Bang for the Buck!12/4/2014 9:06:51 AM

Pros: You really cant beat the price for this little puppy! I got it on sale during black friday for $999. I love the keyboard and the backlit keys. All of the keys are white LED instead of diff colors like some other brands, but I like that. The computer does not feel chinky and seems pretty durable.Bloat ware was kept to a minimum. Most of the stuff is actually useable.The track pad is offset to the right some, and it gives you a nice big area for your wrist/palm while gaming with the W A S D KEYS. I installed DOTA 2, 7 Days to Die, and runs both games flawlessly on Highest settings. The fan is NOT noisy when doing normal things, i.e. web browsing, installing games and updates, ect. The GIGABYTE smart manager program is awesome and you can manual set your fan speed on it as well as lock your "windows" key while gaming. I love the features. Even while gaming and with the fan set to MAX, this little laptop is actually fairly quiet. It is NOT as loud as a desktop at all. Other reviews saying it is loud are mistaken. The matte screen is great, and I am currently sitting outside on my back porch writing this review and I have 0 glare. I can't wait to get an SSD for this thing. The heat tubes in the back seem to keep this thing nice and cool. The battery life is pretty decent. I started updating drivers and installing games, and surfing the web and YouTube, the battery lasted 2-3 hours doing those things.

Cons: The track pad is not all that great. Every once in a while when I am moving the cursor and also clicking, the cursor moves off to the left continuously until I take my finger off the pad. (maybe theres a driver fix, I will try that soon) Also, I really hate windows 8.1 for a variety of reasons. One huge downfall is the fact that if you are using the track pad, and you are on the right edge of it and slide your finger left, it opens up a menu for the app part of windows 8, and closes out your desktop. This is very annoying. This computer did NOT come with any antivirus software, which I think should have come with it. It also did not come with any Microsoft Office software. It did come with Adobe reader which is nice. The power cord fits snug, but if it barely comes out the computer stops charging.

Overall Review: I would HIGHLY recommend this PC for the $999-$1200 range. It would be a great deal, and I think I got a steal at $999. Anything past $1300, and I would maybe look at something that comes with an SSD or a 4800 processor. CANIRUNIT says that for some games my processor does not meet the recommended specs, but I think it will run those games fine and plan to try it out.

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