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Not bad5/27/2020 11:25:22 AM

Pros: Price was reasonable Find these more "breathable" than the re-useable cloth masks especially now that it is getting hot out

Overall Review: These are meant to be disposable but I had no issues with bands breaking, masks being uncomfortable, etc. Had no problem covering my entire face. Maybe there's quality control issues or something seeing those other 1-star reviews, but I was happy with my purchase. Wishing I bought 2 boxes honestly.

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Needs a BIOS update ASAP to catch up to other AM4 boards4/4/2017 8:44:54 PM

Pros: I'm generally a fan of Gigabyte's motherboards as they usually offer very good value for the price. Generally speaking this is true here as this is a feature-rich motherboard that is well constructed and packed with features for anyone that wants an mATX AM4 board and doesn't need over the top RGB and won't be using SLI.

Cons: The main issue with this board is that, similar to the other reviewer, it seems impossible to overclock RAM at literally any speed above 2133. System will not boot with XMP on, and overclocking speed manually results in failure to boot. I tried overclocking RAM via the BIOS and the Ryzen app in Windows,as well as the Gigabyte overclocking app, and could not get anything other than the base 2133 speed to boot. This board is also still on its initial BIOS, which is very frustrating, as other folks are already enjoying bug fixes, performance improvements, and RAM overclocks. If/when Gigabyte solves this problem I would probably bump this up to a 4-star board at $89.99; the price is a bit higher than LGA 1151 boards with this feature set, which is to be expected as it is brand new.

Overall Review: All that said, I had no problem posting with this board and I quite like my Ryzen system despite feeling like I'm not getting all the performance I expected due to the RAM situation and absence of BIOS updates.

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8/9/2016 10:34:15 AM

Pros: -FreeSync -1440p -144hz -IPS!

Cons: -Built-in speakers are too quiet for any real use

Overall Review: I ordered this monitor at a sale price of $399.99 on a daily deal sale at NewEgg. I'd recently picked up an R9 Fury Nitro GPU on sale for $299 on a different NewEgg flash sale and needed a monitor to pair it with, so this was great luck. Compared to the other gaming monitor in my house, which is a 27" 1440p IPS GSync monitor from Dell that was $550, this monitor is head and shoulders better. For regular, routine computing purposes it is bright and vibrant, and fantastic for media consumption, with the caveat that the build-in speakers aren't really worth using due to their low volume even at max output. For gaming, this display is amazing. FreeSync with 1440p gaming is something you have to experience first-hand to appreciate. It is exactly the type of thing that makes PC gamers so fanatical about the platform. I really can't go back to 60hz 1080p gaming on consoles, I've tried and it is shocking how quickly you get spoiled to higher resolution, tear-free gaming. tl;dr this monitor is amazing and in the $400-$500 range I think it is probably the best general computing and gaming monitor you can buy.

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