It just works10/3/2020 3:18:18 AM

Pros: The wavlink AC3200 is easy to setup (see cons) and performs perfectly. No ugly leds across the front like other routers. It has given nice wifi coverage around my house and into the backyard where I like to sit and play some games.

Cons: This thing is massive. I had some difficulty in getting logged into the router to setup my wifi. I've never used a wavlink product and there are not many reviews. Just hoping this thing holds up.

Overall Review: I purchased the wavlink AC3200 because the modem/router combo I've been using is complete garbage. I was experiencing constant lag spikes and disconnects. Now, using the modem and this router everything is aces. I may need to also replace the stupid Netgear c6300 modem as it is now the weak link and being only docsis 3.0 isn't really giving me the speed I should be getting. For the money this router is highly recommended by me.

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