Great value bundle9/24/2021 8:57:27 AM

Pros: Headphones are great, bass has impact, vocals are clear and treble isn't overkill. Possibly like them more than my DT 177X Go's Both the microphone and headphone are well built Microphone has some features that while I don't use them I've heard people complain about not having (audio passthrough and playing what your Mic pics up to your headphones)

Cons: Non detachable cable on the headphones (Beyerdynamic please stop this) Sound quality is only a small improvement over a $30 microphone I was using before but it's much more sensitive (picks up people talking in other rooms through walls and a closed door)

Overall Review: If this bundle goes on sale or has a discount again I'd say it's a no brainer and even at msrp is worth considering wish I could've gotten these headphones and been done before my search for something I like lead me to buying dozens of other IEM's/headphones

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just never use the dry/dehumidify option8/21/2020 7:18:19 AM

Pros: living in a appt I don't have the option of installing a wall ac and our windows can't fit a standard ac so portable was all I could do AC works fine I generally leave it around 75 as I have a smaller room so this cools it and the hallway outside my room

Cons: I used it for about a month just using fan/ac just fine first time I use dry/dehumidify the unit is full of water after a couple hours included drain stuff doesn't fit properly so water just leaks around it and there was already a puddle under the unit (on top of carpeting so fun) I tried just tipping it to drain onto a pile of towels drained maybe 5 drops then stopped even picking it up and tipping it upside downish onlt got a bit out it's currently laying in my bathtub to slowly drain supposed to be 90 today... no included insulation for the window mount so I am using a extra blanket I had lying around and had to tape the exhaust hose bracket to the window mount to stop it from popping out

Overall Review: goes on sale every now and then if you spot it go for it because you can spend the savings on decent hardware

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