Phenomenal Card!!10/3/2020 5:15:12 PM

Pros: -Quiet and fast -Absolute beast of a card -Premium feel/weight to the card

Cons: -High in demand and really low stock on product

Overall Review: I know the few people who rate this product as one star need to keep their chins up and not give up on getting the card. I for one can say that I was LUCKY to get it because I was refreshing at just the right time of day. This card, like any other 3080 is an absolute beast when it comes to gaming at 1440p/4k. I upgraded from an EVGA 1080 ti FTW3 and will always be loyal to EVGA! I currently pair it with my Ryzen 3900XT and game on a 1440p/165hz monitor. To me, I think this is the perfect in-between from a 1080p and a 4k monitor because I still play FPS games while also wanting that crystal clarity in say Flight Simulator. Again guys, don't give up on getting these cards. Jacob, who many of you know when it comes to EVGA cards and updates, has constantly been taking time out of his day to answer our questions for everything 30 series cards. EVGA has been nothing but amazing in quality of their products and customer service!! Anyways, the big takeaway with this is don't give up and don't falsely rate a product if you don't own one and try it out for yourself!

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