Love the Bios GUI12/28/2013 4:51:23 PM

Pros: This is the first computer I have had with a click Bios and it makes set up very quick and easy. Doing some light overclocking only involves clicking one button once in the bios. I am 1 month in and have had no issues with this board. I hooked everything up hit the power button and it recognized all my hard ware right away on the first boot and has been going strong since.

Cons: Setting up RAID was not as easy as setting up the rest of the Bios.

Overall Review: To set up my RAID1 space i had to go into the bios and switch the hard drives to raid mode. I was then confused because it wouldn't let me select a Raid level. Turns out that after activating Raid in the BIOS you mus restart the computer and a Raid screen will appear for a second. Push ctrl + I and you enter the Raid setup. I am going to take my computer to Raid 10 eventually. I will update this review at that time and tell you how fast it is since the speed of Raid 10 can vary quite a bit between different controllers.

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One of the Best12/16/2013 8:56:02 PM

Pros: Trend Is IMHO one of the very best anti virus softwares out there. It finds malware that other anti virus sofwares miss(namely one that comes in a yellow box). I get the yellow box anti virus for free through my university, but I would still rather spen money to buy trend because it is that much better.

Cons: Never had a problem to report.

Overall Review: I got introduced to Trend a few years ago when I got an agressive worm on my flash drive from a school computer. I could tell it was there because my drive was acting funky. I tried a scan with the free antivirus i got from school and it found nothing so I Cleared my flash drive of all important files and formated it and yet the worm was still on there some how(I have yet to understand how it managed this). My friend bravely offered to let me plug it in to his computer so he could scan it with Trend, but we never even got to start the scan because the proactive protection identified the malware within one second of the flashdrive being plug in. So I went out and bought a copy for my computer and found three viruses on it after my previous antivirus software had found nothing when I ran a scan just 1 hour befrore. one was ofcourse the one that had been found on my flash drive.

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High Quality Power Supply12/16/2013 8:38:54 PM

Pros: This power supply is very quiet. I was going back and forth between this power supply and the more expensive fanless power supply, but I am glad I decided to go this route. I can't even here the fan unless I put my ear right next to the computer.

Cons: Cable management was a bit of a pain as with any power supply that isn't modular, but I knew it wasn't modular when buying it so this doesn't result in a loss of any stars.

Overall Review: Running this on a newly built z87 Haswell rig and it works like a charm. Cable managment wasn't a huge priority for me since my case was windowless so I decided to save some money and not go modular. I haven't got the power bill yet but according to my rough calculations this power supply should pay back the price difference between itself and a silver or bronze within 2 years at my level of use.

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