GPU needed a kickstart, great PC!7/27/2021 6:00:39 PM

Pros: Suuuuper quiet! RGB adjustment is easy and on top for color changes. Very, very fast. Customer service rep was amazing!

Cons: A little maintenance needed upon arrival.

Overall Review: Orders last week and it got here today (July 27th). Heres what I will say in regards to all of the other reviews reporting DOA or other issues. I plugged mine in and the 3060 wasnt responding. I was bummed. However, after some YouTubing some fixes I phoned customer service just to make sure I wouldnt void my warranty. I performed all procedures with them on the line and their approval. First I removed the motherboard battery to reset it and ensured the gpu was seated firmly. After plugging the tiny battery back in and powering up, this triggered the gpu to start running again. However still no display. The tech told me to take out the ram and plug it back in because they can shift during shipment. BOOM! The screen lot right up! So take the time and do some YouTubing and make sure its dead before giving up. This was a beginner level fix.

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