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OCZ RALLY2 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Model OCZUSBR2DC-8GB
OCZ RALLY2 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Model OCZUSBR2DC-8GB

Pros: This drive works well, small, durable, and very fast! Formatted to NTFS like a champ, and the first thing I did was transfer over a 2.5 GB file, which it managed to write in just over a minute. I normally am able to get sustained write speeds of around 25-30 MBps on large files, and very stable read speeds that hover even higher. Like most all thumb drives, a large assortment of smaller files will take longer to transfer, but this was to be expected. I've had other thumb drives with a similar friction cap, and have never had problems losing the cap or with wear and tear. The cap is a metal casing with angled, durable plastic lining on the inside, so as you push the cap onto the drive it hugs the drive nicely.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This drive is fast! Normally I take the time to run benchmark tests, but I feel I don't need to in order to reassure myself, I can bear witness to its speed and that's good enough for me. Also, I don't like sending in rebates, but that's my problem. Also, free shipping rocks! Granted it can take a little longer, but I for one can wait in order to save a little money.


ASUS MK221H 22" WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050 D-Sub, DVI-D Built-in Speakers LCD Monitor
ASUS MK221H 22" WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050 D-Sub, DVI-D Built-in Speakers LCD Monitor

Pros: Stunning visuals + professional looking! Arrived and started up right away with bright, crisp images + no dead pixels to boot! No bleeding or ghosting, and a true black (LCDs used to struggle to give a true black). The LCD stand even comes with a cable canal to make the base of you LCD look sharp. Movies and games look beautiful, whether connected through the computer (DVI) or with my PS3 through HDMI. This LCD is sharp, running at 1680x1050 for my PC, and at 1080p through my PS3 (the LCD also does 1080i and 720p, as well as 480i/p, + 576i/p). Blue ray movies sound great too through audio out (the BLACK port) to my 5.1 surround sound. The web cam has all the settings one would need to tweak it for online streaming, as well as features to take photos, record audio, set up a security camera (motion sensitive), and record audio-less video. I even started up TF2 and noticed the camera light turned on, went into the settings, and the microphone had been detected!

Cons: The speakers work just fine, but they are not great. But this monitor is meant for such great quality (HDMI...) that I would be shocked if anybody wanted to use the onboard speakers to watch movies or play music. I could, however, see an office building using the speakers/webcam together, because it would be convenient.

Overall Review: This monitors speakers work just fine, make sure you use the right port (audio in vs out for HDMI). All the stickers that are all over the boarders come off nicely, the behave like plastic static stickers. Run DVI from your computer and HDMI from your other media devices, that's kindove the point of this LCD. Plus, if you have an HDMI onboard port, it's more than likely designed for a HD TV, spending the extra money to hook up a computer that had both HDMI and DVI to a monitor via HDMI is not recommended (although I tried it with my dedicated GPU and it worked & looked just fine, no problems with any detection or standby mode). Also, the mic array (2x microphones) works so well that I can be about two feet away from the screen, while playing games, and talk to teammates! I was not expecting so much from a web cam I didn't think I'd use at all. I now use the mic array for CSS, TF2, and CoDs with great results.