.. For now The Rx 480 is enough for 1080 Max settings 1440P on Med to High settings and some games in 4K believe it or not.. DOOM on Vulkan can be play in 4K on Medium settings with an RX 480 Believe it or not.. Need freesync because frames average around 50FPS, but for a 3 year old card that an't bad at all.. Finally, This is a great chip, works perfect on X370 as long as you update BIOS' CHIPSET DRIVER's Most Important from AMD web site.. ( Had Memory Cold Boot Issues until I updated the Chipset Driver's...) This is a Very smart chip.. It makes overclocking foolish unless you are going with a non X variant like the 2700 and 2600, then I would overclock with good cooling.. But there is no need to overclock with the X chips.. AMD is already getting the best over all performance out of thesee chips for YOU

Cons: ONE, wish it would hit 5.0 on all cores.. LOL.... Seriously this is the best chip, I have ever owned and been building PC and gaming on them since 2006ish....

Overall Review: In reality if you already have a 1700X or 1800X that runs STABLE on all cores at 4.0 with 3200/3600 Memory all day long!!?? Then you should hold off till next Gen.. But for me who bought a R7 1700 a year ago and couldn't get it to play well with any memory or get it pasted 3.9 without throwing a ton of volts that were very unsafe at it.. This is a great upgrade across the board.. There were a lot of us who bought bad 1700 last year thinking we were going to see 4.0 at 3600 memory and all we saw were blue screens, and lost the lottery Badly.. If you are one of them then this might be for U, But for anyone who was always used to owning Intel, Look you U don't have to be afraid of an AMD system ANYMORE... Another home run for AMD.... There's a reason Intel keeps stealing AMD VP's and developer's...

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Nice3/24/2018 5:29:04 AM

Pros: Works just as good as a wired mouse.. I have bought wireless Mice before and they always seemed to have a glitch to them.. They always seemed to be a little off the mark, when trying to point to or open a window.. But this mouse is smooth and precise...

Cons: None.. Except for the fact that if U want this mouse in blue or red you have to pay almost $10 more.. I wanted it in red but wasn't willing to pay more just for the color..

Overall Review: Maybe not the best gaming mouse, But it's good enough and Perfect for everyday use... Plus I use a wired Xbox controller with my games anyway...

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Worth It1/26/2018 12:54:33 PM

Pros: It's Has beautiful picture.. I know it's not a 1000 dollar monitor and doesn't compare to some of the more expensive 4K monitor's but for it's price you can't beat it.. It's a Freesync monitor but you can very easily turn it off and use a Nvidia card with this monitor as well..

Cons: Speakers are garbage, but a monitor like this deserves to have a sound bar or a surround set up anyway..

Overall Review: Great bang for buck product.....

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Works the way they say they do..5/5/2016 1:28:32 PM

Pros: I just added this to my Lenovo Ideapad (AMD version Y700-15acz). The laptop comes with the FX8800P CPU/APU. Its supposed to be AMD's best laptop CPU.. Anyway it came with 8 Gigs with 11 for Latency timings. This ram is plug and play. No problems at all.. I added 16 gigs and stayed at 1600GHZ but with the better timings, 9's for latency. And that's where I think I'm noticing a difference, is with the timings, and not so much with the extra 8 gigs which is probably a combination of the two really... But between the new ram and the Crucial MX200 500 GIG SSD drive, its official this thing is very fast and very responsive.. No problems gaming, Played Black OPPS last night for an hour and it even seemed to play smother..

Cons: One con, I just bought these last week and now there back on sale for 10 bucks less!!!!

Overall Review: New egg I'd like to get a credit for the sale price difference. I paid 68, 4 days ago and now you are selling them for 58, what's up wit that?

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So Far so Good10/30/2015 11:41:15 AM

Pros: The boot up is supper fast, and I'm no longer bottle Necked by that slow 5400 RPM hard Drive! I Have a Lenovo Edge 15 With a 5th Gen I7 and a NVidia GT840M.. Works perfectly fine with every game out there on medium settings..

Cons: Still a little high when it comes to price. But what are you going to do Ya know...

Overall Review: It opens applications and games faster but as far as once you have the app or the game open it doesn't cause it to perform any better..

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