Works great with my Oculus Link1/9/2021 11:39:28 AM

Pros: Easy plug and play with windows 10. Works well once I got Oculus link software configured correctly with the correct GPU driver. Adds life to an older motherboard.

Overall Review: Yes, I'd recommend, good value.

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Better than any legacy Hard Drive12/5/2013 9:40:59 PM

Pros: Decent performance, but in the low range as far as SSD drives go. ATTO Benchmark shows 269-321 mb/sec transfer rate for WRITES and 327-374 mb/sec for READS. I purchased a Toshiba pro 128gb SSD at the same time and that is in the 400 mb/sec range for reads. I also have a pair of ADATA sp900 in a Raid0 array that easily reach 1000mb/sec+ speeds for WRITES and approx 550mb/sec speeds for write as a single SSD. I paid approximately the same for all drives, on sale, the Sandisk was about $10 less than the Adata, the Toshiba about $10 more than the Adata, so my best value for speed was the Adata, but this is a decent drive, we'll see how it holds up over time.

Cons: No bracket for 3.5" installation, but for the price I wouldn't expect it (Adata sp900 included it).

Overall Review: This should be a great upgrade for an older laptop with SATA.

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Still going strong!12/2/2013 7:17:23 PM

Pros: Bought a pair of these on sale in Sept. 2012 and have been running in Raid0 ever since on my Win7Pro64 system. Love the Acronis software, it is excellent and faithfully backs up the SSD raid image every week on schedule to an external drive, so if this RAID0 combo should ever fail I have a full backup. In ATTO benchmark tests I consistently get write speeds of over 1000 mb/sec (2048 to 8192kb transfer sizes) and this is after 14 months of use, I haven't reinstalled windows. I am definitely a power user and getting full use of my I7-3770k system. I have 22 icons in my system tray loaded, running apps, 16gb RAM, Chrome open with 12+ tabs usually and the system does not slow down unless I'm being hacked by Russians (true story, constantly trying to access my Remote Desktop port). That is another story. I am hoping for long life with these drives. So far, so good.

Cons: Never enough space, never cheap enough lol. But seriously, I have no cons I can think of, I've been totally satisfied.

Overall Review: A new firmware came out after I had installed the OS and Raid0 array, so updating the firmware was a little tricky because you have to update each SSD individually. I imaged the array using the included Acronis software and then took the drives out, one at a time and then used a Windows 7 laptop with an external esata port and then initialized and formatted each drive and applied the update. I did have to change the storage driver to Standard AHCI before the firmware updater would recognize the drive as I have Intel RST on the laptop as well. Then I had to re-create the Raid 0 array and then re-image the array using the CD for Acronis, selecting the option to RESTORE DISK SIGNATURE and the process went pretty quickly and luckily uneventful. OS was back up and running without having to reinstall anything.

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Works on Imac Mini2/23/2013 2:12:12 PM

Pros: Works on an Imac Mini using a powered USB hub, I then needed only one of the USB connectors hooked up. To eject, needed to go to Finder and eject it from there, it would not eject using the button on the front of the DVD-RW.

Cons: Wouldn't open using button, Software is not Mac based, so no player. Didn't try playing a DVD yet, but it would read data CDs and DVDs.

Overall Review: Haven't used for long, just wanted to note that it does work for Imac Mini even though it only lists PC and Linux.

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Compatibility Problem?2/3/2013 12:47:30 AM

Pros: Lots of Storage but...

Cons: When hooked up to my Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Asmedia Sata III port with latest drivers, I am having issues when transcoding media. CPU usage will drop down to very low usage (1-3%) after a few minutes to 1/2 an hour. With other drives I will get full 100% cpu usage during transcoding. (Mp4 to MPG using Movavi Video Converter). Using Intel Sata 3 ports it works, but has some sporadic cpu drops, but mostly stays 99-100%. Other drive (seagate 3tb) works fine, no drops at all and keeps cpu pegged at 100% constantly during transcoding.

Overall Review: WD support chastised me for using it in an external enclosure saying they don't support that use. I had a big problem with the drive using it in a new VANTEC NST-380SU3-BK enclosure. Using the drive with my Asus G51JX-A1 Laptop in the eSata port when I tried to read files off the drive they sometimes work and other times would not open. Using the USB 3.0 (to usb 2.0 on laptop) the same files would open fine. I also tried the drive hooked directly to the eSata port on the laptop without the enclosure using a esata to sata cable and a power adapter and the same corrupted files would occur.

