Worth the brand and price9/5/2020 5:15:54 PM

Overall Review: Always buy this when its on sales or on special holidays like black friday. Been using it for more than 2 years now and it's still as good as when it came out the box. Never had any issues or high temps problems. Pretty legit. This was my first M.2 purchase so I wouldn't be able to compare it to other brand but I'd now be skeptical in using other brand for M.2 tbh

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Product as described12/28/2018 7:19:30 PM

Pros: + Easy to install + Solid stand + Work as described + Manual was pretty intuitive and easy to follow

Cons: - None that I can think of so far

Overall Review: First time buying and using a monitor stand so I was skeptical about whether it'd be hard but this design made everything easy to set up.

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Mixed purchase12/7/2018 8:13:40 AM

Pros: + Multiple connectors + Molex connector

Cons: - only the CPU PWM control is working, any other fans connected won't get picked up by mobo for control thus making them running at high speed all the time.

Overall Review: The shipping of this was terrible, "Fast shipping by Purolator", I didn't even get a notification for pickup, had I not been keeping tabs on the tracking, I would have never know if the item was ready to be picked up.

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Worth every penny12/3/2018 6:14:44 PM

Pros: + 100% Adobe RGB + Crips / Clean text + Vibrant colors + Vesa Mount support + 2560x1440 at 24 inches

Cons: - Price

Overall Review: First IPS panel so the review might be biased but comparing this with my other 144hz MSI Optix MAG24C which is a VA panel so obviously it will be different but this is a pretty good monitor for graphic design and editing. I have the 24 inches one so everything is super small and nice which I like but if you can't see or don't like it too much I recommend it in 27 inches.

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Budget 144hz w/ 1ms Freesync Curved11/27/2018 5:40:06 PM

Pros: - HDMI/DP Cable included - Many ranges of height adjustments - Audio Jack - 1ms (Still smooth even with it disabled) - Option to disable the back LED if needed - Gamma control (Only two options but better than nothing) - Range of modes

Cons: - A bit pricey (Got it on Black Friday it sold out quickly too, was around 259$ and if you use rebate it'd be 239$) - Colors out of the box aren't that great - The outer box packaging doesn't seem to offer any kind of protection ? Idk if this is how Newegg ships monitors for pickup but it was just the plain MSI box without any kind of outer box or protection with it. Luckily it didn't seem damaged but for the picky you'll know what's up.

Overall Review: - No dead pixels so far, fresh out of the box - Would recommend getting this only when it's on sale, it will be worth every buck but just not at its full price - The monitor is sharp but the texts aren't that crisp but then again I'm testing this with an old workstation laptop (will update on my 1080 when I finish my build). It could be blurry like my first 144hz Viotek monitor (returned) but it's not so no complaints there. - Will update after longer use.

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