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Manufacturer Response:
We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the Caviar Green 3TB, as this is not the typical experience with the product. Although WD hard drives should work properly in external enclosures we are not able to provide technical support for drives in this configuration beyond suggested jumper settings and warranty replacement. Our Serial ATA drives have no jumper setting for master/slave so no adjustment is needed when using a WD Serial ATA drive in an external enclosure that was meant for Serial ATA drives. However, let us assure you that our drives are fully tested with burn in diagnostic tools before they leave our warehouse. There are many different external bridgeboard and enclosure manufacturers, each with their own command sets, levels of compatibility, and technical issues. Because of this, WD Technical Support is unable to provide support for each one of these third party manufacturer’s products. Any additional questions about using a WD hard drive in an external enclosure should be directed to the company that manufactured the enclosure. To ensure full compatibility testing, warranty, and technical support, we would recommend that you consider looking at WDs own external Firewire and USB 2.0 products which can be found at For information on proper handling and installation of your drives, please refer to the following link. We would appreciate the opportunity to further assist you, and resolve any further concerns you may have with the device and/or your experience. You may contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932, or via our support website at: Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with, that you are responding to a Newegg review, so we route you and your information to the correct team members.
Great Except For One Problem11/22/2012 12:36:55 AM

Pros: Usb 3.0 and SATA II connections are nice. Supports 3tb drives, looks good.

Cons: There seems to be some sort of timeout issue with this enclosure or else the combination of the enclosure with my drive or chipset. If I leave the drive connected after some time (I haven't troubleshot the problem much yet but it has happened more than once now), the drive will disappear from the device manager, disk management and Computer (Win 7 Pro 64-bit). I don't believe it's a sleep issue, because if I put computer to sleep and resume it is still there. But if I leave it for a while - and come back the drive will not be there, like it is unplugged. BUT the blue light is on and seems normal. If I turn off power to enclosure then back on it is recognized again.

Overall Review: I had the problem whether I used the USB 3.0 (in a USB 3.0 Port) or the SATA II connection. At first I thought it was a bad cable / cables, then I realized something else is wrong, maybe the enclosure chipset overheats, who knows. Maybe it is defective. I have a 3tb WD hard drive mounted in it, I transferred almost 1.5tb of data initially to it and didn't have any connection problems during the transfer, however I did have a situation afterwards where windows wanted to format the drive, thinking it was a new drive. I had to use Minitool partition wizard to recover the partition. Bottom line: I don't trust the enclosure. But it looks pretty.

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Best overall case I've used10/4/2012 10:05:52 PM

Pros: - Filters throughout entire case. - Very flexible design allowing for large video cards, multiple 3.5 or 2.5" drives - Truly toolless 3.5" and 2.5" bays as well as Optical Drive Bays - Lower mounting of Power Supply - 2 Fans included, both 3-pin connecting and very quiet - Nice room for cable management - 2 USB 3.0 ports plus audio ports - AWESOME Sata Port for mounting a bare 2.5" or 3.5" hard drive on top, for me this was the clincher because I work on multiple PC's and this allows me to image a drive very easily.

Cons: Color choice not for everyone, it's either ugly or cool but either way it gets noticed. Top mounted ports could get dust in them easily, maybe it could have been designed at an angle. No External SATA port, but not a big deal with the top slant-mounted hard drive connector.

Overall Review: My girlfriend thought this was the ugliest case ever, but my 6 year old loved it, as well as a bunch of other people. To me I didn't really care about the color or design that much, it is a very functional case with many features not found at this price point. Really, if you wanted you could remove the orange plastic pieces and even repaint them another color if you want. The case is the best I've ever had and I've been building computers since Windows 95 was new.

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Great sound card - NOT for Vista and my Laptop3/8/2008 7:26:59 PM

Pros: Great price. Great sound using the optical or analog out but ONLY with Vista drivers that come from Microsoft when you plug in card - no support for SPDIF though although optical out works with MS driver. Card performed flawlessly with MS driver, even using other usb ext. hdd, Aero enabled, multiple apps open.

Cons: I had horrible results with this card and my laptop, which has an ATI Radeon Xpress 200m chipset, 1gb DDR, AMD Turion-64 MT-32 - I don't know if it's just underpowered or the driver but using the Vista driver from Turtle beach I had garbled sound occuring after about 5 minutes of audio or video playback - made watching a movie or listening to audio unbearable - this happened with analog or optical out if using the TB driver. Emailed back & forth with TB tech support and we couldn't come to a solution. I even installed Vista on a new HDD to be sure of no conflicts but didn't help much, except if not using any other USB devices there is less garbled stuttering but not ideal. Maybe if card was usb 2.0 it would have more bandwidth to do the job or just needs a better driver for the optical spdif. I have read elsewhere that Vista seems to have a lot of problems with 5.1 optical/spdif connections.

Overall Review: I either will RMA or reinstall XP MCE instead of Vista Home Premium... Or maybe give up on optical out and use the onboard 2 ch sound... I really like the sound for the 1st 4 minutes! ;-) I'm guessing a driver issue since MS driver works well (the optical out does work natively with the MS driver - just no support for DTS and DD 5.1)

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Work just fine12/12/2007 12:49:11 AM

Pros: Good quality, perfect fit.

Cons: None

Overall Review: For the reviewer who said these are bigger than standard jacks - almost made me return mine when I first received them. I tried in some pc ethernet jacks and they did not fit. Well, duh - if you do not crimp them they are too tall to fit, because of the gold contacts that stick out, but when crimped properly they fit great. No problems.

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Loving it!2/7/2007 4:21:29 PM

Pros: Unheard of features for the price - Auto document feeder, networking, card reader, cheap ink and separate color tanks. Amazing photo quality, even when I copied 4x6 photos using the scanner. I thought the copies looked better than the originals! I know that's not possible but the originals were a little scratched up so it seemed so.

Cons: No full color screen for photo viewing but you can print an index. Can't use High Gloss photo paper!! Almost returned it but called Brother and the photo paper company & went with a regular glossy paper and it worked great after that. For the price and other features it was worth not being able to use high gloss.

Overall Review: I got this with a rebate before Christmas and paid less than a C-note so it was a great deal and Brother extended 1yr to a 3-yr warranty just for registering. Also have a Brother laser printer HL5250DN and highly recommend that too. Great service from Newegg always!

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Power Supplies Can Eat This2/1/2007 6:55:52 PM

Pros: Great when it works.

Cons: I RMA'd 3 of these in a row - was using 450W PS and the mobos only lasted 1 day to 5 days. Got one red light on motherboard each time it died and no post. Switched to a 550W PS and then had no problems after that. May be the PS, but I have used the same PS with other mobos and didn't have this problem. Note that I did not have much connected - just the integrated VGA and a hard drive and dvd-burner.

Overall Review: Be sure to use a high quality power supply with these motherboards - they are power hungry I guess and somewhere they do not protect themselves.

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No Buyers Remorse1/22/2007 10:11:08 AM

Pros: Easy to learn to program, each device can be sent a macro with up to 20 commands, plenty of memory for learning commands, every key backlit, good location of light button, very intuitive design and the main keys can be "felt for" in the dark. Even my other half who wouldn't even touch the old 8-device universal remote has figured this out and doesn't mind using it.

Cons: Joystick control 'select' button in the center is a little touchy so you have to press close to the center or you may hit a direction. The 'guide' and 'menu' buttons share keys with the |< and >| buttons so with a dvr setup the keys are better programmed to a key in the LCD panel. But at least this remote is flexible enough to allow putting anything anywhere. I think the designers should have added 2 more buttons right between the Vol and Ch keys since it looks like there's room for 2 more buttons. Most of my newer components were not in the code database such as my PVR 522 and Projector but with plenty of memory and easy to program it still worked well. Some devices took a few, sometimes even 4 or 5 tries at learning a command but all did finally program correctly. I have an off brand 5.1 surround sound and that took a few tries to get all the keys working but I got 10 devices all working just fine.

Overall Review: I'm sure I'll find a better remote someday but at present I don't think one exists except for the MX-XXX's and MX-XXXX's that are higher priced and control more devices and have RF capabilities. I purchased an 8 device learning remote at a major retail discount store and it was so hard to use and the keys were so flimsy feeling. It had macros and learning but not nearly enough memory for all the functions of each original remote, plus not all the functions I needed such as Page Up and Page Down. With the LCD I could put all the functions I need and still have room for more. I did a lot of research looking for a perfect remote to replace my Dish Network DVR remote (which is laid out very well and intuitively designed - just couldn't control my home theater system) and I finally found this and the reviews from others have been amazing - and after owning it I still know I made the right decision - and the price now comared to the original retail of around $xxx is an incredible value.

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